May 10, 2008

word of knowledge confirmed - healings take place without prayer

while I was looking at a particular part of the room in the Church, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a right shoulder problem. I didn't give the word at that time but after "Ravished" also called out a word of knowledge for a right shoulder problem, I was ready to go for it. At that point, I pointed to the particular area and asked "who has the right shoulder problem amongst you"? Two or three women raised their hands.

With no hands laid upon them, the Lord healed two of the women just sovereignly without any hands being laid upon them.

healing services - too many miracles to remember!

This past week we had several healing services and saw God work some amazing Kingdom miracles. I can't even remember all the different healings, and I still haven't heard all the testimonies.

Here are few that I remember:

One young woman had a metal rod in her leg after a surgery. She walked with a serious limp and was in pain. She came forward for prayer and the Lord healed her completely (she was even encouraged to check to see if the metal rod was still there - we'll wait for a new X-Ray). What wasn't known at the time of the healing, was that she was NOT a Christian. She gave her life to Jesus later that night. BTW - for those that don't really think she was healed, she did a full front handspring landing on both feet to test it out!

After that healing - 4 others were healed of different conditions!

The following morning, I got a word for sinus conditions that I didn't even share publically - the first person who approached me for prayer, had a sinus condition. I showed him the word I had written down. His sinuses opened. Healed. The next guy who approached me ALSO had a sinus condition. He was also healed. A third man was also healed. I guess the sinus word of knowledge was correct:)

As the healing service continued, I saw person after person healed from a whole bunch of different conditions as a large team of us prayed for healing. Just a normal Church service - or at least it should be!

P.S. Right before we began to minister healing, I was a bit discouraged because I had some irritating lower back pain that made it painful to sit. I was thinking, "we are going to pray for healing and I NEED it first". Sure enough, Isaac of Ninevah called out a word of knowledge for the exact place my back was hurting and so he and Ravished prayed for me and I GOT HEALED. Great way to begin praying for others.

words of knowledge for muslim woman in a sporting good store

while in a sporting goods store, I got a word of knowledge about a right ear problem for an Egyptian muslim woman. Desert Princess approached her and asked if she had the problem - she did! She explained how the Lord had revealed her condition and she agreed to let her pray for her.

Desert Princess laid hands on her, prayed for her and the pain left! This opened the door for her to pray for another problem she had.

Sporting goods stores are fun enough as it is - but when you get to heal muslims in Jesus' Name, they are even better!!

when people who are healed tell their friends

today our family stopped by a coffee shop and one of the employees eagerly came up saying, "remember me? you healed my shoulder before. I was wondering if you could help my friend here who has a skin problem?"

Several months ago we prayed for this woman whose shoulder was healed when we prayed. I hadn't been there in such a long time and yet she was waiting for us to come back to pray for her friend.

As we prayed for the woman's skin condition, she began to feel the Lord's presence come upon her arms (where she had the rash). We will check in with her to see what has happened in a few days

Ambushed by Jesus!

My wife and I went to eat at a food court with our kids at a local mall. As we were eating, a man in a wheelchair started eating his dinner not far from us. There was also another boy in a wheelchair on the other side of us. Feeling ambushed by Jesus, I went over to the man in the chair who turned out to have severe mental and physical problems. I told his caretaker that we would like to do some “treatments” for him for free. He took my number, but hasn’t called yet. Here’s the crazy thing: I was so nervous walking up to him, but as I started talking, I felt love overcome all fear.

As for the other boy in a wheelchair, the family started talking to us and we found out that they are neighbors to some of our close friends here. What a set-up!

10 Shawarma and 5 Miracles, Please!

My wife and I went to a local restaurant to get some take out. As I was standing at the counter, I got a physical word of knowledge for the Syrian man working there. I asked him if he had pain in his left Achilles’ tendon. He looked quizzical at me and asked me if I was a doctor. I said that we were healers. He then asked me for a card. I said, “I don’t have one.” He asked for some cream. I said, “I don’t have any.” He finally asked if I had a center. I said, “Nope.” So, I asked for his hand and released the Kingdom into his foot. Something must have happened, because then he asked me to pray for his left knee. AND after I did that, to pray for both of his shoulders. AND, after that, to pray for his right knee! So, after 5 miracles of healing, I asked if all the pain was gone and he confirmed that it was. I said, “Praise God! Now, we’ll take our food, a Pepsi, a Mountain Dew, and all of your pain.” He was grinning as we left his restaurant.

So were we.

What's He Up To?

As I was going to the fellowship, I was listening to a message from this guy in California. He was talking about how God uses unusual circumstances and coincidences to speak to us. He used the word, “kisses.” As part of his sermon illustration, he recalled a time when the Lord kept bringing up pearls through different people who prayed with him or in random conversations. As another part of his sermon illustration about unusual coincidences, “kisses from a good God,” he spoke at length how God had led him to start praying for children with Down’s Syndrome. He told one story of how, after he had prayed for this one Down’s kid, he was able to drink fluid through a straw. Anyway, I got to the fellowship and when I walked in, I made my way through the crowd and found a place to sing. I looked over to my right and there was a lady with pearls all over the neckline of her sweater. I thought that was odd and that the Lord probably had a prophetic word for her (which He did from two of us on our team individually). I looked over to my left and saw a man holding a kid. I thought to myself that if this baby has Down’s, I’m going to freak. The child lifted her head and she was a normal little kid. As I continued to sing, the pearl lady moved a little and I saw a little boy standing between the legs of his mother. My mouth dropped—he had Down’s Syndrome. It wasn’t the time yet to pray, but during the ministry time, I approached the lady and asked her if I could pray for her son. The testimony I had heard in the car was about a boy who was named Joey. I thought, “If this kid’s name begins with a ‘J,’ too, this has just moved into the twilight zone.” I asked her, “What’s your kid’s name?”


