May 26, 2007

Glitter, Gold and Oil

We have a truly amazing and absolutely awesome God! The weekend of May 10th we had special guests and some very special meetings. Friday morning I took the guest speaker to the church where he was scheduled to minister. About midway through the service I caught glimpses of sparkles on one of my hands. This continued to catch my attention, and by the end of the service most of both hands sparkled and glittered. Our guest friends affirmed that this is what it is like when gold-dust begins to appear. (We hear of silver, diamond and blue sapphire dust showing up on people as well, in other places!)

At the Saturday night service our guest speakers (3) were all very much "under the glory cloud" or "annointing"! My 10 yr. old daughter began to notice oil appearing on all 10 of her fingers! And not just a little, but increasing! The guest speaker changed his plans and formed a line for those wanting healing. Then he had my daughter join him and lay hands on each person who came for healing, while he prayed for them. There was just as much oil on her fingers when she was done, as when she started... The last person she laid hands on was her brother, who had injured his fingers the 2nd night of the meetings, in a fan. She did this twice -- once with the speaker, and then later of her own initiative. That night before we left the meeting the fingers were losing their bruising and returning to their normal coloration. By the next morning, the scabs were still there, but the finger color was perfectly normal, and nails were normal color as well. The fingers healed perfectly, and there appears not to be even any scarring. We are thrilled.

The other special thing that happened Saturday night, was that my daughter had gold glitter show up on her hands -- she marvelled as she watched, and my son found it everywhere on the floor. I, too, saw it glittering and shimmering, very definitely gold in color, on the gymnasium floor of the meeting. Our children now have increased expectation and desire for the supernatural of God! We had planned to leave them with a babysitter the night of the last meeting, but they would have none of it! They didn't want to miss anything!!!

Healing "Well" begins to flow

Last night during an evening of worship, we instructed people to either move to one part of the room for prophetic ministry (a prophetic "well") and to another for those who had a need for healing. The one request we made of those coming for healing was that they be sure NOT to tell us what exactly they needed in terms of healing. We wanted the Lord to reveal to us what was wrong and where a person's pain or problem was located.

An Indian woman who we had never met before stepped forward for healing and as I waited on the Lord, the revealed 3 things that she wanted healing for. We prayed for each one and she was completely healed. We continued to do this as a group for each of the other people who came forward for prayer and again and again the Lord would reveal by word of knowledge what was wrong and healings followed.

There were some words that I and others received that didn't seem to be accurate, but all in all the Lord gave so many words to different people that were accurate and resulted in physical healings that we didn't care. One young man received his very first word of knowledge - for a throat condition. A young Indian sister had the throat problem and the Lord healed her completely.

I believe that whenever Christians gather we should expect a "Well of Healing" to begin to flow - last night He surely moved and there were 7 to 10 healings that resulted in Jesus' Name.

May 21, 2007

God reveals a Muslim man's injury

Last night while shopping in a toy store with my kids and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for someone with a shoulder problem. I noticed a Gulf Arab Muslim man standing nearby and asked the Lord, “Is it for him”? The word of knowledge came again and I took that as confirmation and approached him.

He was quite shocked when I asked him if he had a problem in his shoulder because he did. I quickly explained to him that God had revealed his problem to me and that He wanted to heal him. I normally don’t try to pray for people in such a public place unless we can do so inconspicuously so I gave him my phone number to call me for a time to pray. I hope that he will take the risk and call me.

God's Power amongst the poorest of the poor

Two of us were taken to a part of the city where the poorest people in this Arab Muslim country resided. Human feces in the middle of the dirt alleyways. Flies everywhere. One room homes made of whatever could be found to throw together a crude shelter. This is EXACTLY the kind of place that Jesus likes to hang out – and it was a powerful time. As we gathered in a small one room home, the presence of the Lord filled the place. We had gone to pray specifically for a woman with a brain tumor. The Lord showed me the location of the tumor through a word of knowledge and we believe this woman was touched. We await medical verification about the tumor, but she received healing in her body of several other ailments. The Lord just revealed to us sickness after sickness through words of knowledge. The Lord began to speak prophetically through the other man who came with me. He was also able to really minister some inner healing to a specific Muslim woman.

