August 10, 2013

Ireland - Day 1

Because we as a team are praying for so many people, these daily blog posts are going to be a summary of some of the things we see God do each day.

On the plane - arthritis affected woman who could not stand without pain. after prayer, she felt heat. at end of flight, no pain for first time in three years.

After one of the team cars was in a minor car accident, the Lord changed the healing of migraines, fear, broken hand, prayed for the father, mother

Prayed for girl's right knee - testified to it feeling better.

Man in knee brace - got up walking around very surprised after the Lord healed a chronic pain condition.

Polish couple - saw ear plug. Man had serious ear pain. Had his girlfriend lay hand on him and payed once and it was 70% better. prayed again and he was totally healed - pain free. Girlfriend says, "I believe now"

Miracles on the Pier - Part 4

At the end of the evening, we were talking and I noticed a girls skateboarding down the big hill we were towards the bottom of. It was a bit unusual to see this and as I was somehow drawn to the unusual sight, I got a distinct word of knowledge for a throat problem. She stopped at the bottom of the hill to talk with a couple of her friends and so I grabbed my daughter and ran over there to see what the Lord wanted to do. At first, I inquired thinking that it might be a demonic attack issue wherein she gets chocked, but in fact she had an actual issue with her throat, and the Lord healed her after a quick prayer. She was actually quite shocked. My daughter even said she felt she saw the swelling in her throat go down before/after prayer. A couple of the teenage girls from our Church followed up with these girls for a long time, sharing with them how they can "do what Jesus did" just like we had. It was an incredible divine appointment!

Miracles on the Pier - Part 3

We had specifically gone to the pier to try and reach out to heroin-addicted teens. I made two attempts to offer something of the Kingdom (healing & freedom from addictions) to a clear group of addicts but they were simply not interested. Love doesn't coerce, it doesn't force and as badly as God wants to set them free, He won't force Himself onto them.

However, along the way the Lord highlighted a young couple and through a word of knowledge about a neck problem, we began to minister to them. They had been heroin addicts and had recently come to Christ. We were able to pray and see physical healing. The Church they attended, albeit a strong Evangelical one, wasn't particularly strong in the area of healing and the miraculous and so we had the opportunity to share with them about some Christian life realities that they were wholly unaware of. They were so interested in learning more about how to minister in Kingdom power and we were able to connect them with our Youth Pastor and hopefully they will soon begin to be trained and equipped to reach their addict friends with the power of the Holy Spirit. What struck me at the end of this encounter was that the young woman came in and gave me a big hug after we had ministered to them for 10-15 minutes. We was visibly moved by the encounter and the way God healed her, spoke to her and encouraged her.

August 06, 2013

"Do you believe in Miracles?", I ask injured woman.

I was shopping for a picnic dinner at the supermarket and see a woman with a wrapped knee.  I initially walked by her but then turned to find her stopped in the aisle.  I inquired about what happened and she told me that she had had knee surgery over a year ago and that it was still causing pain.  She hadn't done the rehab properly and it hadn't healed correctly.  I then asked her, "Do you believe in miracles?".  She said she did and I offered to pray for her.  I had her lay her hands on her knee and prayed a quick prayer and ALL THE PAIN left her knee immediately.  She asked me about my Church and we had a mutual Christian friend who she was going to contact to testify about what the Lord had done for her.

miracles on the pier - part 2

As we walked away from miracle #1,  I began to speak about words of knowledge with my young partner and told him that I believed he would actually begin receiving words of knowledge that very night by way of impartation and for him to take special notice of things he might feel in his body as we walked around.  Without exaggeration, literally moments after I finished saying this, he feels something in his neck as we walk by a group of four teenagers.  We stop and I ask them and one of them has the actual problem.  I asked the young man's girlfriend to lay hands on his neck.  I prayed a quick prayer and the young man is healed!  

I have NEVER seen a quicker manifestation of a gift of healing by way of impartation than what I had just seen!  It was simply remarkable to see how fast God worked.  We are living in days of just incredible acceleration – if only we would believe it!

The group of teenagers were Christians that went to a good local church and were quite blessed by what the Lord had just done for them.

August 05, 2013

miracles on the pier - part 1

God set us up.  Last week I met a woman who had been interceding for heroin-addicted youth who all converge at a local pier.  I told her I was leading a youth outreach the following week and that we would send a team down to reach out to them with the power of Christ's miraculous Kingdom.  I knew that it was going to be a good night and off a group of us went.  My daughter came with some of her friends and I took a young man who'd been in Charismatic churches his entire life but hadn't himself personally been used to heal.  He was hungry to see God's power flow through him personally for the first time.  Man, was that about to change!!!

Little did I know he had just attended a Jesus Culture Conference and was disappointed that he couldn't attend the power evangelism/treasure hunting outreach part of the conference.  His prayer was that he wanted to see something happen.  God answered that heart cry quickly as it had only been a week since the conference ended.

I basically told him that he was free to come along with me and simply "watch".  Jesus actually mentored people in a way that is seldom found in today's Churches.  First, he told them to "come and see".  That took all the pressure off of him and off we went.  As we walked to the end of the pier, I walked by a small shop and a word of knowledge came for an employee.  I walked up and asked the teenage girl working there, "Somebody who works here has neck pain, who is that?".  There was only one other worker, but we didn't need to ask him because the word was for her.  She had suffered a neck injury and was shocked by this revelation.  My daughter was close by and I called her over. She prayed quickly for this young woman (I train people to finish their prayers in 15 seconds or less) and to this injured young lady's utter shock and amazement – her neck was healed!!!!  She kept asking things like "How did you do that"?  

Some of the teenage girls who were with me tried to follow up with her a bit more, but that was all that God had for her on that night.  Love NEVER forces – it doesn't coerce.  God reached out to this young woman, revealed to me her pain, used my daughter's healing prayer and healed this woman because of His outrageous love for her – which we were sure to explain as to the "why" God would do such a thing.

If you read this, pray for this woman who "tasted" His love and power, to open up her heart to receive Him as Lord and Savior.

BTW – the young man who was with me and wanted to see a miracle, was absolutely lit up by what had just happened – in part 2, I'll tell you what the Lord did next.  It was one of the most accelerated Kingdom thing I've ever seen!