To Be Continued. . . .

Stepping Up A Notch!

During the worship time, I got a word of knowledge for learning disabilities. During the ministry time, I had two brothers come up to receive prayer. I haven’t yet heard anything back from them and I may not for a long time, but it was the first time the Lord had ever led me to pray for something like that and that in itself is significant enough to blog.

It Ain't All Winning

Our group had been to this particular fellowship many times before and one on occasion a few months ago we had had the opportunity to pray for this baby with a heart condition. However, this past Friday, the pastor of the group brought this man to me and explained to me that he was having a hard time receiving the teaching about healing because his daughter (the baby we had been praying for) had just died. Instantly, the compassion of Jesus fell on me and I hugged this total stranger and as we both wept openly, I whispered in his ear, “This was not part of God’s will. This was not His plan. I don’t understand healing anymore than you do. I don’t know why this happens. I do know that it isn’t right.” I prayed on that Jesus would help carry his pain and would draw close to mourn with him. I don’t know how much my words meant to him, but I know the embrace was probably more powerful. Sometimes the shooba is weeping with those who weep.

Short and Sweet!

I was praying for a man and kept getting the word that he was going to do some preaching and teaching. I asked him about it and he beamed with a smile and said, “Yes, the pastor has recently asked me to do some teaching and I’ve done some preaching, too.”

Have You Seen Her Lately?

Sometimes we have to step out in faith even if it means looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of strangers. At this service, I called out the name “Helen.” No one, I mean, NO ONE answered and there were about 75 people there. Later, after the platform stuff was over, I asked this one lady if she knew a Helen and she said, “Sure, she was supposed to be here this morning.” Does the Lord have a sense of humor or what?

A Little Dab Will Do Ya!

Sometimes when we go to a fellowship to minister to people, we stand in the front and just see who the Lord highlights specifically. Oddly enough, there are many times when our team will individually “get something” for the same person out of a large crowd. This happened last Friday, but what I want to tell about is this one guy I felt the Lord had a word for.

As I was scanning the crowd, I kept going back to this brother who was sitting not too far from the front row. As I looked at him, I felt like he had a pastor’s heart. I also felt like he had a heart of a lion. As I continued to look, the Lord gave me some more stuff for him as well. When I got my chance, I started telling him what I thought the Lord had told me. I no sooner got the word “pastor” out of my mouth that he and his wife started laughing and he said, “I was going to preach this morning before I knew that guests were here!” He received the rest of the word as well. Afterwards, he came up to me and thanked me for being obedient to the Lord because he had walked into the service that morning feeling a little lost and discouraged and had specifically thought that the Lord wasn’t going to say anything to him.

How encouraging it was for me as well!

Reach for Jesus Before the Advil!

I was praying for a man who complained of sinus pressure. I asked him where it hurt and he pointed to the middle of his forehead. I started praying for him and as I started praying for him, I felt pain in the exact spot where he had just pointed. I felt like it was the Lord telling me that He was up to something. So, I prayed for a few more moments and asked him about the pain. He said that it was all gone with a surprised look on his face.

It Doesn't Take Much!

As we were ministering in a fellowship this past Friday, I was praying for a man and I kept asking the Lord for something specific so that he would know that the Lord was looking after him. So, I kept getting pictures of him with flowers. I asked him, “Do you work with flowers?” “No.” “Do you do anything with flowers?” “No.” I finally asked him where he worked. He said, “Les Roses.”

We both laughed hard as Jesus connected the picture with the interpretation and released joy.

AFTER Emirati muslim's wrist healed, Emirati woman's ear gets healed

This post is really a follow up from the Emirati wrist healing a few days earlier. I finally got the call, and a group of three of us headed to the cancer hospital to pray for the man's brother who is dying of cancer.

To our surprise, we walked into a room with 4 or 5 Emirati muslim women and a couple of Emirati men. As we sat down, I was able to explain to the group that we were going to invite God's Kingdom and His presence to fill the room and then pray for the cancer. I told them they will feel and sense His presence as it came.

While praying, I got a word of knowledge for a right ear problem - I sensed it was actually a measure of hearing loss. When I asked the women, the wife of the man with cancer said it was for her. I explained that the Lord 'revealed' that to me and then my friend from America, who has a healing ministry prayed for this woman from across the room. As he prayed, I sensed something changing in the ear and declared it.

She got healed too! Oh the fun we get to have. We go to pray for cancer (and we don't know what happened or is happening with that man) but the Lord heals a muslim woman's hearing loss while we were there.

And all of this in a public hospital, in a muslim country - EXPLORING THE SPACE!

May 08, 2008

The Shooba Hits Close to Home

I've been shooting the shooba for a couple of years now and you never know what the Lord is going to do. Tonight I just heard that my brother-in-law's mother got a gold tooth-- ALL BECAUSE SHE ASKED. This is the first person that I've personally known to get one. As soon as I get a pic, I'm going to post it on here.