November 28, 2006

"Oh, you're reading my vibes" (Part 1)

Sometimes is it very funny to see how unbelievers react to God's power when it is manifested in their lives. Just yesterday as my wife and I were in a large mall, we ran into one of her Muslim friends. She was raised in the U.S., so she has perfect English. As they spoke, the Lord gives me a clear word of knowledge about a problem in her neck. When I inquired, she said she had a problem. My wife tried to explain a little bit about the word of knowledge and she said, "oh, you're reading my vibes". They continued to talk and then an even stronger word came about a problem on the left side of her stomach. When I asked her, she again said that she had a problem there. She again tried to dismiss my "reading her vibes". Finally, I got another word for a wrist problem and she verified that she had pain due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As she left, she made yet another comment describing what had happened to her.

We weren't doing anything 'spiritual' when we came across this woman, but it was obvious that God wanted to get her attention. I haven't had that many accurate words of knowledge all in a row like that for quite a while. Sometimes when we are in a ministry setting they will come like that, but that is usually in an atmosphere of the manifest Presence of God. A few other times I will get words like that when we are on an outreach - where we are focused on releasing the Kingdom in an evangelistic setting. These words just came 'out of the blue' when I wasn't really tuned in at all to what God was saying in that moment (although of course I should have been:))

My wife is going to get together with this woman to follow up on the way the Kingdom was breaking in around her and she couldn't acknowledge it more than explaining it away as 'vibes being read'. Of course that was also the only language she had to describe what had happened to her.

May my wife go to her with further demonstrations of the Spirit's power. We'll post a "Part 2" after she is able to do that.