December 09, 2006

A Day of Prophecy and Healing

This morning we got to minister in an expatriate Church. As is our custom, we not only teach/preach when we go, but also demonstrate the Kingdom. The Lord gave us a number of prophetic words that were meaningful to the people we called out.

I'll let Isaac of Ninevah blog what happened to him and I'll stick to what happened to me.

Before the service, the Lord had given me a name of man and the word "sisters". I called out the man's name and one of the Church leader's told me that this man is not here this morning, but took my phone number so he could call me. I told her again that I had gotten his name and that he had two sisters. This afternoon, I received a call from him. He said his name and told me he had two sisters. We are going to meet this week to pray for him and see what it is that the Lord wants to communicate to he and his sisters. I was excited because it was one of the only times that I have ever gotten a name from the Lord, called it out and it was for someone in a Church (even though this person was not there). Since it was a Church of only 35 people and the name was quite unusual, I knew it wasn't like saying "John" in a group of 250:)

I received a number of different words of knowledge for people - one before I arrived, some before the service and some during the service and ministry time. One very clear word was for a wrist problem - this word came again and again. I knew it was from the Lord. Isaac had also called out a word for "carpal tunnel syndome" and a man raised his hand. I knew it was the man with the wrist problem. We prayed for him and he was healed.

Another woman responded to a couple of the words of knowledge that we gave and she also testified that the Lord had healed her. She also powerfully touched by the Lord and had was visibly overwhelmed by the Presence of God.

I saw a man in the back corner and the Lord spoke to me that he would be a 'builder in God's Kingdom'. I called him out and asked him to stand. I said, "I see you like a 'contractor'". He then told all of us that he was a contractor!!! What a way for the Lord to confirm a word! I was so encouraged.

Other people also testified to the Lord healing them as well.

To see the Lord heal people and release prophetic words, never gets old and was such an encouragement today. I felt the anointing of the Spirit very strongly in this meeting. I felt it when I was praying for people - not everyone, but many times. Oftentimes I don't feel anything when I pray for the sick, but this morning was different.

May we see it released this week in the streets amongst the unbelievers too!!! This stuff is too good not to share.