January 16, 2009

accurate word of knowledge comes as couple walks in

today in the service, I noticed a couple walk into the service together and as they walked into the room a strong word of knowledge came about a throat condition. I waited until the end of the service when we were about to minister some healing and then pointed to that specific part of the room and inquired about the throat condition. I didn't feel led to specifically call out the exact woman but she identified herself as having the condition.

In hindsight, I am glad I hadn't just called her out alone as several others had come for prayer for throat conditions and Desert Princess saw one healing.

I did pray for the woman who had a thyroid condition - she had a strong encounter with God and felt His presence in that area. She has to wait and see what has happened over the course of a few days, but I am expectant that God who called her out specifically, will be faithful to complete the work that He began.

several people testify to pain leaving their bodies

after Desert Princess and I ministered in a Church service, we called out several words of knowledge - specifically for pain in the neck and the lower part of the arms. We ministered healing to several people who testified to pain leaving their bodies. as we ministered, the Lord released several more words of knowledge. One word I remember came to me about a pain behind the eye and in a specific part of the head. I thought it was for the woman I was praying for, but afterwards the woman standing next to us said, "I had the pain behind the eye and in the head". She said the pain almost left completely right after saying it. I prayed for the little remaining pain and it left too.

Desert Princess saw a woman's throat healed (who had responded to the original word of knowledge) and her stomach. She also ministered to a pain she had all up and down the left side of her body. The Lord began to touch her and we are waiting to see what the end result is. She will come and meet with us again tomorrow.

word of knowledge and waitress is healed

while out tonight, I got a word of knowledge for our waitress - a pain in a specific location in her upper back. She had the problem and Desert Princess prayed for her. Afterwards she said that she felt 'peace' in her shoulder and no more pain.

Good thing we took the risk!!

January 12, 2009

indian muslim man healed after word of knowledge

I was dropping off my car for to be serviced when I got a word of knowledge for the muslim man who was helping me. I asked him if he had a problem in his right hand. He did. So what happened? He walked away, I got distracted and forgot to talk to him more and pray for him.

However, I had to pick up my car two days later and so I had another chance to pray for him.

I was able to tell him a few things, grabbed his hand and prayed. He was completely healed. We made sure he checked it out - even did some half-way push-ups to check out if there was any more pain.

I've know a pastor who speaks his language who I'm going to have follow him up.