May 15, 2010

healing service

today so many people were healed we lost count. a couple of women got out of wheelchairs and the Lord healed just about every type of sickness, pain and infirmity. many words of knowledge were given which broke things open, as well as the power of testimonies being shared. it was like a domino affect. God was using everyone to bring His Kingdom. so much fun!!!

May 11, 2010

Fathers love in our daily lives

today at work I noticed one of my female colleagues lenny a Pilipino muslim…..had a headache she couldn’t focus at work…I ask her if I could pray for her….she said yes…..i prayed …..nothing happened…..after praying a couple of times she felt better…yet she was not completely healed….i senced many things in her life….i thought it would be better to have my wife prase to pray with her…I saked her if let praise pray on the phone…she said yes….praise prayed and started to speak of things in her life I saw lenny facial expression change …there was peace all over her…..i dint get an opportunity to have a talk with lenny but I intend to follow up with her in a day or two

later in the evening the beautician came over to our house to do Praise facial and hair….all through out the sitting Praise kept talking about Jesus….babita an Indian Catholic……asked Praise to pray for her after she finished… while praying I broke out praying for healing in her shoulder and praise prayed for healing in her knees…she did not say anything about pain in her shoulder and knees before the prayers…after prays I asked her what was happening with her shoulder and knee….she said she had a very painful shoulder so much that she could not lift it straight up…after prays she started swinging her arms saying that she felt no pain in her shoulder and in her knee she said that she felt pain in the mornings……she said she would call us in the morning and let us know what is happening
she then said the sinners pray and re- dedicated her life to Christ…..she plans to go Church and fellowship with people who are committed to living holy lives in Jesus

May 10, 2010

healings at McDonald's AGAIN

I weekly meet with a brother at McDonald's - it seems that God just keeps touching people. The 1st thing is that I got a word of knowledge for one of the employee's shoulders. we prayed and he was healed. later the manager came to our table for prayer (she had been touched by prayer two weeks before). she wanted prayer for her stomach - we prayed for her (NO we didn't lay hands on her!) and she was healed.

God's Kingdom keeps coming in McDonald's