April 21, 2007

deaf ear opens partially

This weekend, during our healing meetings, I had the chance to pray for several deaf men. One of them, an Egyptian man, came to me who was 100% deaf in his right ear since birth. I shared with him how I had recently seen two men who were deaf in one ear since birth healed.

I prayed for this man several times. At first we saw no change, but after a while we began to see a difference. The ear began to open. By the time we were done, he testified that it was more than 30% open - which isn't bad when I consider that he had never heard a sound out of that ear in his entire life. I asked him to come back the following morning for another meeting we were having, but didn't see him again.

Sometimes praying for the sick raises questions that we don't get answers for - why 30% and not 100%? why 30% and then he doesn't return? All I know is that I am going to keep praying for anybody and everybody in Jesus' Name and contend for a ministry that looks more and more like Jesus' - where 100% of the people He prayed for were healed (Acts 10:38).

It's About the Body

This weekend I joined our team for some ministry. I had the opportunity to pray for four people. Usually, at these events, one has the chance to pray for about 30 or so, but since there were so many others there to pray, I could concentrate only on a few. The neat thing is that this is the same place DJ and I ministered a few months ago and there weren't any other people to help us out in the prayer line, but this time, we were well-supported. Anyway, the first lady I prayed for had a recurring problem that she needed healed of. I briefly saw Jesus putting His hands on her head as if crowning her. So, I did the same thing and started praying for her. Almost within seconds of beginning to pray for her, the tears flowed down and then she went limp and hit the floor. Luckily, there was someone behind her who became the unofficial catcher. She just laid on the ground convulsing and sobbing for several minutes. I don't know if she was healed physically, but I know she got touched by the Holy Spirit. It's still odd to me to see people fall because I know I didn't do anything.
The next guy came and he needed prayer for feeling unworthy and I felt the Lord telling me to hug him. I hugged him and he buried his head into my shoulder and wept. I'm sure we looked strange: short, Indian guy with his face in a taller white guy's shoulder and both of us weeping. As I look back, I see the peculiarity, but then it was the right thing to do. I prayed for him as well and when I finished, I didn't let him leave, but asked him to keep receiving from the Lord by standing where he was.
The next man who came needed some inner healing as well as an arm that hurt because of a previous injury. I prayed for him and then I went after the arm. I prayed for it and then asked him how it felt. He said, "It still hurts." I prayed again, "It still hurts," he said. I then remembered the guy standing next to me that I just prayed for and I asked him to pray with me for this other guy's arm. We both laid hands on him and prayed. I asked him to move it around and as he started to I saw that I-can't believe-it-doesn't-hurt-look in his eyes and knew it was healed before he said, "It's doesn't hurt anymore." The guy who helped me pray was so overjoyed. He told me that it was his first time to see someone healed. We high-fived each other in the middle of the prayer line.
Lastly, a man with diabetes came up for prayer and as I was praying, I felt the impression that he was a manager or something in his work. He agreed with me and started weeping. I also prayed for his diabetes. We're still waiting to see what happens with that, but I know the Lord touched him as well.

All the glory goes to Him Who enjoys working with us to release the Kingdom.

weekend of healings and prophecy

This weekend a team of us traveled to a Gulf Arab Muslim country to minister in healing and to minister prophetically. Because of the size of the team, I can't begin to count the number of different people who were healed or who received accurate prophetic words.

Personally, I saw a number of different people healed that I prayed for. For many of those, I requested that they NOT tell me what where they needed healing. Time after time, the Lord would give me a word of knowledge showing me exactly where their pain was. One woman in particular came and the Lord showed me the two specific places where there was cancer in her body and we prayed with a whole new level of faith because of the word of the Lord. Of course we didn't know at that time what happened as it will take a doctor to determine what God did, but He doesn't reveal normally reveal things like that and then do nothing.

I saw the power of God fall on many of the people we ministered to as well. Let's just say that we saw a lot of people doing "carpet time" as the team ministered. We know that testimonies will trickle in during the coming days and weeks. We'll post them as they do.

April 17, 2007

God reveals another name

Last night we were ministering to a man who has Hepatitis B. He doesn't know how he got it. We had prayed for him once before and he still tested positive. Last night he came again for more prayer. During worship, the Lord gave me the impression that he contracted it through sexual contact and then gave me a woman's name.

I asked him if the name meant anything and he said it was actually very close to the name of his very first girlfriend - a couple of letters off.

Two others were ministering to him with me and they all felt the same thing - that the disease came through sexual contact.

We proceeded to minister some deep inner healing and broke off any ties that were formed through ungodly relationships in his past. The significance of the name of his first girlfriend was to actually show the starting point of the inappropriate expressions of his sexuality - in other words where the door was opened that ultimately put him into a position to contract the disease.

We are waiting for the results of the next blood test - hopefully we'll hear in the next couple of days.

"Maybe you should become a Christian instead"

Last night I got a word of knowledge while in coffee shop for someone with a left shoulder problem. Two Gulf Arab Muslim men entered the shop and as they stepped outside I asked them if either of them had a neck problem (another word I had gotten). They said no, but one of them had a 'left shoulder' problem. The Muslim shop employee stepped out to confirm that I had asked earlier if someone had a shoulder problem.

I asked the man with the shoulder pain if I could "give him a treatment", he agreed and I started to pray. After prayer, I explained that I was a Christian and spoke about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and specifically the Gifts of Healing. He said his shoulder felt better. I prayed again and most of the pain left him.

Then his friend says, 'Hopefully you will become a Muslim". I then reminded both of them that the man's shoulder just received a measure of healing (when a NON-Muslim prayed!) and said, "Maybe you should become a Christian instead".

April 15, 2007

Egyptian Muslim asks for more prophecy

My Lebanese Druze friend, who has now encountered the Kingdom a number of times, brought his Egyptian friend to receive some prophetic ministry. The last time I met with this Lebanese man, the Lord gave me the name of one of his potential business partners, and also showed me the type of car that his Egyptian friend had - a black BMW. When I told him the type of car, he said it wasn't the right kind of car. When he inquired, his Egyptian friend said that "oh, that's the kind of car I have back in Egypt".

After that, this Egyptian man wanted to meet. When we met, the Lord gave me several words for the man. I didn't really feel any particular 'anointing' that night (probably because I had left the house in an argument with my wife:). In His mercy (because it never depends upon our works anyway), the Lord revealed some things about his life.

Two days ago, I received a call from my Lebanese friend who said "the Egyptian wants to meet with you again to hear more". We will hopefully meet again tonight and trust that the Lord will reveal the very "secrets of his heart" and that he will want to know more about who is showing us these things.

Healing for Indian Catholic family

We had an Indian Catholic family visit us who came for healing prayer. The father had some serious pain in the neck and shoulders. As we prayed, the Kingdom came and after praying about 3 times, he was healed - all pain had left his body. While praying the Lord gave several words of knowledge - one from Dark Horse came for the man's left ear, another one I received was for the lower part of the right leg. It wasn't for the man, but his wife showed us a bandage that was under her pant leg.

Probably the most important thing that happened that night was that this man, who was somewhat skeptical, saw God demonstrate His power - he saw the Kingdom come. His wife was already 'on board' and wanting more of God. We pray that the husband has now seen and believed!