August 09, 2008

If at first you do not succeed... keep going

It seems that most places I go I hear stories or witness myself the miracle of legs growing out. I have seen much breakthrough with this condition over the years. Usually if one leg is shorter than another it is only by a centimeter or so, but it can cause a serious amount of pain in the back, as well as have negative impact on other parts of the body. Yesterday a man from the Philippines came over to dinner where I am staying and he had one leg that was literally TWO INCHES shorter than the other one. It was so bad in fact that when he sat down you could see one knee significantly lower than the other. After dinner we asked if we could pray for his leg to grow out. He agreed, and we prayed and commanded the leg to grow for about 30 minutes. Nothing happened. No growth, no nothing. We all had faith, including the man with the short leg, but still saw no breakthrough.

Much of what is written on this blog are the victories that we have seen when praying for the sick or the afflicted. These victories only come about after having prayed for many other people and seen no breakthrough. We don't understand why this is, but we know that we serve a God who is good and whose will is for all to be healed. The key is to not give up, but keep praying and pressing in even when we encounter times when the breakthrough is not immediate.

Standing on the testimony

I was sharing some testimonies in a small church meeting last night about what God has been doing in the Middle East. I shared about a man we had seen healed of back pain in a small tea shop a few months back, and about another man who once seeing the power of God asked for us to pray for his hip pain and diabetes to be healed as well. He was also healed, and extremely pleased with the biggest smile on his face! While I was sharing this story there was a man in the crowd who later came up to me and told me that while I was sharing he felt as though I was speaking directly to him. It turns out he had been battling with diabetes as well, and while the testimony was being spoken he felt that I needed to pray for him to be healed. After praying for all diabetes to leave his body he told me that he felt a peace come over his body. Of course there was no way he could test it out right then, so I was able to bless him and encourage him that God was doing something and that it is His will that no one live with diabetes, or any other disease for that matter. If he healed before, he will heal again!

August 08, 2008

revelation in a New Age stronghold

Today we visited one of the strongest centers of New Age spirituality in the United States. I was curious as to what the Lord would do and how people in this town would respond to the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I walked into one shop and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the shop owner's left knee. She had a problem but it wasn't hurting at the time. She seemed pretty closed to me as I shared with her how I knew.

In another shop, I picked up a strong word of knowledge in my left arm. I asked the woman serving us. She herself was actually a New Age healer herself. She began to say that her left arm was "closed" and needed to be "opened up". (using her New Age terminology).

When I explained to her that I was into "divine healing", she seemed to shut down completely. She wasn't open to me ministering to her.

It was quite an interesting experience to find people who act so "open" to spiritual power, so "closed" to them when the source is God's Kingdom. I was burdened when I thought that many of the Christians living in this city (or those who visit it) are not trying to minister to these New Age mystics by demonstrating God's power.

when we DO NOT see the breakthrough

I don't ever want to give the impression that we are seeing more healing than we actually are. The fact remains that we see many people who don't get healed when we pray. We do try to focus on this blog by sharing what God IS DOING rather than what we don't see, but we have to share both the good and the bad.

Last night when we saw the woman's shoulder and back healed, we also contended for her husband's carpal tunnel condition and saw no breakthrough. We all had faith, we were expectant (having just seen the Lord do so much). This man was hungry and having just seen his wife healed, was probably as faith-filled as ever.

revelation and healing at the country club

while on vacation, we ate last night at the country club of a golf course. A couple joined us for dinner who aren't that familiar with healing and prophetic ministry (they attend a conservative reformed church). The woman told us she had chronic back pain at the beginning of the night and so we told her we would do something about that later.

before we had a chance to pray for the back, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for her left shoulder. I asked her about the shoulder and she had a condition. We prayed and she was healed.

all that got us ready for the back condition. we finally got around to praying for the back and the Lord broke in again and healed her back.

Often when we are about to pray for a chronic long-term condition, the Lord will release a word of knowledge for some other (lesser) condition. Our faith is built up and we are then more ready to pray for the more serious problem.

