December 30, 2008

treasure hunting in a muslim country

before I continue with this post, I want to encourage you to get a copy of Kevin Dedmon's book, "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt" (Destiny Image). This book may "capture" better than any other book since John Wimber's "Power Evangelism" the essence of ministering to the lost in supernatural power - it is incredibly practical too, which makes it one of the most practical books I've ever seen about "doin the stuff" (as Wimber used to say).

anyway, last night we introduced a group to "treasure hunting" - we started by waiting on the Lord to give us pieces of the "treasure map" - we wrote down conditions that we felt He wanted to heal (neck pain, lower back pain, knee problems), places we felt He wanted us to go (i.e. a restaurant with a red and yellow sign), and things we were to look for (red convertible with a man named "Khalid", man in a bright yellow shirt, etc.). We broke into two groups and headed out to find these "treasures".

I won't go into all the details of what happened because this would become way too long, but suffice to say God surprised us - as He always does. Another value that I always articulate before taking anybody out to "spill" (by "spilling", I mean releasing God's supernatural Kingdom on people), is that we don't come back until we've seen miracles - I call it "the miracle back guarantee". Somehow knowing how outrageously good God is, He always does miraculous stuff even at the 11th hour. (by that, I can recall several times when we were heading back to our cars at the end of an evening to go home (having seen NOTHING) and seeing God give an accurate word of knowledge and heal someone in the parking lot).

Here are some of things we saw happen - the first shop we walked into with the "red and yellow sign" (it wasn't a restaurant), was where it all started for one of the groups. We left that shop after the Syrian muslim manager's knee was healed (we had "knee problem" on our treasure map). A Lebanese woman had a stomach problem that she let us pray for after we gave her a word of knowledge. She was a bit skeptical but when the Lord showed me that it last hurt two days before, she let us pray! One of the shop employees thought we were psychics - that's always fun.

The women also began to find their treasures - and saw several people healed. One woman from Sri Lanka had abandoned her Christian faith to marry a muslim man. After she was healed, she decided she wanted to follow Jesus again! So much for the power she found in islam! One of the girls who went out was getting word of knowledge after word of knowledge for people. My wife was amazed as this was the girl's first official treasure hunt.

Sometimes the treasures we find don't seem to want to cooperate. For example, we had "red convertible sports car" and the name "Khalid" (which were two words from two of us that we felt went together). We looked all night for a red convertible sports car. In the natural, in this rich Gulf Arab country you will often see many cars like that - especially on a weekend night. However, last night we didn't see a single one, UNTIL near the end of our treasure hunt, one of the team said, "there's a red convertible" (it was actually more like maroon colored, but it was close enough). Comically, we followed this car through a parking lot on foot. Finally, I walk up to the car and ask the driver, "Is your name Khalid"? He said, "Yes, it is". Basically I asked him like 2 more times, because being the great person of faith that I am, I didn't believe him the first time. Anyway, we showed him our treasure map (with his name and car description written down) but he didn't want anything to do with us. We went away rejoicing anyway because God had spoken and we had heard Him clearly!!!

At the end of the evening, I think everyone was just encouraged to see how much of the treasure God enabled us to find. At the same time, we got to pray for others who weren't on our treasure map, but that we got to meet while wandering around. Also, we met some people in need a major miracles (mostly muslims) and got to offer the Kingdom, gave our phone numbers and are waiting for the phone to ring for follow-up. One Gulf Arab muslim man in particular had an ankle problem that I was looking for all night - it wasn't a word that we got before leaving on our adventure, but one that I kept getting while we were out. I asked like 4 people throughout the night all who didn't have an ankle problem (and who thought us to be quite weird). However at the very end of our time, I see this man with crutches coming up and sure enough it was for his ankle. I spoke with him briefly and he explained that there was a tumor in his ankle (he was to find out the next day what kind of tumor - i.e. malignant or benign). I was able to share the testimonies of several cancer cases we have seen healed and he took my number.

Anyway, if we can treasure hunt in muslim countries, you can do it too! By the way, we openly did this for several hours and faced no problems whatsoever - except for people who thought we were strange. Which of course we are because our citizenship is from another world!!!

December 29, 2008

Gulf arab muslim man wrists' healed

As I was waiting in a government office, I got a word of knowledge about someone with a wrist problem. I had thought it was for the government official that was in front of me, but then he left and another man came in. So I asked him, "do you have pain in your wrists?". He said he did and I asked him to give them to me. I just began to pray in Jesus' Name and release God's kingdom. After I was done, I asked them how they felt and he said, "there is no more pain".

He asked me what I had done. I explained to him that I had prayed for him and God had healed him. We didn't exchange numbers so I'll have to head back to tell him more about this Kingdom that invaded his office!

December 27, 2008

muslim man needs to see kingdom demonstration of power

yesterday while in a Church service, I met a muslim man who was brought there by another former muslim. Immediately I was thinking to myself, "this muslim man NEEDS to see a kingdom demonstration of power". I mean it is tragic that scores of unbelievers visit churches all over the world and often don't see anything miraculous. How far we have drifted from the Apostle Paul's personal ministry manifesto - preaching with a demonstration of the Kingdom's power.

My personal dilemma was that I had a severe headache and yet wanted to somehow be a part of seeing God do something. At one point, I got a clear word of knowledge for a condition in or near the left shoulder. I said, "it must be for this man". I went to lay down in another room for a while to let my headache lift a bit. Finally I was able to go back into the service and ask the man if he had a problem in the shoulder. He said he didn't, but the man who brought him did. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. He was healed immediately.

Then a great question - right in front of his muslim guest, he asks, "how did you know that I had a problem near my shoulder"? I was able to explain a bit about the word of knowledge.

I left the service feeling like the Lord really honored what was in my heart - that this muslim visitor would see a demonstration of God's Kingdom. Can't wait to hear about the discussion that followed between these two men.

December 21, 2008

more healings (because its normal)

tonight we had a house full of folks seeking the Lord - He did what He always does - He began healing people (someone's knees, another person's stomach, another's right arm) and He also began to speak to His people through different prophetic words.

normal Christianity - or at least it should be!

December 19, 2008

back problem revealed and other prophetic stuff

my wife and I ministered to another couple this morning. While I was praying for them, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about an upper back condition that the man was having. I prayed for him. I wasn't able to follow up on how it was, but the way things seem to work with words of knowledge, I would be surprised if the condition was still there.

I also got a prophetic picture for this man about a spiritual deposit that women had made in his life. Later I asked if that was meaningful and it turns out he was raised by 5 women - and several of them had made a significant spiritual impact on his life. I had also seen the word "anchor" - and he told me that the deposits that these women had put in his life were like "anchors" that had kept him through the years.

Desert Princess also had some prophetic pictures for this couple.

man surprised the his neck is healed

this morning I was asked to come and pray for a man and his wife. The Lord began to give me some prophetic stuff for them, especially the husband. After a while, I asked the man if he had pain in the left back of his neck, as I had gotten a word of knowledge while talking to him. He did. He let me pray and was surprised that the Lord healed his neck.

December 13, 2008

Egyptian muslim man explains, "I don't know if you can help me because my demons are very stubborn".

While in a park during the islamic holidays, I was standing next to group of Egyptians when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a back problem in a certain part of the back. I interrupted them and inquired as to who had this particular problem. One man said he did and came over to talk. At this point, I spoke to them as a group. I explained how the Lord had given me a revelation (a word of knowledge) indicating what He wanted to do. It was a cordial conversation. The man with the back problem wanted to talk however in private.

As we walked away from the group, he began to explain to me that his problem was actually caused by demons. (I can see why he wanted to leave the group). We talked for a while and I explained that we could indeed help him but that the park was probably not the best context to pray for his deliverance. At one point he said a very funny thing, he said, "I don't know if you can help me because my demons are very stubborn". I was able to explain a bit about the superiority of the Kingdom of God above everything and that the stubbornness of his demons wasn't going to hinder things:)

I brought two good friends into our discussion - one who ministers in Egypt and another who lives in the city where we all were (which is where these Egyptians lived and worked). Let us pray that he is willing to call and set up a time to get set free.

Gulf Arab muslim family sees the Kingdom manifest

a couple of nights ago a group of us were worshipping in a public place. This drew a number of Gulf Arabs who were out celebrating their Eid holidays. one group of men, women and children came up just as we were finishing and I asked the Lord to give me something for them. As I was just looking at them a word of knowledge for a right knee problem came to me. I had the "something" so I went in with that.

It turned out that the first man (actually the group was 3 brothers and their wives and children) had a knee problem but it was his left knee. That was good enough for me, I offered to pray explaining what I felt God would do. He let me put my hand on his knee and I prayed in Arabic for a minute or so. After I was done, he thanked me but at that point it didn't seem that much had happened. I said goodbye and walked away.

About 2 minutes later, a strong word of knowledge came to me in my left knee. I KNEW that at that moment something had happened and wanted to go and find the man to check it out, but my son needed to talk with me and he and I took a walk together. After about 10 minutes, we came back and the Gulf Arab man had been asking around for me. You know what happened - his knee was completely healed. (I asked him if it was 2 minutes after I left him and he said it was!). He was full of questions now - "How did you know I had a knee problem"? "How did you heal my knee"? I got to explain briefly how God's Kingdom was breaking in with revelation and gifts of healing - gifts that God has given to us CHRISTIANS!

At this point, a series of things began to happen.

First they asked if we would pray for their son who wasn't growing properly (he was quite small for his age - he must have been 3 or 4 years old). I picked him up and prayed for him. Next the 2nd brother asked if I would pray for them to have a baby. They had had 2 miscarriages in a row and no children. It was time to get my wife, Desert Princess, involved. I got my son to go and get her. Since she has seen two women she prayed for become pregnant (one who was barren and the other who also suffered from miscarriages), she was the one for this task. The next thing I know she is surrounded by 3 Gulf Arab women sharing with them and praying for them. She prayed for the woman to get pregnant. While she was there, I also got another word of knowledge about a back problem in a specific part of the back. It was for the woman my wife was ministering to. She laid her hands on her back and prayed - her back was healed!

