January 26, 2008

God can use anyone to heal the sick

I had the opportunity last night to speak to a local church in my area about God’s willingness to heal. Near the end of the meeting I had some of our ministry team come up and give Words of Knowledge. About six or seven people stood up in the crowd and acknowledged that they needed healing in the areas called out. Instead of having the people come up to get prayer at the front, I felt lead to get the congregation activated by giving them opportunity to lay hands on those who were in need of healing around them. God can use anyone to heal the sick! In Mark 16 Jesus tells the world that these signs shall follow those who BELIEVE… they shall lay hands on the sick and see them recover. It is for all who believe.

Afterward a man came to the front and gave his testimony of being healed of tension in his neck and shoulders. He had been dealing with it for quite some time, and shared how he had been skeptical that God could heal him. When the people around him began to pray he could feel a heat come upon him followed by a tingling sensation. This was the Holy Spirit at work. He then described how the tension felt as though it was being pulled off of him like a weight lifted, resulting in all the pain leaving completely! Jesus bore our infirmities at Calvary so we don’t have to!

A lady dealing with neck stiffness was also healed. She had needed to go to the chiropractor for a while as she could not move her neck without it being painful. She could feel her bones poking through her neck and needed an adjustment to happen. We laid hands on her and prayed, resulting in the bones going down; allowing for full mobility of her neck without pain!

God is always faithful to deliver his kingdom when we ask.

January 24, 2008

healings at the youth group

Tonight Dark Horse led a healing meeting in our local youth group. She spoke confidently about God’s will to heal, and backed it up with signs following. At the start of the meeting she called my wife and I to come up and give out Words of Knowledge. All together about nine or ten words were spoken, all of which were for specific people in the room. Not one word fell flat. After Dark Horse had brought the message people began to experience healing in their bodies where the Word of Knowledge had been spoken. We had not even begun laying hands on anyone and people were already being healed!

During the ministry time that followed I was able to pray for a woman with an injured knee. I had gotten the Word of Knowledge for a knee at the beginning of the meeting. She had one of those knee braces that you can easily slip on and off. I prayed at first and nothing seemed to happen. She thanked me and was just about to walk of when I stopped her and ask if we could keep going after the knee until we saw some breakthrough. I had gotten the word after all! She agreed and sat down in front of me. I laid my hands on her once more and continued to command it well in Jesus name. I asked her again what was happening, and as she moved it she exclaimed that she could feel a tingle and some heat. She began to test it out more and as she did she realized that God had taken most of the pain away. It was hardly there anymore, and she was thrilled! I could see her faith level rise. I prayed again for complete healing, but it not manifest right then. We need not be discouraged if we do not see an immediate healing. God spoke the Word and began a work in her knee, so we have to trust that He will bring the complete healing even if it is not right away. God is faithful to His word to perform it, and He is the one who heals us.

January 21, 2008

more miracles of healing

Two nights ago (Ravished already blogged a bit about that night), we saw a number of physical healings. It all began when our guest minister prayed for some people who saw some incredible miracles - for two women, metal plates/screws in their bodies disolved. One of them had the plate in her wrist and couldn't bend it without pain and could not put weight on it. When she got down on the ground and began to do push-ups, a lot of faith exploded in the room.

After that, a team of us (Ravished and his wife, Isaac of Ninevah and his wife, Dark Horse and Eastern Princess) began to minister to people who needed healing. Several of us called out further words of knowledge and as people responded by coming forward for prayer, we saw healings happen with remarkable ease. What I mean by 'ease' (because it is never an issue of God's power), is that sometimes we pray for someone two or three times until we see the breakthrough - on this night, healings were happening for the most part after the 1st time we prayed. I guess after people witnessed the more dramatic miracles (the metal plates disolving), an incredible level of faith and expectation resulted.

Each of us who prayed saw a number of healings - as for me personally, I saw people's knees, ankles, necks and shoulders healed that night. I was very intentional and direct in questioning them after prayer and was assured again and again - "all the pain is gone".

The power of the Lord was truly present to heal! This should be a normal night in the life of Kingdom citizens.

revelation for Moroccan muslim waiter

While eating lunch yesterday, the Lord gave me two words of knowledge (for a knee problem and a slight headache). I asked first waiter (there were two serving us) and it wasn't for him. I approached the 2nd and he had both the headache and the knee problem. I explained to him that God wanted to heal him and just asked if I could pray right there. He agreed and I grabbed his hand. I prayed a quick prayer in Jesus' Name releasing God's Kingdom, gave him my business card and told him to call me later to tell me what happened.

I haven't heard from him yet, but I was again reminded that MUSLIMS ARE OPEN TO RECEIVE GOD'S HEALING TOUCH. We don't even need words of knowledge as the other waiter told me he didn't have the problems I described and yet asked me to pray for a problem he was having at work - I got to pray for him as well.

If only we would make the most of every opportuntity! I am saddened by the many I miss.

January 20, 2008

more people healed and touched in meetings

In the last couple days I have seen numerous people receive their healing and touch from God. Two days ago I was praying for people in an open church meeting when a man came up to me with a visible disease on his forehead. When I interviewed him he said that he was constantly feeling pain where the sore was and that we wanted to be set free. I got him to lay his hand on his sore and then commanded the infirmity to leave in Jesus name. After two rounds of prayer and the man falling on the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit, he exclaimed that all the pain had left! The infirmity was still visible on his head, but the pain was gone! Healing was set into motion in his body, and the pain leaving was just the first step. Other people I prayed for that day testified to feeling heat in there body in the place where they needed breakthrough, followed by the pain leaving. A guy with a fast heart rate felt God’s peace come over him and calm his body. He said his heart began to beat at a more normal pace. A man suffering from depression also felt the love of the father. It is impossible to pray for someone in Jesus name and have nothing happen, even if we don’t see physical breakthroughs instantly.

Last night I prayed for three men with shoulder pains and saw every one of them walk away rejoicing and pain free. God cares about us and desires that we not be injured or in discomfort. I also got to minister to a lady who had suffered with intense pain all around her eyes for two weeks, and God gladly came and took it away.

Dark Horse prayed with the guest speaker at the meetings and witnessed God come and heal a metal plate in a woman’s wrist. As her hand was laid on the wrist she felt a jolt as God came in and did a total reconstruction. The woman responded to her healing with great joy, and began to do a series of push ups in front of the congregation; an exercise she could previously not do before. How great is our God!