March 02, 2012

kingdom comes in Iranian restaurant

a group of us with our families decided to go to an Iranian restaurant to eat some of our favorite food and to "spill" God's Kingdom on those around us.

I knew it would be a good night when as we were walking into the restaurant, I got a word of knowledge the right ankle for a Gulf Arab muslim woman walking by and my wife ministered to her for about 20 minutes.

Inside we began ministering to the Iranian muslim employees - first a right arm was healed, then the same man's left arm was healed.  I prayed for the right arm and another prayed for his left arm. Because of the propensity for muslims to zero in on a single person "with a gift", three or four us us were praying for sick.  Next a back problem is healed.  Another man with a hand/wrist problem comes out.  He is healed.

At this point, they are asking for our phone numbers and asking us if we can go and visit some others who need miracles - an aunt who hasn't walked in 10 years, a woman with severe scoliosis back in Iran.  You know that people are genuinely healed when the invitations start rolling in!

all in all it was an amazing dinner for the Kingdom and the food was really good too!

As we were leaving we heard the QUOTE OF THE DAY

As we were leaving we overhear, a muslim employee after many witnessed the healings responding to a question by another muslim customer who asks,

"What is going on, is there a doctor over there?"
The employee replied,  "No, they are healers."
"Which one?" the person asked.
"ALL OF THEM!", the muslim man answered.