The first brother gave me his card and said that of course I would contact him. Thinking everything was pretty much over, another car pulls up as we are walking away. It was brother number 3 with his family. He jumps out of the car and asks if we could pray for his infant son who needed a hernia operation (it is simply amazing the affect that a single healing testimony had!). At this point, I have two friends who live in his particular country. We all pray for the son. Next the father asks about a wrist problem he has that only hurts when he tries to work out/exercise (i.e. doing push ups). My friend prays for his wrists and then we ask him to test it out. He goes down to do some push ups and there was no more pain. He was visibly amazed that God had just healed him. After this he asks if we could pray for his mother who struggled with asthma - she too was in the car. The wife of my friend went over and began to minister to her in Arabic.

We were also able to give this 3rd brother a copy of the Arabic Bible - which we are fairly sure these brothers will now have an interest in reading. Already arrangements are being made for people to go visit them in their hometown.

You just never know when God's Kingdom is going to break into the lives of the people around us - keep watch!

December 07, 2008

when God 'anoints' the family

Somehow we are truly moving away from the "one man show" (or one woman show) towards doing supernatural ministry as a "team". Of course this has ALWAYS been God's design and best, regardless of the fact that much (if not most) of the Charismatic wing of the Church hasn't modeled team ministry.

Two days ago, in a Church service my entire family ministered together - and God was using all of us to lay hands on people, heal the sick, and even see people released into visions.

At the end of a 5+ hour service, our kids were so thrilled at what God had done "through them" that they didn't even want to leave. It was such a clear picture of what God wants in ministry - His Spirit resting on groups rather than individuals. In the end, He is able to do far more than He ever could have done through merely the "one man in ministry" model.

I will try to give some highlights in another post.

November 25, 2008

when the veil is 'thin' - from healings to visions!

when I got back from my trip to a neighboring country, I was truly spent. I wasn't so physically tired, but emotionally and spiritually I just felt like I was depleted. However, even as I walked through the doors of my home we had a meeting that was about to begin and a house full of visitors. I really felt like I had little to offer.

What happened over the next couple of hours was one of the most powerful meetings I can remember having - the words of knowledge were coming in such a flow that I was taken back. I will attempt her to paint a picture of what it was like.

As I said, I was totally spent - I felt like I would be more of a bystander in this meeting, just trying to get recharged and filled up. All I was wanting to do was to get lost in the worship - but literally as a group of first time visitors walked through the door, words of knowledge began to come - for an arm condition, for a back and neck condition. We prayed for two of the visitors (one who was a former muslim) and pain began to leave their bodies. Both of women's arms were healed. The Lord began to touch the back problems - one felt the sensation of cold. We are still waiting to hear the outcome.

Faith and expectation began to well up inside me - it didn't matter how I was personally feeling, the Lord wanted to move and I wanted to join Him! Literally as I put on some worship music, I felt the Lord totally fill me up and renew my spirit in like a matter of minutes. I was filled and ready to spill! After a few more songs, we began to pray for and prophesy over our guests - here is a little of what happened.

One of our guests, from Scotland, wanted prayer but didn't want to mention what she needed prayer for - she wanted the Lord to show us. I got a word of knowledge about a stomach/abdominal problem. That was it - lower abdominal pains. She began to feel burning and tingling. The next day she felt better and her friends said the color had returned to her face. The Lord was revealing and then dealing with the conditions of His people. My son, JD, was also moving in the prophetic. Just to show you the kind of evening it was - while we were praying for our Scottish friend, he says "I just see the word BRAVEHEART over you". My son has NEVER seen the movie, didn't know the woman was from Scotland and has never heard the phrase before.

Another couple came for prayer and the Lord gave me word of knowledge about a jaw problem while we were praying for the wife. She had been having a problem in the very location the Lord had shown.

We had seen a number of accurate words of knowledge and healings resulting. There was a constant prophetic flow. I just had a level of faith for further encounter and felt impressed to invited two our guests - Arab women (one was the former muslim) to come for special prayer to go into visions.

This may sound strange to some - but my question is "what does Acts 2 teach us to expect in the 'last days'? Dreams and visions are to become more common and widespread. Our experience has been that when we ask, the Lord is faithful to send what He promised he would!

We first prayed for one of the ladies who began to have an encounter with God where He came alongside her and took her left arm and was walking with her. As I was praying for her, I sensed the Lord take her arm and what she described was exactly what I sensed prophetically the Lord was doing. She didn't go into a vision at that point (but she did later!)

Next we prayed for the former muslim lady, whose name means "salvation" (little did her muslim parents know how prophetic they were being when they named their daughter). The Lord gave her an amazing vision almost immediately. It was the very first time she had had anything like that happen to her. It was so interesting because the her vision was very similar to a vision that the Lord had given to a Moroccan muslim friend of mine a couple of years earlier.

While we continued the minister to "Salvation", the other Arab lady finally has the vision we were asking for earlier. She too was taken into a dramatic experience.

What a meeting it turned out to be! It truly felt like the veil between the realm of heaven and earth was unusually thin on that night.

healings and prophecy is a neighboring country

Isaac of Ninevah and I had the chance to minister together in a nearby Arab country this past weekend. It was an incredibly focused time of ministry together - a couple of days full of God's presence, hearing His voice and seeing Him move.

We ministered together in a meeting where we saw a number of physical healings as well as God releasing many prophetic words. The Lord gave us a number of words of knowledge and we had others attending the meeting lay hands on those who were sick and/or in pain. Several testified of being healed after receiving prayer. I trust Isaac will write more about his impressions of that meeting.

A highlight for me was when Isaac and I were able to really partner in the supernatural - on one occasion he called someone out to give them a prophetic word and then while he was ministering to that person the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for that same person - in this case for a back problem. The sister next to her (as they were in the back of the room while we were ministering from the front) laid hands on her back and the Lord brought her healing. Prophecy and healing working together through the Body working together.

I know we have yet to see what God wants to do/release if we are truly covenanted to work together in Kingdom ministry.

November 23, 2008

God turns the heart of a muslim government official

What has happened in the last 24 hours is so amazing! I will post another blog about a series of healings and supernatural things that the Lord has done in the last couple of days, but this blog post began with 2 dreams I had early this morning. I have been struggling to overcome a couple of obstacles to get my family's residency finalized the in the country we live in. We faced a couple of hurdles that were going to require me to pay hundreds of dollars in courier fees sending documents back to the U.S. - a process that would require several governmental stops (both at the State and Federal levels) and in just a morning God sorted it all out.

Here is what happened. I had a couple of documents that the government of this muslim country would not accept without further certification. I was so frustrated. I had tried everything and this morning I had one final appointment with the head of a government department to see if something could be done. Before I woke up, I had 2 prophetic dreams - I saw myself in the government office and men were signing my paperwork. I woke up so encouraged.

i had an appointment first thing in the morning and arrived early for the meeting. As I was getting out of my car, I got a strong word of knowledge for a neck condition - I knew immediately that the word was for the director I was about to meet.

We had our meeting and he basically said what had been said by everyone else - including this man who I had met with several weeks before. There was basically NO WAY that anything could be done to further the process of my family's residency without having 2 documents sent to the U.S.A.

I was a bit discouraged, but as we were about to leave his office, I shared with him the word of knowledge. "Do you have a neck problem". I asked. He did. But, he didn't seem interested in either how I knew about it or my offer for help. I asked if he wanted my phone number, but he basically declined the offer.

I left a bit deflated, but I was off to another government office to get something that might help my problem. A few hours later I was back in the same man's office.

What happened next is just all God. He looked at some further paperwork that I was able to bring and basically said it wouldn't help. At this point, I gave him my phone number (which I had written out) and said that I wanted to help him with his neck problem.

He asks me at this point to see all of my documentation again - it was clear that something in him had changed, and he wanted to find a way to help me solve my problem. He looks at my son's birth certificate (which he had already accepted as is) and said that it would suffice to verify my marriage certificate because both of our names were on his birth certificate.

However, there was still the issue of my daughter's birth certificate which was not acceptable (because it was issued by a county in the U.S.)

I asked him what could be done. He says, "I'm going to help you". He said, "This document is not acceptable, BUT I am going to sign off on it on the condition that when you are back in the U.S. that you will get it stamped for me". Of course I readily agreed even though I explained to him that it would be nearly a year before I could get that done. He was fine with that!!!

I was shocked - this man who simply wouldn't budge - who wouldn't be persuaded just basically makes a complete turn and was now willing to make a massive exception to regulations to help me!!!!

Then he asks me - "how can you help my neck"? I give him a short Kingdom explanation and tell him that if we could get together sometime for about 15 minutes. He asks, "what about RIGHT NOW"? He said we could go back into his private office.

The next thing I know I have my hands on his neck praying for his healing. I prayed 3 different times - it got better each time but in the end he wasn't completely healed. Which was quite surprising given all the divine assistance (2 dreams and a clear word of knowledge). Oh well - we leave the results up to God.

I had wondered why God hadn't given me the favor in the multiple other visits to different governmental agencies and even the U.S. Embassy - nothing had worked, but on this day, when I was able to get my focus off of my need and looked to reach out to another, something happens!!!

Sounds just like God's heart to me!

November 20, 2008

husband healed in Lebanon - gives life to Jesus!

During a meeting where Desert Princess was ministering healing, a woman explained that here husband was back in Lebanon, bed-ridden for months and wanted prayer. She said she would arrange for some of our friends to go and pray for him.

Here is the testimony (sent to me via Skype chat):

God healed that man who was on his bed for 6 months

The testimony: i sent 2 guys to visit this guy who was unable to move from his bed and they pulled him out of bed to seat him in a chair and they prayed for him. He received Christ as saviour and he started to move things that he couldn't move and this sunday he came to church radiant with no other help

our God is awesome

November 15, 2008

iraqi and bangladeshi muslims healed in the desert

while we were out in the desert riding quads, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the guys we rented the quads from - first of all there was a shoulder condition. I asked a couple of Iraqi muslims, but it wasn't for them. Then their Bangladeshi muslim co-worker came up. it was for him. I prayed for him and he was healed.

