September 21, 2013

nearly 2 hours of testimonies!

Last night as our community gathered, testimonies were shared of miraculous healings that happened THIS WEEK for nearly 2 hours.  The testimonies came from a number of different people.  The days we are living in are truly incredible!

September 20, 2013

healing in a muslim country

Last weekend Dancing Girl and I went to the mall for a little lunch and an adventure with Jesus! While we were waiting on our waitress, I got a word of knowledge about her eyes. There was nothing visibly wrong, but when she came to our table I asked, and she said that she has had eye problems since moving here. She was experiencing both pain and vision issues in her left eye. I got her to put her hand on her eye, and I released healing in the name of Jesus. She said that her vision was clear, and there was no pain! She was excited! She explained that she had been very sad and depressed. We told her to put her hand on her heart, and we asked God to pour out his love on her. She was eager to get connected with a church here. Next, Dancing Girl got a word of knowledge for back pain. We talked to another waiter who said he didn't have back pain, but his hand was hurting really bad. He told us he was Buddhist, but he was very eager for us to pray for him because He had received healing previously when someone else had prayed for him in a coffee shop.  With eyes opened we commanded all pain to leave in Jesus' name, and it did!! We continued eating, and a few minutes later the same guy brought his friend over to our table to get prayer. This guy had pain in his upper arm. He put his hand on the place of pain, and as Dancing Girl prayed out loud, I specifically asked for heat to be poured out. After a quick prayer, he said that he felt some kind of warmth in His arm. We told Him that it was the Holy Spirit touching him and bringing healing. We were wrapping up our lunch, but we still hadn't found the back pain. There was only one other waitress in the restaurant so when she walked by we asked her if she had pain in her back. She did indeed! As we prayed the pain left, and she told us that someone had also prayed for her before. She was a believer, and we explained that she could pray for healing for her co-workers or friends just like we had. We walked out of the restaurant laughing about how fun it is to live life with Jesus!

As we entered the mall, Dancing Girl got a word of knowledge for a right ankle, and a couple minutes later we saw a boy on crutches with a cast on his right ankle. We asked his father if we could pray for him, but he refused.  We prayed silently as we walked away. We stopped at Starbucks to grab some coffee, and Dancing Girl got a word of knowledge for back pain. The barista was pregnant and had back pain. We released healing. We went into another store, and as we were browsing, Dancing Girl got a prophetic word for a lady that change is coming! The woman was hit with the Holy Spirit. She couldn't explain what she was feeling, but it was very evident she felt the tangible presence of God! She had a huge smile on her face and tears in the corner of her eyes. She leaned over on Dancing Girl and said, "Hold me!" We gave her information to get connected to a local Church! Next, I started feeling a lot of pain in my upper back. We went into a pharmacy, and I asked a lady if she had pain in her back and shoulders. She said yes, and just as I was about to ask for healing another lady walked up to me. I turned to her, and I asked her if she had back pain. She did so I told both of them to put their hand on their place of pain, and I released healing in the name of Jesus. They both said the pain was gone! What a sweet adventure it is to partner with Him!! 

September 18, 2013

word of knowledge - man's foot healed

I was picking up my coffee when a strong word of knowledge came for a left foot problem.  I asked 2 of the employees and they didn't have it.  Then we asked another colleague of theirs but she didn't have it.  She however points to another employee who is coming out of the back room and he has the problem.  I ask him to come over, I take his hand and pray quickly in Jesus' Name.  I asked him to check it out and sure enough all the pain is gone.   Later he came to our table and thanked me testifying to being pain free.  I told him how much God loved him.

September 17, 2013

back to the restaurant - another healing

Last week we saw a number of people healed at a new Italian restaurant we visited.  Today I was there again and one of the women healed last week told me she was still fine.I asked her if anybody else needed healing.  So she went and asked another server who had back pain.  I asked the woman who had been healed to put her hand on his back and I prayed a quick prayer.  After that, I asked him "What are you feeling?".  He said, "Nothing".  I asked if he meant nothing had happened or if the pain was gone.  He was healed – no more pain!  He walked away moving his back all around with a big smile on his face

September 15, 2013

Another student's testimony - Healed from a Panic Attack & Headache

Here is another student's testimony from the Christian University:

"In the beginning when school was just starting, I was stressed out, unable to sleep well, having panic attacks, and the worst of all, I had these horrible headaches that were inhibiting me of any kind of relaxation. About two or three days before class, I had a panic attack so severe, that it was getting hard to breathe. So I called out to the Lord and he rid me of my panic attack immediately. That was honestly, I feel, my first real encounter with God healing wise. Then when the guest speaker called out and said out of words of knowledge, "I am feeling that someone is having pain like headaches towards the back of their head, almost like a migraine."

That was exactly what I was having and in the exact area. Even after he had said that, I could already feel some kind of sense of relief. Then when he wanted the people he called out to go to the back of the room, I was a little too nervous and timid. After I emailed my professor, and she told me to read the prayer email with faith, and I did, I had this sense of almost full relief, and the pain in the top of my head was receding! I must have read that prayer at least eight times. Then I continued to pray further and thank God for my healing. That was my personal experience with God that day. I feel that what God did, truly furthered my want and need for him. Before as I would pray at night, I would almost feel as if I was talking to thin air, not necessarily losing faith, but beginning to feel as if He wasn't listening, or He wasn't paying attention. After my encounter, I truly know that He is always with me and never leaves."