November 08, 2008

some significant healings

the other night with my muslim friend along we saw several healings. as we entered the large Arabic meeting, I got a couple of words of knowledge. One was for a left elbow condition. One man had a major problem in his left elbow - after surgery, he had pins and rods and could not completely straighten his arm. I prayed for him a couple of times. It was hard to tell if there had been any improvement, but with such a clear word of knowledge, I asked him to let me know what happens in the next couple of days. After that, another man responds to my 'left elbow' word, but his problem is actually in his shoulder. I laid hands on him and his shoulder was almost immediately healed. He tested it out - pain free.

Others began to come for healing prayer. I went outside to pray for one man who had some kind of a hernia. As I prayed, the Lord gave me some words for him - a back problem and an unforgiveness issue with a man. I asked him and he said that the back problem had begun at exactly the same time a relationship was broken. We prayed through that. He was also blind in one eye - I prayed for that too. Didn't see a change at the time, but again the Word says "the blind SHALL see". I told him to call me to tell me what changes are happening with the eye.

Finally, while ministering to the man with the blind eye, I notice a guy kind of lingering around who's in obvious pain. Holding the back of his neck with his head down. I asked him to come over. I laid hands on him and God healed him completely. The change was marked - one minute holding his head, the next minute walking around fine

All of these things were being witnessed by my muslim friend. I'm sure he was pondering these things in his heart.

November 06, 2008

a number of healings as Arab muslim witnesses the power of the Kingdom

Last night was very special in a number of ways. Desert Princess was ministering in an Arab womens' meeting and saw God heal many people. She'll be blogging about it. I had taken a muslim man seeking deliverance from demons to another Arabic meeting. I knew it was going to be a great night when as soon as we walked in, the Lord began releasing words of knowledge and people were healed. I'll share some of those stories in another post.

What I want to highlight in this blog was how important it was for this muslim man to see demonstrations of God's power last night. He came or deliverance but before we got to minister to him, God wanted him to see healing miracles. He probably watched God heal 4 or 5 different people.

By the end of the evening, he was ready for prayer himself. It was a powerful time of praying for him to be set free from the demonic spirits that have been tormenting him for years.

He is on the way to freedom - freedom in and through Christ Jesus!!