We talked about the power that Jesus had/has to heal and I explained we Christians have been given the same mandate to heal the sick.

Then I got another word of knowledge for one of the Iraqi muslims - a toe problem on the left big toe. One of the guys had broken his tow and it wasn't even strait. That was until after prayer. I laid my hands on his foot and prayed. After I was done, he began to move it (which he couldn't really do before). There was much more movement. What however really was shocking to him was that it was now strait! If he hadn't said it, I probably wouldn't have believed it - but he was telling his friends that his toe was no longer bent.

Not a bad time quading - have fun, heal the sick, go home!

Egyptian couple comes for healing prayer

at considerable cost to themselves, an Egyptian couple came all the way across the city for healing prayer to have a baby. The woman had had 2 miscarriages. It was just a great time as the Lord revealed a several things through words of knowledge - a back problem, a foot problem, an ear problem and also finally a digestive problem. Beyond the revelation that the Lord was giving, He also came powerfully upon the wife. The felt His touch throughout her body.

doin the stuff is so fun!!

November 12, 2008

more muslims healed at my school

Today in Math class I was sitting next to Ahmed (the boy who was healed last week) again.  Sitting in front of was another muslim boy who heard Ahmed's testimony first.  They are good friends.  He said his head hurt out loud.  I asked him, "Are you joking" and he said, "No".  I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed again silently (because we were in class).  I asked him if all the pain was gone and he told me it was.  Ahmed asked me, "How do you do this"?  I said, "God gives me the power to heal".

I was thinking that I would like to show Ahmed that I don't only heal headaches, but that Jesus heals other things too.  Then I got a word of knowledge for a left arm problem.  So I asked him, "Do you have a problem in one of your arms?"  He said, "Yes" (it was in his left arm which is where I got the word of knowledge).  He said he couldn't move his arm very well and there was a lot of pain. I asked if I could pray for him and then I put my hand on his arm and prayed.  

After this, he started testing out his arm and said, "the pain is gone"!

after one muslim boy is healed at my school, another muslim comes to me for prayer

This is my very first blog post, I turn 13 years old this month.

Last week at school I was in Math class and I got a word of knowledge for a headache. Then I got put next to a muslim friend of mine named Ahmed who said his head hurt.  I was a bit nervous and kept asking him "do you still have pain"?  He said yes every time I asked.  So finally I asked him, "can I pray for you"?  He said, "OK".  He asked, "Am I supposed to close my eyes or something?".  I told him it didn't matter.  I put my hand on his arm and prayed silently (because we were in the middle of class).  I then asked him, "So, how's it feeling"?  And he rubbed his head and said, "It's all gone"!  He was absolutely shocked.  After class, my muslim friend starts telling all his friends who muslims what happened.

Later on the same day, at the end of my Science class, the same guy from a distance said, "my head hurts again".  His other friend was laughing.  I thought they were mocking me.  However, after class I offered to pray for him again.  I did and then the pain was less.  I prayed a second time and all the pain left again.

While I was at my locker, the guy who had been laughing comes up and says, "Ahmed said what you did caused the pain to leave his head.  My head hurts too, can you pray for me?"  He put arm out (because that is where I put my hand when I prayed for Ahmed!)  So I put my hand on his arm and prayed. He said thank you and left before I could ask him what happened.

A couple of days later, my friend Ahmed asked me to pray for him again because he had another headache.  I prayed for him and he sighed loudly in relief after prayer.  I could tell he was healed again.

November 11, 2008

strong word of knowledge for Gulf Arab muslim man

I had just left a time of prayer with some Indian ministers when I got this incredibly strong word of knowledge for a left knee problem. I was just walking down the street when the word came. Now I begin looking for someone. The first person I came across (in fact the only person I came across during my 10 minute walk) was a Gulf Arab muslim sitting down. I just walked up to him and asked him, "can I ask you a strange question, do you have a left knee problem"? He looked a bit surprised and asked why. I just asked him to confirm whether or not he had a knee problem and then I'd tell him why. He said, "yes, my left knee has a problem". I explained that the Lord had given me a revelation about someone needing healing in their left knee. He let me pray for him. I just released the Lord's prayer over his knee as I lay hands on him.

He thanked me and I went on my way. Just wondering what he's thinking now - a Christian walks up to him with revelation that he has a left knee problem, prays for him and walks away.

Talk about the Lord's ways being different from our own!

Arab women getting healed (part 2)

One healing was particularly special, because a woman who was healed, prayed for another woman who was healed.

Lebanese woman with a knee problem came for prayer. I prayed once and the pain didn’t leave. I prayed again and had her test it out. This time it was all the pain was gone. She was absolutely shocked which is so fun. I then had her pray for another woman with a knee problem (which was a new concept for them) and after praying for the other woman two times she was healed as well. She was equally as shocked!

Arab women getting healed (part 1)

A Lebanese woman had a frozen shoulder and couldn’t lift her arm up at all. Doctors had told her this was the most stubborn case they had seen. I prayed and declared it would be “the easiest case to heal according to Jesus”. I prayed a total of 3 times and each time it got better and better. All the pain left and she had like 85% mobility when we were done.

I prayed for another woman from Iran with digestive problems. She felt fire in her stomach and went into like a trance – her eyes were open but she was somewhere else. She couldn’t stand. She had a major encounter with the Lord.

One Arab woman came up to me after the meeting and said that she didn’t come up to me for healing, because her back was healed sovereignly while I was speaking about the supernatural experiences I’ve had. When she came into the meeting she had horrible back pain and had difficulty sitting. She left without pain.

Another woman was healed of back and neck pain.

November 08, 2008

some significant healings

the other night with my muslim friend along we saw several healings. as we entered the large Arabic meeting, I got a couple of words of knowledge. One was for a left elbow condition. One man had a major problem in his left elbow - after surgery, he had pins and rods and could not completely straighten his arm. I prayed for him a couple of times. It was hard to tell if there had been any improvement, but with such a clear word of knowledge, I asked him to let me know what happens in the next couple of days. After that, another man responds to my 'left elbow' word, but his problem is actually in his shoulder. I laid hands on him and his shoulder was almost immediately healed. He tested it out - pain free.

Others began to come for healing prayer. I went outside to pray for one man who had some kind of a hernia. As I prayed, the Lord gave me some words for him - a back problem and an unforgiveness issue with a man. I asked him and he said that the back problem had begun at exactly the same time a relationship was broken. We prayed through that. He was also blind in one eye - I prayed for that too. Didn't see a change at the time, but again the Word says "the blind SHALL see". I told him to call me to tell me what changes are happening with the eye.

Finally, while ministering to the man with the blind eye, I notice a guy kind of lingering around who's in obvious pain. Holding the back of his neck with his head down. I asked him to come over. I laid hands on him and God healed him completely. The change was marked - one minute holding his head, the next minute walking around fine

All of these things were being witnessed by my muslim friend. I'm sure he was pondering these things in his heart.

November 06, 2008

a number of healings as Arab muslim witnesses the power of the Kingdom

Last night was very special in a number of ways. Desert Princess was ministering in an Arab womens' meeting and saw God heal many people. She'll be blogging about it. I had taken a muslim man seeking deliverance from demons to another Arabic meeting. I knew it was going to be a great night when as soon as we walked in, the Lord began releasing words of knowledge and people were healed. I'll share some of those stories in another post.

What I want to highlight in this blog was how important it was for this muslim man to see demonstrations of God's power last night. He came or deliverance but before we got to minister to him, God wanted him to see healing miracles. He probably watched God heal 4 or 5 different people.

By the end of the evening, he was ready for prayer himself. It was a powerful time of praying for him to be set free from the demonic spirits that have been tormenting him for years.

He is on the way to freedom - freedom in and through Christ Jesus!!

October 31, 2008

muslim man healed months ago, calls his friend out

a muslim man who was healed about 8 months ago when I got a word of knowledge for a problem in his arm had his friend come out for prayer today in the restaurant they work in. I had forgotten where his problem was, but as I approached his restaurant, I got the word again and asked about his arm. It was fine. He then called one of his muslim friends out from the back (a cook) who had a physical need. I prayed for him over the counter as I held his hand. Since the problem only comes at night (a stomach problem), we couldn't see what had happened at that time.

I will go back next week to see what happened.

October 29, 2008

muslim woman wants us to "show her the money"

While Desert Princess and I were out last night, I thought I got a word of knowledge for a couple of muslim women but I was wrong. When my wife finished asking if they had that particular problem (a knee condition) which neither did, one asks her, "can you tell me something else that is wrong with me"?

This woman was ASKING for a demonstration. Desert Princess wasn't really prepared for such a bold request.

As we discussed together, we just realized how ready the Lord wants us to be to press into Him and be able to give lost people something of His supernatural Kingdom even upon demand.

We are believing God to go to new levels - we look forward to the next bold request for us to "show me the money"!

October 27, 2008

Gulf Arab man comes for deliverance from demons

a friend of mine wrote to me about a Gulf Arab friend of his who was being tormented by the demonic. years ago this man had made a profession of faith and seemed to be growing in the Lord, suddenly there was a change in him and his interest in the Lord seemed to disappear. Now he is acknowledging the cause.

we met for a short time last night, but I explained to him that to get him free I would like to have another man with me. I was able to pray a prayer of protection over him, and he seemed to have an encounter with the Lord as I laid hands upon him.

I find it interesting that this man's experience is almost identical to the others we have heard from Arab muslims seeking deliverance through islamic sources (as this man had done). they NEVER get free, they pay lots of money for the services of their so-called "exorcists" and in the end, they are more deeply demonized than when they started.

