February 12, 2011

God at work in a Middle Eastern mall

After our special trip to Lebanon, it just seems that the miracles are increasing. Today I met three Lebanese women (one muslim, two druze) who were on their break from work. I told them about the miracles we saw in Lebanon the previous week and asked them if they wanted to see a miracle right then. One of them had foot pain. I had another one put her hand on the foot and I prayed. The Lord healed her on the spot.

It was time to get Desert Princess involved. I called her on the mobile and she came. Next another woman's back was hurting. God healed it. Then my wife went into their store and continued praying for healing and saw several other muslim women healed. What a shopping trip!

I also got a word of knowledge for a woman's neck and shoulder in a shoe store - she was healed.

I got another word of knowledge for an Indian's man elbow in the Sketcher store and he was healed to.

Just had a number of opportunities to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom and then tell these people something about the King who healed them. With the Arab muslim and druze women, numbers were exchanged.

This is just what a normal shopping trip should look like.

healings at breakfast

yesterday we went out to breakfast - a couple of words of knowledge were shared (one from me and one from Desert Princess). A muslim man's foot was healed. Then the manager came out with a clicking, damaged thumb. We prayed a couple of times (because there is no clicking in God's Kingdom) and his thumb was healed.

Then a man came who needed his eyes prayed for. The Lord touched him (he had irritated, red eyes). The Lord also touched a Filipino woman who worked there and she was crying as the Holy Spirit touched her.

In the end, I get a call late that night from another employee who "heard" about he miracles that the Lord had done at breakfast. He wants to come and meet me.

crazy days in Lebanon

I never do this, but I am going to "summarize" an 8 day trip in one short blog post. Why? Because we completely lost count of all the miracles that God did. In discussing the topic with the guy who traveled with me, we decided that it was close to "150" miracles (mostly healings) that we saw.

A group of us descended upon Lebanon to ski/snowboard and see miracles happen. The miracles far outweighed the riding, even though we had two of the greatest days I've had in skiing powder in Lebanon.

We saw Christians, muslims and druze healed. We saw the old and the young, male and female. I will try to capture some of what we saw now.

We saw many people healed after we approached them with words of knowledge - backs, necks, feet, headaches, legs and arms.

We saw a number healed over the phone as we prayed and released the Kingdom. Often the words of knowledge that came were for people who weren't there so we called and God visited them.

We saw a muslim "atheist" (his designation) healed a chronic back pain due to two botched surgeries who declared "For God's Sake" as he declared his healing.

Several other muslims had their shoulders and armed healed - including one whose shoulder would dislocate constantly. He was healed and proved it by doing a push up!

A Christian woman was healed and opened up a Cathedral for us to see it after hours.

Skiers and snowboarders were healed at the base of the a ski resort - we prophesied over a number of them accurate words.

We had "healing services" in restaurants. In one restaurant it started with the manager and then led to many staff being healed. Some would come up and challenge us asking us to "reveal" to them what their problems were before we prayed. God did and they were healed.

We saw a couple of deaf ears open up - several not all the way, but there was significant progress.

And in many of these situations the miracles led to bold and clear declarations of the Gospel - explaining to people the significance of the cross and the power of the Blood of Jesus. Dozens of people asked for our contact numbers and wanted to meet again or hear more.

All in all it was just a remarkable time of seeing God's Kingdom come through the hands of many different believers - most of them Lebanese. We did have one healing service in a Church meeting, but for the most part the vast majority happened OUTSIDE the four walls of the Church. That is our heart and God didn't disappoint.

Not only was our time in Lebanon incredible, but the miracles have continued at an accelerated rate upon our return to the Arabian Peninsula. The days we are living in are truly unique.