September 27, 2013

A week of causal Kingdom living

Desert Canuck and Pyromaniac were running errands together at a local mall.

As we stopped at a Tea shop as Pyromaniac had a word of Knowledge for one of he girls giving away samples. She prayed over her and he was healed. DesertCanuck asked he second sales lady if she had back pain; she said yes but not at the moment. Anyway she prayed over her trusting The Lord to heal her.

Then we headed to a furniture store - we had Words of Knowledge for pain but failed to identify the correct individual to approach.

Next was a clothing store. Pyromaniac was ministering to a Muslin Tunisian woman with knee pain. We prayed and she felt heat in her knee and the pain left. She wanted to know how we could do that. DesertCanuck explained that God loves her and that Jesus teaches us to heal others. She tried to argue that she was Muslim. DesertCanuck repeated that God loved her and this is what Christians can do to  show others God's love for them. She was so excited she called over all the other workers. One Phillipino man with shoulder pain was healed; the store manager who was Christian had back pain and was healed. A young Phillipino woman asked for prayer because of headaches and confusion. As DesertCanuck was praying 'horoscope' came to mind. This woman daily checked her horoscope. Then the prayers changed to confession; repentance and deliverance. She promised to immediately delete that App off her phone.

Meantime Pyromaniac was ministering to a sales woman at the front of the store. Her husband was sick; so Pyromaniac imparted a gift of healing into sales girls hands - (she felt them get heavy) to take home and pray over her husband.

As we were walking through the Food Court; Desert Canuck felt a strong pain in her shin; we circled around and she had same Word in the same place - so we approached the two men eating at the table. They were Christian Phillipinos and one did have the shin/leg pain. After we prayed the pain was gone.

We then stopped for dinner. We asked our waiter if there was any way we could pray for him as we were going to bless our food. He said yes his back hurt. As he came between us while pouring water we prayed right then. He felt heat on his back and he pain was gone. He was so excited. He then showed us 3 crosses that he wears under his uniform. That ended our evening out.

A few days later DesertCanuck's 10 year old daughter prayed for her best friend during P.E. as her friend had twisted her ankle. She prayed and taught her friend to ask the Holy Spirit to heal her ankle in Jesus name. As this young girl repeated the prayer over herself she felt ice run down her leg- when she stood up the pain was gone and she could walk normally and join back in with the class.

A few days after that DesertCanuck was in a meeting; the woman sitting next her complained of a really bad headache. DesertCanuck prayed as the headache left. The woman looked up in total shock that it was gone. Her whole countenance changed to sheer joy. I reminded her that God really does love her and he keeps His word.

September 25, 2013

two more muslims healed

As I was getting my coffee in Starbucks, I noticed a muslim man had a wrist brace on.  I was thinking about the healing last night of the young man's broken hand and approached him and told him the story.  He was quite interested and I told him I'd like to pray for him.  I had him put his other hand on the affected wrist, prayed in Jesus' Name and all the pain left.  He checked it out and his girlfriend was celebrating with him.  As he was leaving, I waved and he came up with his muslim girlfriend and said, "she has pain too".  We went and sat down and I asked if he'd put his hand on her back.  I then prayed, breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing healing in Jesus' Name and all the pain left her back.  I gave her my wife's phone number and I know we'll be hearing from this couple again soon. Can't wait to tell them more about the Healer Himself!

another soccer player healed - this time a muslim youth

While walking to watch my son's soccer practice, I noticed about a 15 year-old muslim player with his hand wrapped.  I asked him what happened and he told me he broke it fighting about a week earlier.  I asked him to put his other hand on where the pain was.  He did and I prayed breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom of God in Jesus' Name.  I asked him to check it out and he began moving it around – a big smile on his face and he tells me that there is no more pain.  I told him that God had just done a miracle for him.  I look forward to following up with this young man.