I discerned a spirit of confusion which when I described what that would look like, he said that is exactly how he has been afflicted.

There are a couple of key things that are critical - 1. he has exhausted all other means/sources (islamic, magic, etc) to get set free 2. he is desperate to get free - he came to me within an hour of me calling him on the phone late at night.

I am looking forward to sharing about the freedom that Jesus is about to bring this man by the Holy Spirit's power!

October 26, 2008

words of knowledge and prophecy in house meeting

last night while we gathered to share testimonies of the supernatural things God had been doing, He did it again - The Word of God, Jesus, began to speak again.

First it was a word of knowledge for one of young women that was in the meeting for a back problem. We prayed and the pain left. Next it was her sister's turn. The Lord spoke prophetically to me about a problem that week she had had with their father. Finally when we were ministering to these two sisters together, the Lord gave me another word of knowledge for their father - about a left shoulder problem. We sent them home to release healing and we trust to draw their nominal Christian father to the Lord.

The Lord also spoke prophetically about another young woman in the meeting and we were able to minister to her at length.

It's hard to imagine the days when we hardly believed and/or expected God to speak apart from the Scriptures - the very ways that God shows us how He speaks in those same Scriptures and yet so many who honor the written Word do not honor the prophetic ministry - prophecy, words of knowledge, etc.

Last night we were again thankful that the Lord has never changed - He is the Word of God and He has never stopped speaking to His people.

October 24, 2008

telephone ministry - muslim woman tells my wife her headache is gone

a muslim woman was complaining of a headache. it was inappropriate for me to pray for her, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind talking to my wife on the phone. I said she could help her. Desert Princess got the woman on the phone and initially she asked if she was a doctor. She said no - she was a Christian who was going to pray for God to heal her. She prayed and the woman told her the headache was gone.

ministering healing over the telephone

cancer - going after it yet again

the very word cancer strikes fear in the hearts so many

as Christians, we have been given the job of destroying it - it is a work of the devil and we've been commissioned to destroy all of devil's works

last night I had the opportunity to visit a muslim man who has cancer - he was willing to let me come and pray. I shared the testimonies of the cancer we had seen healed - including a muslim man's terminal cancer.

we now wait to see what the test results will reveal as to what the Lord did in prayer.

October 22, 2008

word of knowledge reveals muslim woman's condition

last night while having coffee with a friend, I had gotten a clear word of knowledge about carpal tunnel syndrome in the right arm. I thought it was for a man at a particular table, but he ended up leaving before I could approach him. Before leaving, I got another word for a person with a neck problem on the right side - I approached a table of about 8 Gulf Arab muslims - men and women and asked who had that condition. One of the woman said, "I do". At that point, the word for the carpal tunnel also came back and I realized that the original word had been for her too - not the other man. She was sitting right next to the other man - so the Lord had indicated the location of the person.

I explained briefly to this group how I got the word and then told this woman to call my wife. She asked, "Is your wife a healer"? I said, "Yes, she is!". Praying she calls Desert Princess today.

October 19, 2008

another night of prophetic ministry and encounters with God

Last night a group of us gathered to worship and be in God's presence. We shared testimonies of the supernatural things that God has been doing. As we began to pray for people and minister to them, the Holy Spirit began to move on people in powerful ways. A strong prophetic spirit was released and many accurate prophetic words were spoken over people.

we also got to pray again for someone who came for ministry with cancer - we continue to go after that work of the devil wherever and whenever we can. we'll give a report when we know more about what the Lord did.

a word of knowledge for the muslim man whose name the Lord revealed

Today I asked the relative of the man whose name the Lord revealed to last week if he had a knee problem. Right after I had received the name of the man, I also got a word of knowledge about a knee problem he had. I even sensed it was from a sport accident.

I discovered today that he does have a knee problem, it was due to a sports injury and guess who I am now trying to meet?

It was funny to see the reaction of the different muslims reacting/responding to the knowledge that the Lord has given me about this man - both his name, and the other details including his knee problem.

We'll keep you posted...

October 16, 2008

more words of knowledge for hindu man - receives healing

Our story continues with a family we met in a restaurant, who received healing and subsequently have expressed an incredible openness.

We were in their home last night and the Lord began to speak immediately when we entered the house - I received two words of knowledge; one about a left shoulder problem and the other about a problem in the left wrist. When I inquired, our hindu friend had both of those conditions. He let me pray and the Lord began to do something. He could feel a little bit of relief, but I explained that the Lord is going to heal it completely. As the evening progressed, all the pain left and he was healed.

We also got to prophesy over his wife. It was a powerful time.

God reveals muslim family member's name

It has only happened to me very rarely - 3 or 4 times ever, but yesterday the Lord gave me the name of a muslim woman's brother while I was speaking to her. I "saw" (in a type of vision) she and her brother together on a vacation in another Middle Eastern country - this was while I was giving a presentation in front of a group. While I was seeing it, his name just popped into my head. I have only know this woman for a few days and knew nothing about her family. She said, "Yes, that's my brother's name!" The others present (all muslims) wanted to know "how" I got the name.

I'm not sure what the Lord wants to do in regards to her brother, but after that I got a word of knowledge for the brother - I haven't had a chance yet to discuss it with this woman.

We are living in days of increase in every way. I was in the middle of a presentation - not prayer, not worship and the Lord began to speak. More Lord!

October 14, 2008

when a stranger calls - because God's Kingdom came upon her too!

I got an interesting call the other night from the woman’s sister who I prayed for and was healed a few days ago in the restaurant She had asked me if she could give my number to her friend (another muslim woman) who needs healing. I said “ You know that I am a Christian and that I pray in Jesus name, right?” She said, “Yes, I know.” Her friend called me that evening to set up an appointment for healing.

The next day she called me again. She told that when I was praying for her sister in the restaurant she felt something happen to her as well, the same peace and presence of God. She was feeling fine all day and then in the evening she had pain in her stomach. In the middle of the night she saw a floating green crystal and then she felt something leave her stomach and all the pain was gone. She said that she had had many miscarriages and wondered if something had happened in her womb. I told her that I think that she was healed. She told me that no one knew about her experiences. She said she thinks that there is a connection between us and that if I figured out what this all meant that I should call her right away. I told her I would pray and ask God for understanding.

October 11, 2008

a night of prophetic revelation as the Lord touches His children

Last night Desert Princess and I had an opportunity to share in home group. We began by sharing about the way God opened a door earlier the day for a Gulf Arab muslim woman to be healed. A word of knowledge, the laying on of hands and ultimately these women want to experience more of God’s Kingdom. We emphasized that such encounters should be normal Christian living.

At the end of the time of teaching, we began to minister to different individuals, and the Lord began to release words of knowledge for healing and also a number of prophetic words for people. Both Desert Princess and I sensed a strong prophetic anointing in the room.

By the end of our ministry time, people had been physically healed, the Lord had come powerfully upon several individuals and a number of confirming prophetic words had been uttered.

Gulf Arab muslim woman healed in restaurant then asks, “where’s your (medical) clinic”?

Yesterday while in a restaurant, DJ got a word of knowledge for a shoulder problem as he walked by a muslim woman. I approached her and asked if she had a shoulder problem and she said “no, but my daughter does”. The next thing I know, I’m sitting at a table with these women (the daughter is about 30 yrs old).

The daughter had fallen and had constant pain. It affected her sleep and she couldn’t even lift her arm. I asked if I could pray and she agreed.

I laid my hands on her shoulder (I always pray with my eyes open so as to not draw any further attention) and prayed in Jesus’ Name for her to be healed.

After praying I asked, “Did you feel anything?” She said, “Yes, I felt a soothing presence in my arm”. I said, “That’s God healing you”! She lifted her arm up – something she could not do before. Most of the pain was gone!

She pointed to one spot and said, “there’s just a little bit of pain in this one spot now”. I prayed again and all the pain was gone.

She then began to tell me about another condition she had – as I sensed it was clearly demonic, I asked if we could set up another time to get together.

It was funny because then she asked, “where’s your clinic”? (thinking medical). I told her it was in my home.

I can’t wait to tell her more about the “Great Physician” who heads up our clinic!

"Maybe God has sent you to me to answer my questions" - Kingdom teamwork (follow-up)

This post is a follow up about the Indian family we met through a word of knowledge and a healing.

I got together with the woman who was healed when I prayed for her after DJ had gotten a word of knowledge in a restaurant.

We met together for about 3 hours. Immediately she began to open up to me. She said she didn’t know why she was pouring out her heart to a stranger but said, “I felt like I’ve known you all my life”.

The encounter in the restaurant really shook her up – she came from a Christian background, but was totally secular and extremely scientific and rational. She didn’t believe in good or evil and her concept of God was that of a higher power, but totally impersonal.

When I had prayed for her, not only was she healed, she FELT something supernatural happening. She didn’t believe such a thing was possible. She knew we had to meet again. Even her husband, a hindu, couldn’t believe that something supernatural happened to her. He also told her that you’ve got to meet with that woman.

During our time, I shared with her many aspects of my relationship with God, how God speaks, the miracles we have seen, etc. Had she not had the encounter with God in the restaurant, she wouldn’t have given me the time of day. She said that she could actually “see” light around me as we talked.

After the encounter, things had begun to happen to her and in her house. She had no explanation and it was causing her fear. She even asked if we could come and pray through their house.

At the end of our time, she said, “I’ve had questions about God all my life and there was never anyone who would listen and be able to answer them. Maybe God has sent you to me to answer my questions”.

BTW - DJ had initially asked her hindu husband if he had the headache - he said, no at the time, but his wife told me that he actually did have a headache at that very moment too.

October 05, 2008

gearing up to go after a muslim man's cancer

today I got to tell the a muslim man's wife about the 3 times we've seen cancer healed in the past year or so. when I told her I was "into healing", at first she was nice but not very interested UNTIL I began to tell her that we have seen cancer healed with medical documentation. She became interested very quickly.

