July 30, 2009

"Chill & Spill"

I was out with one of my friends the other day, at a beauty shop since she wanted to get some stuff from there. We were in for couple of minutes and she picked up what she wanted to get. After that i went to men's section to check out some perfumes and as i was doing that i felt a word of knowledge for the area around the waist and belly. I then approached two ladies (Filipino)who worked there and asked the first women if she had a pain in that part of the body. She said "no" and asked me why? I then explained that God reveals people's pain so He can heal them. I asked her if her friend had any problem with that part of the body and she said yes. So i began talking to the women with the pain and asked her myself, and she responded asking why? I explained to her the same thing and she was began asking questions like "how did God show you that"? She mentioned to us that she had tumors and had done some kind of operation, something like that. Anyways i told her if she would give a minute my friend would just place her hands on her and God would heal her. So we went to the side and my friend began to pray for healing in "Jesus" name and she began getting words of knowledge about the women's personal life, such as her guy and struggle with finances going on in his life etc. She agreed with the words completely. I asked her what she felt during the prayer, and she said she felt heat etc. She seemed to have no knowledge of God (i felt that she had barely any belief in God).  But after the encounter i bet she had no room for doubts!!! I spoke about the living Jesus to her and we urged her to spend time praying and reading the word! Talk about just chilling and spilling! We had no intention of ministering in any form, we just went to buy somethings and was hanging out but i guess the Lord loves to just have His way at all times! Praise God!

Canadian healings and signs from heaven

Our time in Canada was incredible - we had 4 meetings over a 5 day period and saw the Lord do many things. I can't remember all the different things we saw healed, but each service we would begin with demonstrations of God's power - we would call out words of knowledge that the team received and would pray. It was amazing to see the Lord's healing touch each night.

There were just too many different healings to recall but we saw backs, knees, migraines, shoulders, ear conditions, stomachs, feet and all other types of things healed. Pain leaving, movement restored, flexibility returned. Just the types of things that happen when His Kingdom comes.

One night I had called out a word of knowledge for people needing dental miracles. The first woman that responded to the word - the Lord gave her a gold filling where she had none before. Her sister checked her mouth before we prayed and she had no visible fillings whatsoever. After praying, a gold filling was in her back right lower molar. She was amazed - as were we! Then the Lord gave her another filling in one of her teeth which was of some other sort of substance (platinum?). We really don't know what it was - but it was very cool! Another man also came forward for prayer and the Lord changed two of his silver fillings almost entirely into gold. His daughter was in tears. He had needed (or was told he needed) crowns on those two teeth - we can't wait to hear what the dentist says when he checks them:) These were "signs" from the Lord. Some ask why? I just want to fall down and worship a God who releases "signs that make us wonder" (as Bill Johnson says).

At the end of each of the services, the team would pray for people for at least a couple of hours each night - we saw many people healed during these times. I don't even know all the different things that the others saw - but basically, as the Scriptures record, God was healing "all manners of sickness and disease". This is NORMAL Christianity - refuse to let anybody tell you differently.

July 29, 2009

Tim Horton's - Canada's place for donuts, coffee AND HEALINGS

While in Canada for a series of healing/renewal meetings, we had the honor of partaking in an age-old Canadian tradition - Tim Horton's. I am told that Krispy Kreme attempted to enter into Canada but failed horribly due to the presence of this donut/coffee institution.

In 5 days, we had the privilege of visiting Tim Horton's 3 different times. 2 out of 3 of those times we saw God move supernaturally in healing - as for the 3rd time, I approached 4 different people/groups asking if anyone needed a healing or a miracle and was completely shut down. Maybe our "Tim Horton Anointing" lifted that morning.

Here is what happened:

Visit #1 - after a bit of mixed morning (attempting to minister to a couple of muslim somalians, an indian hindu and a filipino catholic - the catholic was healed when we prayed!), I KNEW that if we could only get to Tim Horton's, God would do something! As we walked towards the door, I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the left elbow and noticed a Somalian muslim man getting into his car. I walked up and asked the young man if he had this problem. He looked quite suprised and asked, "is this some kind of joke or something"?. Yes, he had that problem (injured it the day before). You've gotta love it when the word of knowledge is right!!!! (although it isn't as fun when it's wrong). Anyway, we prayed for him and he was healed!!! Also inside Tim Horton's we got to minister to a few other people. Visit #1 was awesome - also had 2 donuts and cup of coffee!

Visit #2 - after a time of 'power spilling' in a local mall, we all headed over to Tim Horton's across the street. My son was discouraged because the team of young people he was leading in the mall had a tough time (people just didn't want prayer much of the time). He was actually in tears because it was so frustrating. Anyway, I told him not to worry because now we were headed to Tim Horton's - a place for miracles!!! It turns out that before we even got into the door that I am praying for a man with arthritis. After the 1st time of prayer, he couldn't tell the difference. I asked him where did he have pain AT THAT MOMENT. He said that his right knee was hurting right then. We prayed again - and guess what happened, this car of unbelievers was shocked that all the pain left his knee. Unfortunately, my son had already gone inside (the draw of the donuts!!!) and missed seeing the healing. I only had 1 donut this time!

Visit #3 - Tim Horton's in the airport. Approached 4 different people/groups - thought I had some accurate words of knowledge, but in the end no one responded or let me pray. 2 out 3 isn't too bad!

Anyway - attention all Canadians (or visitors to Canada) - don't just go to Tim Horton's for donuts and coffee - go also to release healing and God's Kingdom - for as it is written, "it is more blessed to GIVE (healings), than to receive (donuts and coffee)".