June 02, 2007

former Muslim sees vision at their baptism

A former Arab Muslim was baptized this past week. It was a powerful time, where we contended for the fullness that should accompany Christian baptism - at Jesus' Baptism, the Holy Spirit came and He entered His ministry "in the power of the Spirit". John the Baptist, looking towards Pentecost, speaks of Jesus who would "baptize with the Holy Spirit".

As this believer was baptized, we waited for the Holy Spirit to come and release a vision. Faithfully, the Holy Spirit came and opened up a vision for our precious new family member. The Spirit came in power and for quite a long time this believer was under the heavy weight of God's presence. Should we expect any less during Christian baptism?

What we are discovering, is that nearly every time we lay hands upon a believer and ask for God to give them a vision, they are having visions. Whatever else we want to believe Acts 2 is teaching us to expect when the Spirit comes, visions are clearly the most obvious.

African pastor shares about our visit to his Church

We saw many of the works of God in the congregation. Most people (were) filled by the Holy Ghost, healed from many inside and outside problem(s). For example: from depression, headache, deaf spirit, from shoulder injury, closed nose opened and so on. (Our African) fellowship leaders really happy and blessed by them. Also God was glorified in our fellowship. God bless them.

Note: this was a service where I saw ministering with one other friend something like 30 healings. They were so expectant for God to move, so hungry and so full of faith.