January 02, 2010

Egyptian muslim man touched after word of knowledge and healing prayer

Desert Princess wasn't going to get to have all the fun. I got a word of knowledge for a muslim Egyptian man. I got to pray for his arm and the Lord began removing his pain. Each time we prayed, the pain got less and less. Finally, there was only a little bit left. I asked him if he had any Christian friends. He did. So I requested he meet with them and tell them what the Lord had done for him.

words of knowledge opens door with Bedouin muslim women

while out today as a family with some friends, I got a word of knowledge about a sharp abdominal pain for a group of Gulf Arab Bedouin women (totally veiled - only eyes showing). I asked Desert Princess to go and check it out. Sure enough, it was an accurate word and it opened a huge door for ministry. Once they realized that she had real spiritual authority, they started asking her so many questions. They wanted to know how she heard from God, how to break curses, if God could heal depression, etc. Phone numbers were exchanged.

A while later, she runs into the same group of women again and the discussion continues - at this point, they asked her more specific questions and she began to speak clearly about THE NAME OF JESUS - the power that is in HIM. Often it is at this revelation that muslims will object and/or become disinterested. Not these women! She is very excited to see what God will do as she follows up to minister healing, prophecy and deliverance to these desperate women who have found no help in their religion.

Drive-by healing at the Airport

Its 2.15 am and we (praise and I) have just come back from a drive-by Holy Sprit healing service at the airport

We were seeing my uncle off (this is one of those guys who believes that going to church is only for festive occasions) when we met up with Kage one of our fellow tribe's men in the Lord.

Settling our selves for a coffee at Starbucks, when Kage gets a word of knowledge from God about a ache in a particular place in the head to which my uncle claims to have. Kage prays and my uncle claims healing. Some time later mystic sage gets a word from God for pain in the right knee on seeing that non of us at the table have the problem. We look to people on other tables. When we spot a man next to our table abdulla a native citizen (muslim of course) we ask him if he has a problem in his right knee to which he affirmed that he had a problem in his knee since 1964 we asked if we could pray for his healing in JESUS name he was surprised at our request but let us pray we prayed twice he testified that it was troubling him before we started praying but wasn't any more. He asked us what do we do we said "we are doctors for Christ" and His healing is for anyone and it is free. He took my number stating that he would call back and let me know how he was doing (I feel he will call back wanting to know more about Christ and His healing).

My uncle was quite taken back he knew we were into prayers but walking up to local muslims in a starbucks to pray for them in JESUS name is something else.

Later while leaving at the airport tollbooth Praise got a word from God for a stomachache we inquired with the toll man he was surprised at our question but said yes he let us pray in JESUS name and God healed him.

I am so very blessed with what God is doing in our life from where He has brought us, to where we are and where He is taking us.

My friend Bill Johnson summarized it well when he says ......

... Jesus had no ability to heal the sick. He couldn't cast out devils, and He had no ability to raise the dead. He said of Himself in John 5:19, "the Son can do nothing of Himself" ... .. He had set aside His divinity. He did miracles as a man in right relationship with God because He was setting forth a model for us, something for us to follow... "The Supernatural Power of A Transformed Mind "

January 01, 2010

God at work this morning

while at a worship service this morning, the Lord began to give me words of knowledge which I wrote down. I never know if I'm going to get the opportunity to call out the words in front of the Church or not. Today my wife and I went back in a side room to pray for people who needed prayer and one by one, people started coming up to me with the conditions that I had written down in my notebook. Left arm, neck, left shoulder and sinuses.

At the end of the prayer time, the left arm had been touched, the sinuses healed and the neck and left shoulder were better - the final condition seemed to be linked to some other issues so we know that as the person deals with the other issues the breakthrough will be complete!

can't wait to see what God is going to do tonight.

recommended listening - Mike Bickle

The International House of Prayer is concluding their annual "One Thing" Conference and the messages are available on their website for download.

URL: http://www.ihop.org/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=1000058046

December 28, 2009

Syrian muslim man healed - wants prayer for his sick brother next

Today while were out to breakfast at a mall, we had the chance to pray for several people to be healed. We got a word of knowledge about a Filipino woman's knee and got to pray for her. She brought one of her colleagues for prayer - his back hurt. We prayed several times, including my son JD - and he told us the problem was gone.

The Lord also gave me a word of knowledge for a Gulf Arab muslim man's neck - it wasn't hurting at the time, but he let me pray. While praying, what I was 'feeling' lifted and so I told him it wasn't going to be a problem any more. He is calling me tomorrow (because it bothers him at night) to let me know what the Lord has done!

Finally, as we walked into a hobby shop and a strong word of knowledge comes to my neck (I guess it was the morning for necks). I asked the Syrian muslim man who worked there if he had that particular problem. He did. I told him that the Lord had 'revealed' that when we walked into the shop and that He would heal him. We prayed and it got much better. We prayed again and the pain was gone. He told his co-worker (another muslim from India) that the pain was gone. We also got to pray for him - he had a place where he suffered from headaches each night - he too was going to call us the following day to tell us if the problem was gone.

After our new Syrian friend was healed, he asked if we could go and pray for his brother in the hospital - of course we can/will! Can't wait to give our new friend an Arabic Bible to tell Him all about the Jesus who healed his neck and is going to touch his brother!

December 27, 2009

my daughter and I see muslim man get radically healed

tonight I went to an amusement park with my daughter. while we were there, a Sri Lankan muslim man told us he had bad knees. I thought it was a minor injury. I prayed a little while for him. then I asked him what happened. he told me he was hit by a car! He wasn't only in pain, his movement was severely limited. I prayed again and he tried to do a deep knee bend. he couldn't get up without using his arms on the handrails he was standing between. he kept trying and simply couldn't get up without some major assistance from his arms. I told him we'd be back in about 15 minutes.

while we were gone, something began to rise up inside of me - this muslim man MUST see God's power. I also realized that the damage to his knees was far worse than the sports injuries that we usually pray for.

he let us pray again when we returned. I asked him to do the deep knee bend again. As he did them, I kept praying. Then all of a sudden, strength enters his leg and he can do the knee bends without using his arms. It was remarkable! We had seen him unable to get up and then we were standing and watching him do what just a minute before he could not do! I have to confess, I was stunned. God healed this man right before our eyes and we could see the evidence immediately.

At this point, I was able to clearly explain that it was Jesus who had healed him. I asked him if he knew who Jesus was. He seemed to know who he was. I am praying now that he will find a Sri Lankan Christian who can explain the Gospel to him in his own language.

a tragic day for Shi'ite muslims (which leads to a tragic eternity)

today is known in the islamic world as Ashoura. it is the day that Shi'ite muslims remember the death of Hussein (their prophet's grandson). they speak of his death a martrydom, but in reality, to them it is much, much more. if they are honest, they will tell you that they believe his death was a type of atonement for their sins.

i have muslim friends who would jump up and deny this emphatically, but I remember a number of years ago to test my hypothesis (i.e. that they believe Hussein's death was a sacrificial atonement), I had a Shi'ite friend of mine read Isaiah 53 - speaking prophetically about the sacrifice that Christ would come to offer and the resulting benefits of His sacrifice. I DID NOT tell him who the passage was speaking of. He was sure it was speaking of Hussein.

With great sadness this morning, I was listening to hundreds and hundreds of Shi'ite muslims crying out with great passion - in my neighborhood. Looking towards Hussein - whose death accomplished nothing. Missing completely the death of Christ - who came hundreds of years earlier. They are hungry and they are crying out but they know not who can help them!

May the millions of Shi'ite muslims in the world discover that Ashoura points to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and true Sacrificial Lamb - who died for their sins.