I asked if her husband would be willing to let a Christian come and pray. She said, no problem. He is a muslim but very open and willing to receive from others - including healing prayer from Christians.

I know that barring a miracle this man's life is about to end. There is nothing further that can be done medically. Just the kind of situation Jesus likes to invade.

I'll keep you posted.

knee healed - we hear about it two weeks later

a couple of weeks ago, I got a clear word of knowledge for a knee condition. I asked the couple I was with if either of them had the problem, they didn't. I told them, "I guess I'll keep looking for someone with a knee problem".

when I got to the youth group where my kids were, they were praying for healing and I asked if anybody had the knee problem - one of the girls said, "my mother has a problem with that knee". Good enough for me. We laid hands on her and asked the Lord to enable her to carry a gift of healing to her mother. She left with the intention of praying for her mother's knee as soon as she got home. After that I didn't hear anything about it.

A couple of days ago, I heard about a woman's knee being healed when her daughter came home from Church to lay hands on her. Sure enough, it was the same woman. She was healed completely when her daughter prayed for her and the testimony was spreading all over the place.

Sometimes we don't get to hear what happened and sometimes we do.

October 03, 2008

muslims touched through a word of knowledge

I had to make a quick trip to the market to pick up some things. We had been worshipping in the car on our way back from Church - as I walked into the store, I got a clear word of knowledge in my right shoulder. I knew it was for the men standing by the door as I had been talking to them when I entered.

i went up and asked them which one had the shoulder problem. Two said they didn't, but the 3rd one did! I laid my hands on him and prayed. He was healed.

How do I know he was healed? Because his friend asked him if he was healed, he told him yes, and then his muslim friend, Pakistani I believe, asked me to pray for him. All the while an Egyptian muslim man was watching.

You've got to love healings breaking out at the market in a muslim country just a couple of days after Ramadan has ended.

Ankle healed - Encounter - salvation

while spending an evening with a precious Arab Christian family, we had the chance to minister healing, deliverance and salvation to some Sri Lankan women whose background was both buddhist and Christian.

Round 1 - one of the women had seriously sprained her ankle and it was wrapped. We prayed and to her shock and amazement she began to walk normally and without any pain. Sprained ankles don't do that - unless the Kingdom comes.

Round 2 - her friend had just witnessed a miracle and so we wanted to pray for her. She wasn't a follower of Jesus (maybe from a nominal Christian background). She was a bit nervous, but we wanted to pray for her anyway. We've simply got to get our hands on non-believers and ask the Holy Spirit to come. We leave the rest up to Him.

so what happened? The Holy Spirit came in power and she collapsed on the floor under His mighty hand. I love "Holy Ghost Apologetics" - instead of us bringing the argument - He shows up and brings His.

Round 3 - the woman who was healed of the ankle problem came for more prayer. She said she was 1/2 and 1/2 - 1/2 Christian and 1/2 buddhist - guess which 1/2 we needed to see go? We began to pray and she began to tremble. She wouldn't have been able to stay on her feet had I not been holding her up. The Lord led us to pray deliverance over her - also by prophetic revelation the Lord revealed some emotional pain she had suffered. She had a major encounter with God and then she was led in prayer to come completely to Jesus.

That's not a bad afternoon!

October 02, 2008

Going Out

Tuesday night we hit the streets again to release the Kingdom of God. However, this time it was different than many of the nights before. This time, a group of high schoolers joined us as we walked through crowds of people looking for treasure. We had one word for a right wrist and we found one guy whose friend had cancer in his wrist and another one who had right wrist pain. We got the number of the first and prayed for the latter, who, was pain free when we left. It's incredible to see a younger generation stepping into their destiny. These guys were just hanging out at the mall when we called them and told them what we were going to do. They didn't freak out, didn't want to debate all the nuances of theology-- they just said, sure, we'll meet you there. One, 14 years old, showed remarkable courage and stepped up to the plate and prayed for healing. They really had the mindset of being a blessing to the people around them. I'm encouraged to see that the Stuff is breaking out across the generations.

September 27, 2008

2 muslim men healed in a carpet shop

While buying some carpets today, I got a word of knowledge for someone with a headache in the front part of the their head - I asked the 3 muslim men working in the shop who had the problem, one of them said he did. I asked him to come and sit next to me. He did. One of the others asked, 'How did you know that he had a headache'? I was able to explain a bit of the Kingdom and also the gifts of healing and the word of knowledge. I prayed for him and asked him how it was. He said it was like 80% better. We prayed again. The headache left completely. Note: he had had it for 3 days.

I came back after looking in a couple of other shops and got another word of knowledge - this time for a right knee problem. I asked the same guys. This time another one came forward. He let me pray. We checked it out - all the pain was gone.

When I went to get in the car, my wife had been watching and said that she could feel God's presence while I was praying for the guy's knee.

2 muslim men were left scratching their heads during the last few days of Ramadan - how was it that a non-fasting Christian (I fast, wasn't today though) could walk into their lives and mess up their worldview so badly.

This is the way the Kingdom comes - may the Egyptian muslim men find some of their Christian friends (10% of the Egyptian population is Christian) to learn more of this Kingdom healing they experienced.

September 26, 2008

Kingdom teamwork – Indian woman healed when Desert Princess and I join forces

While in a restaurant tonight, I noticed an Indian family sitting across the room. The Lord showed me by a word of knowledge that one of them had a headache. I thought it might have been for the husband but it was the wife who had the headache. I told her that the Lord had revealed to me her condition. I said I would bring my wife to pray for her. Desert Princess came in and prayed for her – God’s power came and the headache left. She asked, “Did you feel anything?” The woman said, “yes, I did, really I did”. Then she said, “I need to see you again”! Numbers were exchanged.

It is amazing how quickly a Kingdom connection is made when a healing miracle occurs!

September 25, 2008

Lord reveals a muslim man’s conditions and so we set up a “Healing Appointment”

While waiting for my kids to come out of school, the Lord began to speak to me about the muslim man sitting next to me who was waiting for his kids. I struck up a conversation and then I took the risk, “By the way, do you or someone in your family have some kind of a nerve problem that causes numbing on the left side of your face”. He begins to tell me about a nerve problem on the left side of his neck that affects that area. Next I ask him if he has an upper back problem. He confirms that he has problems with his upper back with his lumbar disks.

The next question always comes – “How did you know I have these problems”? I explained to him that I knew them by “revelation” from God. He had some familiarity with Christian saints who worked miracles (he was from Lebanon) and so I had natural bridge to speak about Divine Healing.

It wasn’t the right place to minister to him, but we exchanged numbers and are going to meet for his “Healing Appointment”. To be continued…

September 22, 2008

still going after any and all cancer - which is still one of God's favorite things to destroy!

The other night I had the opportunity to minister yet again to someone battling with cancer - after seeing cancer healed 3 times in the past year, we are eager to keep 'swinging the bat' to see what God will do. This time it was a woman battling breast cancer which had spread to other places. I shared the testimonies of what God had done, especially over the summer in terms of destroying cancer (one of God's favorite pastimes!). We prayed and now we are asking the Lord to make it possible for the doctors to order another scan before they start chemotherapy. I'll let you know what happens.

Also, I am waiting for the results of friend's tests after praying for his prostrate cancer. I'll also keep you posted.

The bottom line is that cancer IS BEING HEALED and we should be praying for God to destroy it whenever and wherever we find it. For years I prayed for people with cancer, but with little to no expectation that God would really do anything. Times have changed!

woman with broken foot complications sees all pain leave

This past weekend, Desert Princess and I had the opportunity to minister in a couple of church services. As has become our custom, we believe that our preaching/teaching should not come merely with 'wise and persuasive words but a demonstration of the Spirit's power" - that was Paul's way, and since he exhorts each of us to "imitate me (Paul), as I imitate Christ", we are expected to do the same.

I got a couple of words of knowledge that I gave during the meeting. One of the words was about a right foot problem. As I gave the word, wanting a bit more than something so general, I sensed the Lord saying it was related to a broken bone injury. A woman raised her hand. It turned out that it was her right foot and due to a broken bone that hadn’t healed correctly, she walked with great pain and a limp. As I began to pray, the pain began to decrease. I had her get up and walk on it – the pain had lessened considerably. I asked her, “Is it like 40% better?”. She said, “No, much more than that, it’s like 75% better”. (I was encouraged!). We prayed again and all the pain left her foot and she could walk normally.

You know that the Lord has done something miraculous when in fact the person is crying – which she was. The Spirit began to come upon her strongly and she could no longer stand under the weight of His presence.

I’ll let Desert Princess share what she saw in that meeting in her post, "knees healed & God's weighty presence"

knees healed & God's weighty presence

DJ had given a word of knowledge about a knee condition, and I went back to a woman who was responding to the word. Another woman came over to translate as she didn’t speak English. I prayed a short prayer and began to feel God’s presence like fire upon me. So then I asked if she was feeling anything. She said, “yes, the pain is all gone”. I asked her to then stand up and test it out. She stood up and said she felt really “light”. I had to hold her up to keep her from falling. The presence of God was so strong that I also had to help keep the translator on her feet has well.

I also prayed for a while for another woman who had pain all throughout her right leg. By the time I was done praying for her, most of the pain had left her leg but she wasn’t completely healed.

September 07, 2008

tonight's word of knowledge batting average - 1 for 2 / .500

Tonight on a quick trip to the market (in a muslim country during Ramadan), I was thinking about spilling on some people. As I walked down an aisle, I got a word of knowledge in the lower part of my forearm. I asked the Indian man (Muslim I think) if he had a problem in that part of his arm. Communication was a challenge as he didn't speak English and his Arabic was limited - so it was Arabic. He had a problem in his arm. I prayed for him and he said it no longer hurt. It was hard to really know what happened, but something must have happened, because next he was pointing to his right knee saying "problem" to me in Arabic. I was able to lay hands on his knee and he said, "No more problem".