While the woman was leaving, the Lord gave me another word of knowledge for a throat condition (she had an ulcer in that place). I think by this point she was a bit overwhelmed - shoulder healed, back healed and then the throat. You've gotta love the Lord who likes to overwhelm us with His goodness.

August 07, 2008

Never Happened?!

My family and I were in a store the other day and I thought I had a word for a lady. I asked her if she had a pain in the elbow and trouble breathing. She said that she didn't have any breathing problems but that she did have arthritis and that caused her aches and pains all over. I asked if I could pray for her and she readily agreed. So, I prayed for her and blessed her. Afterwards, she hugged me and thanked me. She also said that it was the first time in her life (and she was probably late 60s) that anyone had done that for her. I was glad that I could have been the one the Lord led, but sad that this woman had lived in the Bible Belt all these years and had missed being prayed for.

Disbelief and Shooba

I was a part of an inner city ministry recently and we were out and about signing kids up for a day camp one of the local churches was hosting. As we approached one of the apartments, I got this pain in my head so I asked the lady nearest if she had a headache and she kind of hedged and then nodded. I told her that God would heal her if she would let me pray for her. She laughed and said no, but signed her kids up anyway.

From there, we went to another apartment where we were able to pray for one lady and as we were praying for her, I got a word in my left foot and asked if she had a problem. She said no. I asked her if another person in the house had it. She called back in and another lady came out with her left foot in a bandage. She allowed us to pray and after a few times said the pain was much better. She also wanted prayer for her heart condition as well.

After praying for this family for about 15 minutes, we started back and at this point the first lady with headaches called for me to come over. She asked me if I had a gift of some kind and told her that the Lord gives the gift of healing. I asked her again if I could pray for her and she allowed me. At the same time there was a guy on a nearby doorstep who was laughing at the idea that prayer could heal a headache. I went ahead and prayed for her and the headache left. At this point, I had his attention and the Lord dropped a lengthy word for him into my heart, so I looked into his eyes and let loose. As I was talking, his eyes softened and he started nodding. As we left, he thanked me.

Crazy Prophetic

A couple of weeks ago, some new friends and I went out and about a mall to see what the Lord wanted to do. In one store, we came across a man who had been looking for a church home and a place to plug in. My friend and I felt like he had a real gift of discernment, which he confirmed. We were able to encourage him and break off some shame because he believed that he had missed his destiny because he wasn't in full-time ministry in a church. From there, we were able to pray for a woman whose son had a heart condition. We then met up with another group and went back to the cashiers and I introduced them as guys who would tell you what the Lord thought about you. My friend got a lot of great stuff for a couple of the women there.

Out that store and into another one. . .We stopped and started prophesying over the lady who greeted us. In the process, I saw a rainbow and asked her about it. Rather shocked, she said that she the rainbow had a deep meaning for her and that the Lord had used them time and time again as a symbol of promise.

The next store, the Lord blew our hats off. As we walked in, the greeter said hello and started telling us about their deals. One of the the guys with us looked at her and asked if she were an actress. She said, "Yes, how did you know?" He replied that God told him. I asked her if she played the guitar. Was it white? Did it have a red signature on it? She stepped back three feet and freaked out. She said her uncle had just signed it with a red pen. We went on to explain that God was telling us this stuff about her and that we felt that she was a leader. She agreed and told us of a recent mission trip she had been on where one of her friends had come up to her, and, in tears, told her how much she admired her. At that moment, the Lord gave me the name Christina, so I asked her. She freaked again and said, "That's the name of the girl I'm talking about!" At that point, another one of the guys asked her about Mollie and if she like coffee. She was really freaked out by now anyway and this pushed her on over: Mollie was her best friend.

