April 16, 2010

Miracles in the trip of Lebanon

The other day when we was in Lebanon we went to tyre to the college & we minister to the young girls & boys many girls got healed in that college & they felt the presence of God so over there I saw an old man in fifties he was Muslim God gives me word of knowledge for him right shoulder with his right leg I guess but I don't get encourage to tell him 2 hours later as we're living the place I saw the old man again so I told him if he has pain in that places so he said yes so I asked him if I can pray for his pain so he agree, I asked two of the team to pray with me so we prayed twice or three times the pain left completely while we're praying for this guy another guy was seeing what happened so he ask me to pray for the pain in his neck so I prayed first time nothing happened & he don't feel anything so I ask one of the team to join me & nothing happened two so I continue praying for him until the fourth time so felt the pain going less so I continue praying more & more until the sixth or seventh time until the pain completely gone & he asked how this happened & what's prayer I pray I told him that Jesus touched him & healed him & he was a Muslim too…
في ذلك اليوم عندما كنا في لبنان ذهبنا الى صور إلى الكليّة وهناك بدئنا خدمتنا للبنات والشباب العديد من البنات نالواالشفاء في تلك الكليّة وهم أحسّوا بحضور الله وهناك رأيت رجل عجوز في الخمسينات كان مسلم الله أعطاني الهام أن كتفه اليمين وساقه اليمين فيهما ألم لكنّني لم أتشجّع لإخباره بعد ساعتين تقريبا بينما نحن نغادر المكان رأيت الرجل العجوز مرة ثانية لذا أخبرته إذا عنده ألم في تلك الأماكن فقال نعم لذا سألته ان كان بامكاني أن أصلي له ( أي أدعي له أوأقرأ عليه) فوافق فسألت إثنان من الفريق للصلاة معي من أجله لذا صلّينا مرّتين أو ثلاث مرات حتى تركه الألم بالكامل ونهائيا بينما نحن نصلّي من أجل هذا الرجل رجل آخر كان يرى ما يحدث لذا طلب مني الصلاة من أجل الألم في رقبته لذا صلّيت المرّة أولى لم يحدث شيء وهو لم يحسّ بأيّ شئ لذا طلبت من أحد الفريق الصلاة معي ولم يحدث شيء لذا أستمريتّ بالصلاة من أجله حتىّ المرّة الرابعة بدأ يشعر أن الألم بدأ يزول قليلا لذا أستمريتّ بالصلاة أكثر فأكثر حتى المرة السادسة أوالسابعة حتى زال الألم نهائيا وهو سأل كيف حدث هذا وما هي هذه الصلاة التي جعلته يشفى قلت له أنني أصلّي باسم يسوع ( عيسى ) وأخبرته بأنّ السيد المسيح لمسّه وشفاه بالكامل وكان مسلم أيضا …

April 15, 2010

manifesting God's love out on the street’s

On an addition to the testimonies DJ has written about the treasure hunt we had ….i thank God giving me an opportunity to witness His healings and miracles first hand …these mean a lot to me cause it isn't like before that I would dwell on testimonies from friends talking about friends whose friends move with God's healing power???

It was a joy the other day to see muslims on getting healed after the Holy Sprit gave me chance to pray ….insisting that i explain to them just how do we go around praying for people with the word of knowledge and see breakthrough's …it gave us an opportunity to talk about Jesus the Healer in the world today…

Yes I do acknowledge that I dint see a total breakthrough with person with a ear pain…but that dint stop me from seeing God's healing breakthrough's in others…

Be it musilms with back pains, hip joints, right wrists or a Buddhist with a pain that starts from his right eye and runs up to the center of his head …..

I did get a chance to pray for a Christian who happened to be working in the mall we were treasure hunting….on being healed from a backache….he rejoiced thanking God for sending His followers to minister to people on the streets (out of the Churches)….i smile and tell him that we are not a few…..

April 13, 2010

Gulf Arab muslim's left wrist healed after word of knowledge

while checking out a new smartphone, I got a strong word of knowledge for a left wrist problem. It has been the 1st clue on our treasure map from about 1 1/2 hrs earlier. I asked the Indian Christian employee - it wasn't for him. To his left, were 3 other employees - all Gulf Arab muslims. I asked them who had the left wrist problem. they all said they didn't AT FIRST. then the first one said, "I've got the problem, I broke my left wrist". At that point, I pardoned myself for a few minutes and went to get my 'treasure map'. As I opened the book, I showed him 'clue #1' - it gave me an opportunity to explain how God reveals peoples' conditions in order to heal them. This was his short intro to Kingdom Theology!

He was ready to have me pray. I grabbed his wrist - quickly released the Kingdom as his friends watched. And then the moment of truth - he checks it out. ALL THE PAIN was gone! He was shocked. His friends at first didn't believe it - but he assured them that he was in fact healed.

We exchanged numbers - I made sure he knew who to contact when he or anyone else he knew needed a miracle. This is going to be a huge open door for the Gospel. I love the way God works - so much fun, so natural and so far beyond what we could ever do!

two muslims healed in a music shop

while we were checking out one of our clues (the color purple) in a music shop with a 'purple sign', a Gulf Arab muslim man walked in - I thought he had a neck problem. He didn't. He had a lower back problem though and let me pray for him. All of his chronic pain left! He was pretty happy.

one of the shop employees walked in and I got a word for a right hip condition. he had that problem. I had the other muslim guy testify to to his healing and then I prayed for him. he was healed as well.

these muslims (and the other muslims in the shop at the time) all got to see with their own eyes what Jesus can do when He enters a shop through the lives of His followers.

many healed during Middle Eastern "treasure hunt"

4 of us headed out after getting fired up listening to a Bill Johnson message. we collected about 20 or so 'prophetic clues' for our treasure map and headed out. After less than 2 hours, we had found 15 of the 19 clues we had listed, and almost every condition healed that we had gotten words of knowledge for.

Many if not most of the people we saw healed were muslims - and we were just going for it openly in this muslim country. No problems. We just have no idea how much we can get away with in these days!

I know that the others will be telling their stories - I will highlight a few in the next couple of posts.

shoulder healed after word of knowledge

in a restaurant, where we almost always see a healing, I got a word of knowledge today for one of the servers right shoulders. she had the problem. we prayed - 2 times and all the pain left and mobility returned (she had a mild frozen shoulder). I asked if she knew my wife and her friend - of course she did, as she had been healed before when they prayed!

Nothing like a reputation - for healing!