Next I was in a pharmacy and asked a Gulf Arab muslim man if he had a knee problem. He didn't, but that began a series of questions that I wasn't comfortable with. He was pretty suspicious it seemed, so I tried to end the conversation.

1 for 2 / .500 - that's 50% - I'll take that percentage ANY DAY!!!

September 04, 2008

one way to activate an impartation

I went out with a friend who hasn’t done as much power ministry as we have done. Everything we do in the Kingdom can also have a training/equipping component (that’s how Jesus trained His disciples).

My friend watched me get a couple of words of knowledge for people (he also saw me miss a few). He commented on how convenient getting a word of knowledge for a complete stranger can be (or something to that effect). He expressed again his desire to move more in the word of knowledge.

At the end of our time, we did go to a Church service and before it began my friend got two words of knowledge for a couple of different people and they were healed.

Somehow, there seems to have been an activation in his life for the impartation he’d received already through prayer for the release of the Gifts of the Spirit. We went out – he saw it (the word of knowledge) and within an hour began to ‘step into it’ himself and saw breakthrough.

This stuff is far simpler than we sometimes make it.

taking healing to the streets again

I’ll have to be honest – it had been a while since I’d intentionally gone out in the streets to see God’s Kingdom released. We’ve been doing a lot of Church meetings, which have been great, but my favorite place to “do the stuff” is out and about – and it was especially good to do so after not seeing breakthrough the night before.

Here are a few things that happened:

We got to pray for a girl who said she was into “shamanism”. We prayed for her back and she said it felt better after prayer.

While walking through a department store, a specific word of knowledge came to me about an injury to someone’s back in a particular part of the back. I quickly looked around to see who the Lord would ‘highlight’ for me and He directed us to a woman. When I asked her if she had the condition in that part of her back (I pointed), she looked very nervous and then asked the famous question, “How did you know that?” I gave her a quick explanation and she let us pray. The Holy Spirit began to come upon her back and as we left her, her back was tingling. I explained to her that when that sensation stops, that her back will be healed.

After leaving the store, a young couple approached us and I got another word of knowledge for a should problem. We stopped them and sure enough the man had a problem with his shoulder. We prayed and he was healed. We also got to minister to the woman, and pray that she would be able to carry a gift of healing to a couple of friends of hers.

What about sharing the Gospel? I inevitably get asked this question. In each of these cases, we were able to direct all of these people to a local Church. They had encountered the power of God’s Kingdom, and we were able to encourage them. In the case of the girl into ‘shamanism’, we were able to go back and give her some information about the Church.

Guess what happened to me personally through our time on the streets? I forgot all about what had ‘not happened’ the night before, got refocused upon what God ‘was now doing’ and just got massively encouraged.

Something else happened through all of this – that will be my next blog post.

when do you plan your next healing service?

The other night we went after a healing for a close friend who has received prayer on numerous occasions without seeing breakthrough. It was after seeing God move powerfully over the course of an evening meeting that we faced an eye condition that causes constant pain and has stolen so much from our sister’s life.

What do we do when don’t see breakthrough? How do we respond? Many will allow the discouragements to shape their future. Sadly, I can say that for years I didn’t really pray for the sick after seeing some people I prayed for not get healed.

I like what Bill Johnson shared after seeing cancer rip away the life of his secretary. They were seeing cancer healed. She chose to trust God alone for her healing and the battle was lost. Bill recounts that after receiving the call that she had died, he began planning their next healing and miracle service! Who even does that? I’ll tell you I have learned more from Bill Johnson in that story alone than in 100 other sermons on miracles and healing.

We lose battles. We don’t see everyone get healed. Sometimes people die. So what was I going to do after praying yet again for a young woman who was the first person I’d ever met to see God heal a blind eye through? Her eyes didn’t get healed – what was I going to do? Let a few days of discouragement go by? Ponder ‘adjusting’ my theology to somehow consider God being less good than He is? NO WAY. It was time to plan the next healing service!

The next blog post is about that service – oh yes, since there wasn’t a Church service soon enough – we took it to the streets.

August 29, 2008

God's presence in an Anglican Church

Last night I returned to an Anglican Church where the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully (and has been for a couple of months) during a mid-week service they are hosting. Visitors are coming from a number of different Churches.

We had gone and taken a team to minister about a month ago, but last night I simply went to receive. Receive I did!

A number of people were touched as God began to release a number of words of knowledge. At one point, I got a word for acid reflux and a friend of mine responded. We prayed for him and the Lord gave another word about pain in his back - we prayed for that too. At that point, I got an unusual word of knowledge about an Achilles heal. Every time I've gotten that word, it has been about some kind of a weakness and/or sin issue in the life of someone. However, I gave the word and a woman who had come forward for prayer said it was for her. She had had prayer a number of times and was reluctant, but felt prompted to come again for prayer. It was as she came up that I gave the word. The Holy Spirit came upon her powerfully. She couldn't really stay on her feet. I'm not even sure ultimately what happened with her feet, but what she was experiencing of God was incredible.

Others were touched and healed as well during the service. I also got to see first hand a sign that the Lord was manifesting in this Church as a physical sign of His glory and presence.

At the end of the evening, I was finally able to receive prayer myself to be filled afresh - and filled is what I got. The presence of the Lord was so strong and He really came upon me in a tangible way.

It seems everyone really got blessed.

August 26, 2008

my mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts

Heresy Hunters have been extremely active in recent weeks. Watch out - because their guns could well be pointed at your pastor, your church, and definitely at people and ministries you love and respect.

The reason I am even posting on this topic is because this summer has seen more activity from the Heresy Hunters in the Body of Christ than at any time since maybe the mid 1990's. When there is blood in the water, sharks will come. The Lakeland Outpouring had attracted their attention. Their guns began to fire - not only at Fresh Fire Ministries (w/ Todd Bentley) but at all the others who endorsed what God was doing (which is an incredibly long list of well-known, well-respected Charismatic ministers/ministries). They love controversy, they thrive on failure and they will do all they can to find a quote taken out of context to make anybody look bad who they disagree with. They will do so in the name of "truth". They believe they have something the rest of us need - namely "discernment" (Ironically, discernment is a charismatic gift of the Holy Spirit which they know next to nothing about).

A couple of years ago, I was in dialogue with the webmaster of a Christian website who himself was somewhat of a "heresy hunter". We exchanged a series of emails, concerning some critical (slanderous) things that I found on his website about some Christian ministers who are personal friends of mine.

Here is a short summary of that dialogue.

WEBMASTER: yes, but that man is a "false teacher"
DJ: actually, he is a theologian and a former seminary professor. What makes him false teacher?
WEBMASTER: but we know that he teaches error and heresy
DJ: Here is a copy of the doctrinal statement of his ministry (I attached it to the email). What he believes and teaches is actually the Historic Christian faith. What heresy is he teaching?
WEBMASTER: he is also a "false prophet" according to Deuteronomy
DJ: the way you are interpreting that passage was never understood, nor applied during Old Testament times (i.e. 1 mistake and you get killed). You are also mixing apples and oranges because New Testament prophetic ministry is very different from Old Testament prophetic ministry. (I sent extensive commentary to illustrate and support my point). I even shared that according to that interpretation the Prophet Jonah should have been killed (i.e. because Ninevah wasn't destroyed).
WEBMASTER: yes, but we know he is a "false teacher"...

In the end, it didn't matter what I said to him, sent him, etc. to try to enlighten his position, his mind was made up. He had heard someone else call this man a "false teacher" and was simply passing on what he had heard. It was more of a study in psychology than anything else. It wasn't like we could "reason" together.

This guy however was far nicer than many of today's heresy hunters. The kind of attacks that are being launched at other Christians is staggering even to the unbelievers. How ironic that non-Christians are being stumbled by the lack of love and charity that they see in the way that Christians treat one another.

Here's what I think we need to do - since it's God's kindness that actually leads us to repentance, we should be kind to people who are struggling. If we really believe that someone is a "heretic", before we begin to post slanderous remarks, maybe we should get their phone number and call them. I've discovered that it is much harder to slander people that I've gotten to know - regardless of how much I disagree with them.

I'll give an example - I am NOT a Calvinist. I believe that the way Augustinians/Calvinists understand predestination, free-will and God's sovereignty is in error - both from the Scripture and from the way those Scriptures were understood/interpreted by the Early Church (i.e. the Church from AD100-AD300). However, I have many friends who are more Reformed (Calvinistic) in their theology. Should I be calling them heretics and/or false teachers? No way. We will continue to love each other, pray for one another and get on with the task of building God's Kingdom. I know that God is using all sorts of people who you and I may disagree with.

August 17, 2008

cancer healed again

After a difficult phone call, where I discovered that a person I had prayed for with throat cancer had passed away. The same night that I got the call, we got the opportunity to "swing the bat" again at cancer. This time it was a close friend who had already been treated for bladder cancer and it had come back.

We prayed for my friend, releasing the Kingdom. The following day he was going in for a procedure to cauterize the affected area in his bladder. What I didn't realize is that the surgeon also decided to do another biopsy.

Guess what the results of the biopsy indicated? You got it - NO MORE CANCER.

God HATES cancer and loves to DESTROY it. Keep swinging your bat - cancer is being eradicated as God's Kingdom comes in power.

August 15, 2008

(UPDATED) some sobering thoughts for critics of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring

UPDATED - It was with considerable sadness that we heard the news that Todd Bentley and his wife have just separated this week. Since the Lakeland Outpouring began back in April, Todd Bentley has endured probably some of the most severe criticism of any Christian leader in recent memory. Now in light of the sad news of his separation from his wife, the critics guns are firing at him, his ministry and ultimately the move of God in Lakeland like never before. Todd has got some serious problems to work on and will hopefully (in submission to those he is accountable to) step out of public ministry for a season and work to save his marriage. If he does, his best days lie ahead. If he doesn't, then the story of a guy like Lonnie Frisbee (who rejected the counsel of those he was accountable to, didn't work on his sin issues and tried to keep on ministering) could tragically be repeated.

