March 25, 2008

when a stranger calls....for healing!

last night as I was literally walking out the door to join up with Ravished, Isaac of Ninevah and Tenacious B to head out to minister to people, I received a phone call from someone wanting prayer for his back to be healed. He had gotten my phone number from a man we had ministered to in a restaurant a few weeks before.

I should just say at this point that having people call us seeking out healing and prophetic ministry is definitely what we long to see happen. So far it hasn't happened that much, but we have sown so wildly over the past few years, we know it is only a matter of time.

Back to the stranger calling: Before we met this guy, we waited on the Lord and through a couple of words of knowledge, the Lord showed us exactly where his back pain was located (middle of the left side) and also that he had a left knee problem.

When we met him at his work, he confirmed these words and before we prayed for him, I showed him the words of knowlege written down to increase his faith. This man had been in chronic back pain for over 2 months. It was hurting him quite a bit at the time we arrived.

The ministry time to this man was truly a team effort. I KNEW God was going to heal him. Why? First - he called us. No one who EVER came to Jesus for healing was denied. Second - through a word of knowledge the Lord showed us EXACTLY where the pain was located. Third - he was desperate and hungry which meant faith was indeed present.

What happened? I prayed first and the pain decreased. Something was happening and he described a very strange sensation of pressure in the affected area. Tenacious B prayed after that and the pain went down some more. Finally, Isaac of Ninevah prayed and the pain left completely. Ravished was in on each of those prayers as he was sitting next to the man. He checked it out thoroughly - moving all around, standing up and sitting down. There was NO MORE PAIN.

Interestingly, he had had my phone number for several weeks but it was as the pain and discomfort reached an unbearable level that IN HIS DESPERATION he called.

We were also able to minister to his problematic knee. The Lord showed me through another word of knowledge about someone in his family with a severe sinus problem. He confirmed that one of his close relatives was hospitalized just 4 days earlier for such a condition. We laid hands on him and prayed for his relative in proxy. We are waiting for the testimony. He was calling him the next morning to see what happened.

As we left his work place, another employee, an Indian Hindu woman, had heard about us and asked if we could minister to her too. She said, "I already have your number". May the story of this man's back spread and may many more strangers call!

March 23, 2008

the miracle of all miracles

We obviously talk alot about miracles of healing and prophetic experiences on this blog. That isn't going to change.

I am regularly asked by people, "what is happening to all the muslims who are experiencing the miracles you talk about"? (translation: Are they becoming Christians and if not, what good are all the miracles?)

Usually, the person asking the question is quite skeptical towards miracles, and would only concede their value and/or desirability if they were producing converts to Christianity.

I know that globally, miracles are probably the greatest single factor that is leading to Church growth - unquestionably this is true in the so-called Third World and China. It is a constant factor the majority of muslims who come to Christ.

Just this week, I have had the privledge of learning that a couple of muslims I know are now ready to follow Jesus and they have seen undeniable miracles of healing. It wasn't the only factor involved, but it is safe to say that without the miracle component, their readiness to follow Jesus would undoubtedly be different. They regularly speak of the healings they have encountered/seen.

We have seen numerous muslims healed - many who have yet decided to follow Jesus. However, we are seeing that the miracles of healing, the supernatural experiences with God and the prophetic ministry are accelerating things beyond anything I saw in years of ministry before we began to pursue signs, wonders and miracles.

The "miracle of miracles" is when someone decides to leave the kingdom of darkness and be born again into the Kingdom of God. The other 'miracles' are now leading our muslim friends into the GREATEST miracle.