October 26, 2006


Dreams are so important-- both the ones we have at night and the ones that we carry inside of us. I was recently blown away by the revelation that our life in God is as big as we can dream. Most of us have allowed Hollywood to do all of our creative thinking for us. Our imagination is as withered as the cursed fig tree from neglect. If our lives are to be holistically transformed, our imagination must also be redeemed in the process. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. That must have taken some imagination.
About a month ago, I had a dream where me and another man I didn't know were being chased by a man with a gun. In order to escape, we both ran down a set of stairs. Somehow, the man in front of me got away and disappeared. When I awoke, I was a little distraught and wondered what it was all about. I dutifully wrote the dream down in my journal hoping that the Lord would shed some light on it later.
About two weeks ago, I blogged about some men who got healed in a restaurant. To one of these men, a Hindu, we promised a dream. This past week, he called me and said, "I had a dream. A man was chasing me with a gun. What do you think it means?" I asked him, "Did you run down a set of stairs to escape?" He said, "Yes, I did." I then went on to explain to him how I had had the same dream. Oddly enough, he had called me just moments after I had re-read my dreamjournal where I had read that exact dream. The next day, I went to where he worked and talked to him some more about our common dream. He kept asking me in astonishment, "What do you think it means we had the same dream?" I gave him a NT in his own language and told him, "You can read the story of the One Who gave us these dreams in this book. I'll keep praying and you keep praying and we'll see what He tells us." I'm hoping for some good interpretation by next week.
What if I hadn't written down the dream? What if DJ never asked him, "Do you need a miracle?" Who could have imagined a scenario like this? We better get to dreaming.