Todd Bentley is an ordinary guy, who God saved out of a rough background and put His Spirit upon him. Unlike many of the critics who are basing their assessment of the man solely based on video clips from YouTube, we know Todd Bentley from attending many of his meetings (before Lakeland) and traveling with him (and a Fresh Fire team) on a missions trip. I've seen deaf ears open and numerous other healings flow through his hands and those who are part of his ministry. I've seen his amazing prophetic gift in action. Having listened to perhaps a few hundred hours of his teachings (from CD's and his podcasts), I know that Todd Bentley is thoroughly Orthodox in his theology. (Note: see my "comment" concerning his orthodoxy)

What I don't understand at all at this time is why people feel they can completely discount his ministry, the Lakeland Outpouring and everything else because the Bentley's are having serious martial problems. I have been in ministry and around people in ministry for a couple of decades now. I have seen many men (and women) who have struggled to keep a healthy balance between their ministry and their families. After reading a scathing editorial in Charisma magazine, I just found myself wondering how many of that man's friends in ministry have struggled with marital and family problems due to their inability to balance their ministries with their family responsibilities. The fact is, I have seen many who have had successful ministries neglect their wives and their children for the ministry (and like Todd develop inappropriate emotional ties to people in their ministry). Very few seem to say a thing until something like a separation or a divorce takes place. Shame on US who call them OUR friends, especially since we saw things deteriorating and didn't have the guts to speak up.

The Lord did some incredible things (and continues to do so) through the Lakeland Outpouring. I know many who personally went to Lakeland and encountered God in amazing ways - some who were healed, others refreshed and renewed and still others who received an impartation. Two of those people happen to be my wife and mother-in-law. I also attended one of Todd's meetings when he traveled to another city. The Lord healed my leg sovereignly in that meeting. The fact that God was using a broken vessel with some challenging martial struggles doesn't take away from anything God has done.

I guess there are still some who really struggle with the fact that God uses real people, with real problems (and sin issues) to establish His Kingdom. I may not like it when God uses people with theologies I disagree with (and believe to be "in error"). I might want God to use people who "do ministry" in a way I find more acceptable. I may want God to select people with
weaknesses that I find less offensive. But the last time I checked, God isn't asking me who He should or shouldn't use. (Note: I can't tell you how many Christian pastors and leaders I've met who were so arrogant that I was stumbled by their attitudes of elitism and superiority - which Biblically is as serious of sin as anything Todd has or is entangled in right now. People just seem to tolerate more "acceptable" sins though - like Christian leaders who are arrogant and proud. Nobody is rejecting wholesale their ministries in spite of the fact that Scripture teaches that "God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble")

What most likely lies behind most of the criticism of Todd Bentley is the fact that God chose to put His Spirit upon a man with an 8th grade education and give him a worldwide ministry. He has experiences that we read about in the Bible (i.e. angelic visitations) and people cry "heresy". People genuinely get healed, and the critics try to track down the ones who didn't. They focus on one or two of the more "sensational" ways he has ministered through the years, and completely overlook the 1000's who he has touched in a loving and sensitive way.

What also seems to be fueling so much of the controversy is their envy and jealously. They couldn't rejoice with Todd during Lakeland's success and now they are seeming to rejoice with his failure. Sounds demonic to me!

kingdom breakthroughs the other night

We had a meeting two nights ago where we saw God's Kingdom touch a number of people. The meeting started with some words of knowledge, including one for a guy who was walking in when I got a clear word for a back problem as I was looking at him. We began the meeting by calling him out and he had a back problem.

We had a word for a left wrist problem - one of our friends had that problem, she received prayer and was healed. Today she called us to tell me that she could do push-ups without pain (which she couldn't do before).

We prayed for headaches - two of the women we prayed for had long-term migraine problems. One for 10 years. We didn't see either of those women healed that night, but we got to pray for them a long time and are fully expecting God's Kingdom to deliver them - there are no headaches, especially migraines in God's Kingdom. However, another woman who had a severe sinus headache was healed in the meeting during prayer.

I had given a word for left ear hearing problems. Several responded. We prayed for 3 people I believe. One of them testified to being healed during the meeting.

Desert Princess saw a couple other healings - a woman with non-stop ringing in her ears was healed. No more ringing. Another woman who had hearing loss in both ears and she testified that it was fully restored.

I don't know what else happened but it was a great night watching God love on people. Even those who didn't get their breakthrough, really sensed God's love and presence.

August 13, 2008

when we lose to cancer

Yesterday was a tough day for me personally. This has been an incredible year wherein we have seen cancer healed twice - once for a terminally ill muslim man and the other for a good family friend.

A few weeks ago I blogged about a word of knowledge I had received about a "throat condition" in an airport. The woman I asked said she had no problem but that her father was diagnosed with throat cancer. I was able to call her mother and minister to her father over the phone. I shared the testimonies of cancer healed. I shared how the Lord "revealed" to me (a complete stranger) that there was a throat condition in their family.

I called the family back just yesterday morning to see how the father was and was told that he passed away a little over a week earlier.

We don't see everyone healed. At this point, we aren't even close. But we are clear about this - It is God's will to heal. He HATES cancer, it comes from the kingdom of darkness. The Lord LOVES to destroy cancer. (Let's just get as logical about this as possible - what physician isn't thrilled when they successfully treat someone's cancer? God, whose goodness and compassion FAR exceeds the most benevolent of doctors, sends the Heavenly Host into PARTY MODE when His Kingdom invades our planet and souls get saved and sickness is destroyed!

Yesterday, I had to pick myself up (so to speak) and get back in the saddle. Tonight we are going after cancer yet again! God hasn't changed. His power is no less available.

Let us not stop fighting and contending UNTIL we've attained to the same ministry Jesus had - and then we've even got the "greater works" to look forward to.

word of knowledge reveals woman's "TMJ"

Last night as the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in a home meeting, I was more postured in a receiving mode as others were leading out in the ministry time. The Spirit was ministering deeply to one woman and as I was just worshipping next to her, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a problem in her jaw and indicated that it was "TMJ".

I asked her what was wrong with her jaw. She looked a bit puzzled by the question and said, "nothing". I knew it was a clear word from the Lord. I asked her, "do you have TMJ"? She said, "oh my gosh, I forgot, I do have TMJ".

I got to lay hands on her and pray.

TMJ got flushed!!

August 09, 2008

If at first you do not succeed... keep going

It seems that most places I go I hear stories or witness myself the miracle of legs growing out. I have seen much breakthrough with this condition over the years. Usually if one leg is shorter than another it is only by a centimeter or so, but it can cause a serious amount of pain in the back, as well as have negative impact on other parts of the body. Yesterday a man from the Philippines came over to dinner where I am staying and he had one leg that was literally TWO INCHES shorter than the other one. It was so bad in fact that when he sat down you could see one knee significantly lower than the other. After dinner we asked if we could pray for his leg to grow out. He agreed, and we prayed and commanded the leg to grow for about 30 minutes. Nothing happened. No growth, no nothing. We all had faith, including the man with the short leg, but still saw no breakthrough.

Much of what is written on this blog are the victories that we have seen when praying for the sick or the afflicted. These victories only come about after having prayed for many other people and seen no breakthrough. We don't understand why this is, but we know that we serve a God who is good and whose will is for all to be healed. The key is to not give up, but keep praying and pressing in even when we encounter times when the breakthrough is not immediate.

Standing on the testimony

I was sharing some testimonies in a small church meeting last night about what God has been doing in the Middle East. I shared about a man we had seen healed of back pain in a small tea shop a few months back, and about another man who once seeing the power of God asked for us to pray for his hip pain and diabetes to be healed as well. He was also healed, and extremely pleased with the biggest smile on his face! While I was sharing this story there was a man in the crowd who later came up to me and told me that while I was sharing he felt as though I was speaking directly to him. It turns out he had been battling with diabetes as well, and while the testimony was being spoken he felt that I needed to pray for him to be healed. After praying for all diabetes to leave his body he told me that he felt a peace come over his body. Of course there was no way he could test it out right then, so I was able to bless him and encourage him that God was doing something and that it is His will that no one live with diabetes, or any other disease for that matter. If he healed before, he will heal again!

August 08, 2008

revelation in a New Age stronghold

Today we visited one of the strongest centers of New Age spirituality in the United States. I was curious as to what the Lord would do and how people in this town would respond to the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I walked into one shop and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the shop owner's left knee. She had a problem but it wasn't hurting at the time. She seemed pretty closed to me as I shared with her how I knew.

In another shop, I picked up a strong word of knowledge in my left arm. I asked the woman serving us. She herself was actually a New Age healer herself. She began to say that her left arm was "closed" and needed to be "opened up". (using her New Age terminology).

When I explained to her that I was into "divine healing", she seemed to shut down completely. She wasn't open to me ministering to her.

It was quite an interesting experience to find people who act so "open" to spiritual power, so "closed" to them when the source is God's Kingdom. I was burdened when I thought that many of the Christians living in this city (or those who visit it) are not trying to minister to these New Age mystics by demonstrating God's power.

when we DO NOT see the breakthrough

I don't ever want to give the impression that we are seeing more healing than we actually are. The fact remains that we see many people who don't get healed when we pray. We do try to focus on this blog by sharing what God IS DOING rather than what we don't see, but we have to share both the good and the bad.

Last night when we saw the woman's shoulder and back healed, we also contended for her husband's carpal tunnel condition and saw no breakthrough. We all had faith, we were expectant (having just seen the Lord do so much). This man was hungry and having just seen his wife healed, was probably as faith-filled as ever.

revelation and healing at the country club

while on vacation, we ate last night at the country club of a golf course. A couple joined us for dinner who aren't that familiar with healing and prophetic ministry (they attend a conservative reformed church). The woman told us she had chronic back pain at the beginning of the night and so we told her we would do something about that later.

before we had a chance to pray for the back, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for her left shoulder. I asked her about the shoulder and she had a condition. We prayed and she was healed.

all that got us ready for the back condition. we finally got around to praying for the back and the Lord broke in again and healed her back.

