February 26, 2009

muslim woman declares, "I was blind, but now I can see"

A few days ago we went to the desert to pray and hang out with desert picnickers. Unfortunately there was a dust storm that day as well as a bit of rain so there were no picnickers to be found when we arrived. After a little while a muslim family pulled up to picnic. DJ and another friend approached them because DJ had a word of knowledge for the man’s knee and our friend had a word for the woman’s stomach. DJ called me over to minister to “Grace-gift”(literally what her name means when translated into English) while he ministered to her husband, Mohammad. As soon as I asked “Grace-gift” about her stomach, she began to open up about some very difficult issues that she was dealing with at the time. I told her that her stomach issues were the result of the stress and anxiety that she was dealing with. Two other women from America helped me minister to “Grace-gift”. As soon as we began to pray she grabbed a hold of my two friends. I could see the Holy Spirit touching her. She had to sit down because the power of God was so strong. She experienced deliverance as we prayed for Jesus to free her. We could visibly see her being freed when I said “In Jesus Name.” It was so amazing to watch the Holy Spirit move, we were there just to agree with what the Lord was doing and be His arms of love in the desert. “Grace-gift” said “ God loves me so much to bring you here for me, I cannot believe it.” She wanted to meet the next day, as she was so eager to experience more. Later she called me to thank me, she said,” meeting you was so incredible it is like “I was blind and now I see.” I could hardly believe my ears, I think I have heard that somewhere before. ☺

The next morning was a dream as we shared about this Jesus who was more powerful than any evil power, the one whom she had encountered, freed her, given her sight, healed her and who could live within her heart. I asked her if she wanted to give her life Jesus and that He could live inside her. “Grace-gift” replied, “ Yes, why not?” She kept expressing how different she felt, how she felt like a new person. She had already told her sister and her mother about all that had happened and she couldn’t wait to introduce us to them. We went to her mother’s shortly after and saw her knee healed and one of the women prayed for her sister as her husband just took another wife.

Today I went with two friends to visit “Grace-gift” again and pray for her son who has eczema. A Koran teacher, “Revelation”(translation of her name) happened to be there teaching “Grace-gift’s” kids in the other room. After a few minutes “Revelation” came to sit with us in the living room. “Grace-gift” asked me if we could pray for her son, Ahmad. I was waiting for “Revelation” to leave but I didn’t know when that would be. As we asked Jesus to heal Ahmad, the little active 5-year-old sat perfectly still as the “Prince of Peace” touched him.

Next “Grace-gift” asked “Revelation” if she needed healing because we could take care of it. She said no, so we prayed more for “Grace-gift” as the Holy Spirit led us. I got a word of knowledge and it happened to be for “Revelation”. She had pain in her teeth which also caused migraines. I didn’t know if she would let me pray for her as she is a Koran teacher. To my surprise, she agreed and I laid by hands on her face. I not only prayed for healing but I thanked God for her, told her that He loved her very much, asked God to bless her life, her work, her family, everything… I felt as though my words were washing over her filling her with the Prince of Peace. When I took my hands away I asked her if the pain was gone and she said YES. COOL!!! I then asked her what else she felt and she said “the words themselves were sweet, beautiful.” “Grace-gift” then said eagerly, “that’s how I felt too when they prayed for me.”

“Grace-gift” said that her husband had told her that morning that his knee was completely healed after DJ prayed for him in the desert. He now wants to take me to pray for his mother and “Grace-gift” wants to take me to pray for her aunt who has two people (i.e. demons) “living “ inside of her. She wants to take me everywhere because she wants them to experience the freedom that she has felt and experienced.

I gave her a Bible and told her to start reading the gospel of John. I know that when “Grace-gift” reads she is going to be so amazed to discover My Sweet Jesus! Am I living a dream or what???

February 22, 2009

word of knowledge silences a muslim wanting to debate

yesterday we had an amazing trip out to the desert where God orchestrated a divine appointment that blew us all away but since Desert Princess and a couple friends saw were mostly involved, I'll leave that testimony to her.

I had been wanting to go out to the desert to visit some Iraqi Arab muslims I had met who worked there. The weather wasn't very good and it didn't look like we'd find them but eventually we did. Immediately we had the chance to pray for one mans' healing after a word of knowledge for a foot problem that I had. After about 10 minutes, one of the men I had prayed for 3 months earlier came up. We had a video recorder and he shows us his foot and toes. He had had a bent toe and I prayed for him the last time and it straitened out - in retrospect, I don't think I have ever seen that type of healing miracle before. He proudly showed us that it was "still strait".

I had a couple of Arab Christians with me this time and this same guy begins to debate a bit about the differences between Islam and Christianity. I didn't want us to head in that direction, so I explained to him that we believe the "Kingdom of God is not a matter of words, but of power". AT THAT VERY MOMENT, a clear word of knowledge comes to me about a deaf left ear. I ask him "who is it who has the deaf left ear". He looks shocked, "my brother does and he'll be here in a few minutes". So much for the debate. We actually had to leave before he arrived - he was delayed a bit by a job he was doing. I will be meeting him soon.

In leaving, I was able to give this man (whose toe was straitened and who had wanted to debate before the word of knowledge) an Arab New Testament. God has such fun ways to redirect and change things that are going in a fruitless direction.