September 04, 2008

one way to activate an impartation

I went out with a friend who hasn’t done as much power ministry as we have done. Everything we do in the Kingdom can also have a training/equipping component (that’s how Jesus trained His disciples).

My friend watched me get a couple of words of knowledge for people (he also saw me miss a few). He commented on how convenient getting a word of knowledge for a complete stranger can be (or something to that effect). He expressed again his desire to move more in the word of knowledge.

At the end of our time, we did go to a Church service and before it began my friend got two words of knowledge for a couple of different people and they were healed.

Somehow, there seems to have been an activation in his life for the impartation he’d received already through prayer for the release of the Gifts of the Spirit. We went out – he saw it (the word of knowledge) and within an hour began to ‘step into it’ himself and saw breakthrough.

This stuff is far simpler than we sometimes make it.

taking healing to the streets again

I’ll have to be honest – it had been a while since I’d intentionally gone out in the streets to see God’s Kingdom released. We’ve been doing a lot of Church meetings, which have been great, but my favorite place to “do the stuff” is out and about – and it was especially good to do so after not seeing breakthrough the night before.

Here are a few things that happened:

We got to pray for a girl who said she was into “shamanism”. We prayed for her back and she said it felt better after prayer.

While walking through a department store, a specific word of knowledge came to me about an injury to someone’s back in a particular part of the back. I quickly looked around to see who the Lord would ‘highlight’ for me and He directed us to a woman. When I asked her if she had the condition in that part of her back (I pointed), she looked very nervous and then asked the famous question, “How did you know that?” I gave her a quick explanation and she let us pray. The Holy Spirit began to come upon her back and as we left her, her back was tingling. I explained to her that when that sensation stops, that her back will be healed.

After leaving the store, a young couple approached us and I got another word of knowledge for a should problem. We stopped them and sure enough the man had a problem with his shoulder. We prayed and he was healed. We also got to minister to the woman, and pray that she would be able to carry a gift of healing to a couple of friends of hers.

What about sharing the Gospel? I inevitably get asked this question. In each of these cases, we were able to direct all of these people to a local Church. They had encountered the power of God’s Kingdom, and we were able to encourage them. In the case of the girl into ‘shamanism’, we were able to go back and give her some information about the Church.

Guess what happened to me personally through our time on the streets? I forgot all about what had ‘not happened’ the night before, got refocused upon what God ‘was now doing’ and just got massively encouraged.

Something else happened through all of this – that will be my next blog post.

when do you plan your next healing service?

The other night we went after a healing for a close friend who has received prayer on numerous occasions without seeing breakthrough. It was after seeing God move powerfully over the course of an evening meeting that we faced an eye condition that causes constant pain and has stolen so much from our sister’s life.

What do we do when don’t see breakthrough? How do we respond? Many will allow the discouragements to shape their future. Sadly, I can say that for years I didn’t really pray for the sick after seeing some people I prayed for not get healed.

I like what Bill Johnson shared after seeing cancer rip away the life of his secretary. They were seeing cancer healed. She chose to trust God alone for her healing and the battle was lost. Bill recounts that after receiving the call that she had died, he began planning their next healing and miracle service! Who even does that? I’ll tell you I have learned more from Bill Johnson in that story alone than in 100 other sermons on miracles and healing.

We lose battles. We don’t see everyone get healed. Sometimes people die. So what was I going to do after praying yet again for a young woman who was the first person I’d ever met to see God heal a blind eye through? Her eyes didn’t get healed – what was I going to do? Let a few days of discouragement go by? Ponder ‘adjusting’ my theology to somehow consider God being less good than He is? NO WAY. It was time to plan the next healing service!

The next blog post is about that service – oh yes, since there wasn’t a Church service soon enough – we took it to the streets.