As we were getting lunch, I got a word for a left foot so I asked the lady behind the counter. She said it did hurt from standing up all day. I went on to explain that I thought it was in her arch. She looked at me strangely and confirmed it. I told her that the Lord was healing her now and to check it out. She kind of smirked and moved it and said it felt a little better. I went on and declared that the Lord was healing her completely and had her move it again. She did and the pain was all gone!

We usually divide these posts up, but I wanted to underscore something here in the format as well-- God did all of the above in less than 1 hour.

August 05, 2008

God releases identity and breaks addictions

During the youth conference we were ministering at this past week there was a girl who was dealing heavily with depression. In fact many of the youths we have met here in the Arctic circle struggle with depression, suicide and cutting themselves. At one of the meetings my wife was speaking on identity, and how God made us all unique because we each reflect a different aspect of God that know one else does. We then went around the room and had to say two things that we loved about ourselves. This was a hard exercise for most, but this one girl in the back completely refused to participate. After we had gone through everyone (about 30 youths) we began to prophesy over them from the front. I began to tell the girl that she carried a lot of love and that she was good with people because she cared about them and could find ways to call out the gold. I also saw that she was diligent and studious and liked to always do her best in everything she did.

Over the next few days this girl began to open up to me. She told me that she loves to write and that she likes everything to be done well. She also shared with me her love for others. She even told me that she had gone out for a cigarette, and as she went to light it she became disgusted and threw it on the ground! That was awesome! You could see that when she was herself she was actually a very happy, joyful person that was fun to be around when she was not being tormented by the lies of the enemy. One of the first things the enemy does to try and stop us from living an abundant life of freedom is to question our self worth. I have dealt with much of this in my own life and it is not very fun. A free person is a joyful person, and a joyful person is an effective and fruitful person.

Its a new day

In the past week we have seen many people get healed of depression, addictions and about half a dozen people have come to know Jesus as their Daddy who loves them and has an awesome plan for their lives. It has been an incredible time of inner healing and restoration, and it has been through the kindness of the Lord that people have been coming to repentance. I had the opportunity of praying with a young man who came from a background of drug and alcohol use and who had spent some time in and out of prison. It made me angry to think how the enemy had robbed this young, good looking guy of so much of his destiny for so long. Through the love of the Father this young boy of about 19 surrendered his life to Jesus. In the days following you could hardly recognize him. He was happy, laughing and joining in with the other youth in our group. He even came up to the front in one of our meetings and let everyone prophesy destiny over him publicly. God has amazing plans in store for him. I really feel like God is wanting to heal people's hearts and activate them to be themselves. People who are set free from the past and know who they are in Christ are unstoppable.

lady on crutches healed at fish market

We were at a fish market the other day when some of the youth we were with from the conference spotted a woman on crutches. While there she was approached by most everyone in our group, and we got to share with her about the willingness of God to heal. She was not able to walk normal for 2 days. Although the woman could not say if she was completely healed right then when we were praying, she did say that much of the pain had left. About a half an hour later we watched as the lady and her husband walked back to their car... except she was walking perfectly normal while her husband had fun playing with her crutches.

outreach in the artic circle

While up in the Arctic circle I got to lead a small treasure hunt team out on the streets. Since we were in a very small town with not a person in sight, I told the kids that we will offer the kingdom to anyone we pass. As we were walking we noticed a man walking along the street towards us. As soon as I saw him I got a word of knowledge in my shoulder and the back of my neck. When he got close, I asked him if he was suffering with neck or shoulder pain. "Yes" he said confidently. "I am". We explained to him the we were Christians and that the Lord had revealed to us his condition because He wants to heal it and take away the pain. "Can we pray for you?" I asked. "Yes" he replied. As I went to pray however the man seemed to change his mind and began to tell us that we should save our prayers for the world instead of wasting them on him. I have gotten this response from many people I have tried to pray for, and I think it is their way of trying to be nice to cover up their fear of being prayed for in public by a stranger. So we blessed him, told him God loved him and that we would pray for his pain to leave as he went on his way.