We saw pain leave people’s bodies. We got to set one woman free from demonic torment – the pain kept moving from place to place and as we moved into deliverance prayer, the pain finally left right out of one of her hands. What was the most encouraging, was to see the way others pressed in for ministry after another one was healed and gave testimony to the others.

Of course we got to speak clearly about the Lord Jesus Christ as He demonstrated to these poverty-stricken Arab Muslims His love and His power. It was during this visit that I was overcome by the power and presence of God unlike any other time on the trip. It was also in the wake of this ministry time that I saw an increase in frequency and accuracy in the word of knowledge.

God truly has a special place in His heart for the poor – they were truly the hungriest Muslims we met and were the most open to our ministry.

Healings and more in an African Church

On one morning, two of us went to minister in an African Church. It is always a bit intimidating to minister amongst Africans because they have usually seen more of God’s supernatural activity than I have. The Lord was faithful and we saw several dozen people healed during the service. Some were healed without any specific ministry as we gave words of knowledge in front of the Church. Others were healed during the ministry time when we laid hands on the sick.

One of things we also released in this Church was an impartation for them to move in even greater power in that nation. When we asked them how many had personally seen miracles happen when they prayed for people almost all of them raised their hands. I trust that we were able to leave a deposit that will see the anointings they already had increase. Of course time will tell what they received, but some of them were powerfully overcome by God’s Spirit.

This was one of the hungriest group of believers I have ever been with. We definitely felt we were the ones who were blessed.

Journey to an Arab Muslim country

This past week a group of us traveled to an Arab Muslim country for the purpose of encouraging Christians who minister there. We not only got meet with foreign Christians but also local believers from a Muslim background. A Gospel of words without demonstrations of power is not only unbiblical, but in Muslim nations isn’t proving fruitful. We went to share about the ways God is moving supernaturally in our lives, as well as to pray for the release and/or strengthening of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers there.

Over about a week, we saw God move in many powerful ways. Everywhere the team went, there were opportunities for prophetic ministry. Not only did we prophesy over believers, but we got to prophesy over many Muslims as well. God loves to share His plans and purposes in the lives of non-believers – it will often lead them to salvation. Several Arab Muslims came to Christ during the week, one of them after they were delivered from demonic torment. Another came to Christ as she was set free from depression.

A number of meetings were held with believers who came to learn and receive from some anointed guests we invited from outside the region. Some powerful things happened during those times as people were touched by God’s power. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong and we saw the Glory of God manifested in different ways in those gatherings.

One evening was time when believers could bring their non-Christian friends just to drop in who needed healing or something from the Lord. Muslims came, Hindus came, nominal Christians came and we saw a number of people healed in the name of Jesus. A lot of prophetic ministry was also being released. For me personally, the gift of the word of knowledge was flowing as much as any other time I can recall. Rather than have people tell me what they needed prayer for, I would ask them to allow the Lord to reveal to me what it was they needed. I waited and the Lord would show me where they had pain in their bodies or some other need. It was so encouraging and released a lot of faith in all of us as we prayed.

The days we spent in this Muslim nation were indeed full of God’s glory and demonstrations of His power. We didn’t see some of the things we were contending for, but I believe we were able to encourage the believers to expect more in the area of healing and miracles. We can’t wait to hear the testimonies from this nation in the days and weeks to come. We’ll post them as we do.

Hemorrhoid pain eases

Yesterday one of my students came into my office. I've written about him before, and he has received healing in various parts of his body. He came to see me to say that he had suddenly developed a very painful case of hemorrhoids that would require surgery. He was sitting very uneasily on the chair, because even that was painful. He said that he would set up an appointment with us so we could pray that the surgery would go well. I asked him if he would like me to pray for him, right there in my office. He seemed surprised, but agreed. Obviously I did not lay hands on the affected area (!), but I did pray a simple prayer of faith. As soon as I finished, he shifted around on the chair, testing his condition, and with great surprise and a big smile he said that there was a great improvement!