Often when we are about to pray for a chronic long-term condition, the Lord will release a word of knowledge for some other (lesser) condition. Our faith is built up and we are then more ready to pray for the more serious problem.

While the woman was leaving, the Lord gave me another word of knowledge for a throat condition (she had an ulcer in that place). I think by this point she was a bit overwhelmed - shoulder healed, back healed and then the throat. You've gotta love the Lord who likes to overwhelm us with His goodness.

August 07, 2008

Never Happened?!

My family and I were in a store the other day and I thought I had a word for a lady. I asked her if she had a pain in the elbow and trouble breathing. She said that she didn't have any breathing problems but that she did have arthritis and that caused her aches and pains all over. I asked if I could pray for her and she readily agreed. So, I prayed for her and blessed her. Afterwards, she hugged me and thanked me. She also said that it was the first time in her life (and she was probably late 60s) that anyone had done that for her. I was glad that I could have been the one the Lord led, but sad that this woman had lived in the Bible Belt all these years and had missed being prayed for.

Disbelief and Shooba

I was a part of an inner city ministry recently and we were out and about signing kids up for a day camp one of the local churches was hosting. As we approached one of the apartments, I got this pain in my head so I asked the lady nearest if she had a headache and she kind of hedged and then nodded. I told her that God would heal her if she would let me pray for her. She laughed and said no, but signed her kids up anyway.

From there, we went to another apartment where we were able to pray for one lady and as we were praying for her, I got a word in my left foot and asked if she had a problem. She said no. I asked her if another person in the house had it. She called back in and another lady came out with her left foot in a bandage. She allowed us to pray and after a few times said the pain was much better. She also wanted prayer for her heart condition as well.

After praying for this family for about 15 minutes, we started back and at this point the first lady with headaches called for me to come over. She asked me if I had a gift of some kind and told her that the Lord gives the gift of healing. I asked her again if I could pray for her and she allowed me. At the same time there was a guy on a nearby doorstep who was laughing at the idea that prayer could heal a headache. I went ahead and prayed for her and the headache left. At this point, I had his attention and the Lord dropped a lengthy word for him into my heart, so I looked into his eyes and let loose. As I was talking, his eyes softened and he started nodding. As we left, he thanked me.

Crazy Prophetic

A couple of weeks ago, some new friends and I went out and about a mall to see what the Lord wanted to do. In one store, we came across a man who had been looking for a church home and a place to plug in. My friend and I felt like he had a real gift of discernment, which he confirmed. We were able to encourage him and break off some shame because he believed that he had missed his destiny because he wasn't in full-time ministry in a church. From there, we were able to pray for a woman whose son had a heart condition. We then met up with another group and went back to the cashiers and I introduced them as guys who would tell you what the Lord thought about you. My friend got a lot of great stuff for a couple of the women there.

Out that store and into another one. . .We stopped and started prophesying over the lady who greeted us. In the process, I saw a rainbow and asked her about it. Rather shocked, she said that she the rainbow had a deep meaning for her and that the Lord had used them time and time again as a symbol of promise.

The next store, the Lord blew our hats off. As we walked in, the greeter said hello and started telling us about their deals. One of the the guys with us looked at her and asked if she were an actress. She said, "Yes, how did you know?" He replied that God told him. I asked her if she played the guitar. Was it white? Did it have a red signature on it? She stepped back three feet and freaked out. She said her uncle had just signed it with a red pen. We went on to explain that God was telling us this stuff about her and that we felt that she was a leader. She agreed and told us of a recent mission trip she had been on where one of her friends had come up to her, and, in tears, told her how much she admired her. At that moment, the Lord gave me the name Christina, so I asked her. She freaked again and said, "That's the name of the girl I'm talking about!" At that point, another one of the guys asked her about Mollie and if she like coffee. She was really freaked out by now anyway and this pushed her on over: Mollie was her best friend.

As we were getting lunch, I got a word for a left foot so I asked the lady behind the counter. She said it did hurt from standing up all day. I went on to explain that I thought it was in her arch. She looked at me strangely and confirmed it. I told her that the Lord was healing her now and to check it out. She kind of smirked and moved it and said it felt a little better. I went on and declared that the Lord was healing her completely and had her move it again. She did and the pain was all gone!

We usually divide these posts up, but I wanted to underscore something here in the format as well-- God did all of the above in less than 1 hour.

August 05, 2008

God releases identity and breaks addictions

During the youth conference we were ministering at this past week there was a girl who was dealing heavily with depression. In fact many of the youths we have met here in the Arctic circle struggle with depression, suicide and cutting themselves. At one of the meetings my wife was speaking on identity, and how God made us all unique because we each reflect a different aspect of God that know one else does. We then went around the room and had to say two things that we loved about ourselves. This was a hard exercise for most, but this one girl in the back completely refused to participate. After we had gone through everyone (about 30 youths) we began to prophesy over them from the front. I began to tell the girl that she carried a lot of love and that she was good with people because she cared about them and could find ways to call out the gold. I also saw that she was diligent and studious and liked to always do her best in everything she did.

Over the next few days this girl began to open up to me. She told me that she loves to write and that she likes everything to be done well. She also shared with me her love for others. She even told me that she had gone out for a cigarette, and as she went to light it she became disgusted and threw it on the ground! That was awesome! You could see that when she was herself she was actually a very happy, joyful person that was fun to be around when she was not being tormented by the lies of the enemy. One of the first things the enemy does to try and stop us from living an abundant life of freedom is to question our self worth. I have dealt with much of this in my own life and it is not very fun. A free person is a joyful person, and a joyful person is an effective and fruitful person.

Its a new day

In the past week we have seen many people get healed of depression, addictions and about half a dozen people have come to know Jesus as their Daddy who loves them and has an awesome plan for their lives. It has been an incredible time of inner healing and restoration, and it has been through the kindness of the Lord that people have been coming to repentance. I had the opportunity of praying with a young man who came from a background of drug and alcohol use and who had spent some time in and out of prison. It made me angry to think how the enemy had robbed this young, good looking guy of so much of his destiny for so long. Through the love of the Father this young boy of about 19 surrendered his life to Jesus. In the days following you could hardly recognize him. He was happy, laughing and joining in with the other youth in our group. He even came up to the front in one of our meetings and let everyone prophesy destiny over him publicly. God has amazing plans in store for him. I really feel like God is wanting to heal people's hearts and activate them to be themselves. People who are set free from the past and know who they are in Christ are unstoppable.

lady on crutches healed at fish market

We were at a fish market the other day when some of the youth we were with from the conference spotted a woman on crutches. While there she was approached by most everyone in our group, and we got to share with her about the willingness of God to heal. She was not able to walk normal for 2 days. Although the woman could not say if she was completely healed right then when we were praying, she did say that much of the pain had left. About a half an hour later we watched as the lady and her husband walked back to their car... except she was walking perfectly normal while her husband had fun playing with her crutches.

outreach in the artic circle

While up in the Arctic circle I got to lead a small treasure hunt team out on the streets. Since we were in a very small town with not a person in sight, I told the kids that we will offer the kingdom to anyone we pass. As we were walking we noticed a man walking along the street towards us. As soon as I saw him I got a word of knowledge in my shoulder and the back of my neck. When he got close, I asked him if he was suffering with neck or shoulder pain. "Yes" he said confidently. "I am". We explained to him the we were Christians and that the Lord had revealed to us his condition because He wants to heal it and take away the pain. "Can we pray for you?" I asked. "Yes" he replied. As I went to pray however the man seemed to change his mind and began to tell us that we should save our prayers for the world instead of wasting them on him. I have gotten this response from many people I have tried to pray for, and I think it is their way of trying to be nice to cover up their fear of being prayed for in public by a stranger. So we blessed him, told him God loved him and that we would pray for his pain to leave as he went on his way.

We then walked further down the street when a young boy on my team name Abraham from the Congo felt the Lord directing us up another street. So we changed course and followed his lead. We then bumped into a small little woman on her way to the shop. I asked her if she had any back or ankle pain, and sure enough she had both. Again, we explained that we were Christians and that God wanted to heal her. She was very open. The girls in the group bent down and commanded the woman's ankle and back to be healed in Jesus name. When we were done we got the woman to check it out to see if there was any change. "I feel peace, and my ankle is feeling better" she said. She was unable to tell right then if her back was any different, as it hurt her mainly when she went to sow. We talked some more to her and told her that God loved her and had a plan for her life. She then spoke to one of the girls in our group in her native language and said that she wanted to come to the conference we were having. God is good!

Feeling energized from that experience, we crossed the street. As we did a man on a bike was heading fast towards us. I was going to let him pass, but one of the girls in the group jumped right in front of him, forcing him to slam on his breaks! As he came to a stop, she asked him if he had any pain in his body. Sure enough, he did. He showed us his finger and explained how he had put a knife through it and lost all the feeling in his finger. He had no feeling for quite some time. We all laid hands on it and commanded feeling back into his finger. He tested it out and said he could feel more on one side of the finger. We prayed again, and the man said that he could feel more than he ever could since the accident! That was cool!

After this we ran into another team, and I jokingly asked if anyone had a knee problem. Sure enough, one lady did. I prayed for her but she could not notice any change right then. Two days later she came to me and testified that her knee was completely healed!

We then went to a Gas station where I got a word of knowledge for a shoulder, and an arm pain. I had a feeling if was for the man behind the register, so i bought myself a chocolate bar just to give me a legitimate context from which to ask him. As I was paying i asked if he had a shoulder pain. "No" he said sternly", "But I have a pain in my arm"!! Wow, that was crazy. I had gotten the word of knowledge for an arm as well" It was like playing go-fish where the other person has one of your cards, but you asked for the wrong one. He let me pray for his arm over the counter, but could not tell me if there had been any change. I encouraged him the God was doing something, and then we all headed back to the conference. It was a fun outreach!!