April 25, 2009

Kingdom comes in Romanian family

yesterday we met with a couple from Romania who had asked for healing prayer. the husband is suffering from kidney failure and the Lord began to touch him as we prayed. as we were praying, the Lord indicated through a word of knowledge that He was working in the left kidney - when we asked, the man confirmed that "it feels really cold right now". this sensation continued throughout our time of prayer. also while praying, I got a distinct word for his left knee. when I asked about it, he said that it was a problem knee - we prayed.

after praying for him, the wife asked for prayer as well - her back was hurting her so badly she could barely move - that was until the Great Physician showed up and took away the pain and restored her mobility. we prayed for her back about 3x, and at the end it was just about back to normal. the Lord also gave a word of knowledge about her left wrist, which turned out to be problematic (carpal tunnel?) - we prayed for that. finally, we prayed for a serious circulation problem in her legs and the Lord began to touch that as well.

all in all, we will need to wait and see what has happened after some more diagnostic tests, especially with the kidneys but God's Kingdom broke into this family yesterday. we were able to really teach them how to ask the Lord directly for their healing - we modeled it and then gave them some practical tools to use. they had a faith in Christ, but their relationship with God didn't seem intimate. we encouraged them to walk with God as a friend.