October 16, 2008

more words of knowledge for hindu man - receives healing

Our story continues with a family we met in a restaurant, who received healing and subsequently have expressed an incredible openness.

We were in their home last night and the Lord began to speak immediately when we entered the house - I received two words of knowledge; one about a left shoulder problem and the other about a problem in the left wrist. When I inquired, our hindu friend had both of those conditions. He let me pray and the Lord began to do something. He could feel a little bit of relief, but I explained that the Lord is going to heal it completely. As the evening progressed, all the pain left and he was healed.

We also got to prophesy over his wife. It was a powerful time.

God reveals muslim family member's name

It has only happened to me very rarely - 3 or 4 times ever, but yesterday the Lord gave me the name of a muslim woman's brother while I was speaking to her. I "saw" (in a type of vision) she and her brother together on a vacation in another Middle Eastern country - this was while I was giving a presentation in front of a group. While I was seeing it, his name just popped into my head. I have only know this woman for a few days and knew nothing about her family. She said, "Yes, that's my brother's name!" The others present (all muslims) wanted to know "how" I got the name.

I'm not sure what the Lord wants to do in regards to her brother, but after that I got a word of knowledge for the brother - I haven't had a chance yet to discuss it with this woman.

We are living in days of increase in every way. I was in the middle of a presentation - not prayer, not worship and the Lord began to speak. More Lord!

October 14, 2008

when a stranger calls - because God's Kingdom came upon her too!

I got an interesting call the other night from the woman’s sister who I prayed for and was healed a few days ago in the restaurant She had asked me if she could give my number to her friend (another muslim woman) who needs healing. I said “ You know that I am a Christian and that I pray in Jesus name, right?” She said, “Yes, I know.” Her friend called me that evening to set up an appointment for healing.

The next day she called me again. She told that when I was praying for her sister in the restaurant she felt something happen to her as well, the same peace and presence of God. She was feeling fine all day and then in the evening she had pain in her stomach. In the middle of the night she saw a floating green crystal and then she felt something leave her stomach and all the pain was gone. She said that she had had many miscarriages and wondered if something had happened in her womb. I told her that I think that she was healed. She told me that no one knew about her experiences. She said she thinks that there is a connection between us and that if I figured out what this all meant that I should call her right away. I told her I would pray and ask God for understanding.