August 20, 2009

confirmed healing by Physical Therapist

WE LOVE TO GET THE MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION OF MIRACLES - here's one I received today from a recent ministry trip:

DJ, you prayed over me with j and h and the Lord lengthened my right leg. I was hesitant to accept what I saw and felt. I work as a massage therepist inside a Physical Therapy office. The P.T. is a man of God also and he happens to be the peson who measured my legs the first time to determine that my hip problem was due to a leg deformity. My right leg was a half inch shorter. He has now remearsured and found out that the miracle was legitimate and that both of my legs are now exactly 86 cm. I smile every time I get to that part of the story... and I've told it has a testimony of God's love and favor for me many times to many different people in many walks of life.

miracles in the midwest - deaf ear opens, lump disappears, etc.

this past weekend, I took a ministry trip to Oklahoma - it was to a Church I had been to once before. We had an amazing time in a couple of services and one outreach. Some of the highlights - after a word of knowledge for a left ear problem, a young man's deaf ear opened. The next morning we tested it out and it was sound. The Lord also touched an eye problem he had after another word of knowledge.

In the 2 services, we saw a number of conditions healed - back pain, headaches, shoulder problems. Some conditions we will have to wait and see what the Lord did.

During the outreach we saw a couple of guys healed in a skateboard park - interestingly, others who watched their friends get healed refused prayer for their own conditions (believe me, skateboard parks have lots of conditions that need healing amongst the skaters!). Another guy let us pray for what seemed to be a minor scrape and pain left his leg! A homeless man received healing in his knee and shoulder.

Maybe the greatest thing we saw on the outreach was when we were getting dinner afterwards - a couple of young college girls were standing next to us and I got a word of knowledge for a "sports injury". One of them responded - she was a cheerleader and had a stress fracture accompanied by a 'lump'. One of the girls with us laid hands on it and prayed - THE LUMP DISAPPEARED! The girl was so shocked! So were we - too much fun!