We then walked further down the street when a young boy on my team name Abraham from the Congo felt the Lord directing us up another street. So we changed course and followed his lead. We then bumped into a small little woman on her way to the shop. I asked her if she had any back or ankle pain, and sure enough she had both. Again, we explained that we were Christians and that God wanted to heal her. She was very open. The girls in the group bent down and commanded the woman's ankle and back to be healed in Jesus name. When we were done we got the woman to check it out to see if there was any change. "I feel peace, and my ankle is feeling better" she said. She was unable to tell right then if her back was any different, as it hurt her mainly when she went to sow. We talked some more to her and told her that God loved her and had a plan for her life. She then spoke to one of the girls in our group in her native language and said that she wanted to come to the conference we were having. God is good!

Feeling energized from that experience, we crossed the street. As we did a man on a bike was heading fast towards us. I was going to let him pass, but one of the girls in the group jumped right in front of him, forcing him to slam on his breaks! As he came to a stop, she asked him if he had any pain in his body. Sure enough, he did. He showed us his finger and explained how he had put a knife through it and lost all the feeling in his finger. He had no feeling for quite some time. We all laid hands on it and commanded feeling back into his finger. He tested it out and said he could feel more on one side of the finger. We prayed again, and the man said that he could feel more than he ever could since the accident! That was cool!

After this we ran into another team, and I jokingly asked if anyone had a knee problem. Sure enough, one lady did. I prayed for her but she could not notice any change right then. Two days later she came to me and testified that her knee was completely healed!

We then went to a Gas station where I got a word of knowledge for a shoulder, and an arm pain. I had a feeling if was for the man behind the register, so i bought myself a chocolate bar just to give me a legitimate context from which to ask him. As I was paying i asked if he had a shoulder pain. "No" he said sternly", "But I have a pain in my arm"!! Wow, that was crazy. I had gotten the word of knowledge for an arm as well" It was like playing go-fish where the other person has one of your cards, but you asked for the wrong one. He let me pray for his arm over the counter, but could not tell me if there had been any change. I encouraged him the God was doing something, and then we all headed back to the conference. It was a fun outreach!!

Man gets healed on the outside and the inside

This last month we have been in the north of Europe and have seen God move in power amongst the youth as they have gotten saved, healed, delivered and then activated in doing the works of Jesus. It has been fantastic to see! The first day we were in the country we were apart of a revival conference with over one hundred youth. Young people from all over the area had come to encounter the presence of God and see his kingdom established in their lives and regions. While in the meeting I prayed for a man in a red shirt who suffered with back pain, and a finger problem that generally hurt him whenever he was doing manual work. He also suffered from depression and was dealing with past issues with his brother, which I did not know about until later. I commanded the pain to leave in his back and finger three separate times before he was able to testify that all the pain was gone. He was thrilled!

Near the end of the night my wife comes up to me and told me that she had just been praying for a man in a red shirt that had been going through some troubling times and needed to be loved on and filled with some joy! I looked over to see that it was the same man I had been praying for earlier. My wife then told me that he really wanted to buy us pizza and talk to us more about how he could be set free. So while we enjoyed our pizza we got to talk, counsel and prophesy destiny over the man and reconcile him back to his brother. We have encountered many people here who need to feel the loving embrace of daddy God and get healed up inside.
This was just the first day of our time here, and much more has happened since. I will continue to post in more when I get the change to write it all down.

God touches 'unhappy' employee - she declares, "it's a miracle"!

while getting some sandwiches made for lunch yesterday, I really felt like the Lord wanted to say something to the woman who was serving us. She seemed unhappy and the customer service reflected that.

while waiting, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that she had pain in neck and shoulder on the right side. I asked her about it and with a surprised look says, "yes, I do. how did you know?". I explained that the Lord had shown me that and wanted to heal her. I quickly took her hand and prayed quickly as she was working.

my sister-in-law was standing near her after I left the Deli and she said to her co-worker, "it's a miracle"!