October 03, 2009

10,000 visitors!

Just logged on and watched the blog counter change from 9,999 visitors to 10,000!

We had no idea when we started this what would happen - we'll keep going and see what happens.

People really are hungry for the supernatural life of the Kingdom!

to end an already great day - gulf arab muslim healed

we gathered for our weekly encounter God meeting and the Holy Spirit began to come. A real spirit of prophecy came upon us and many received pictures and others even visions. A muslim young man had come with one of our regulars. We didn't know if he wanted prayer but he said he did. He began to get a series of prophetic words from different people - the Lord spoke a word of knowledge about a problem in his right leg/foot. He had one - we prayed and he was healed. The Lord also revealed some of the secrets of his heart (as the Lord often does with unbelievers).

what a day - healings and prophecy in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Sounds like another NORMAL KINGDOM DAY - let's be more normal!

restaurant healings after church healings

why not continue the healing service at a restaurant? seems like something Jesus would do.

I got a word of knowledge for one of the employees. I had the hostess go and see who had the pain in the back of the head. She came back and said it was for a guy in the back but that "he was shy". I told her to tell him that I was a pastor. He came out. We then went to the back to pray. He had had an accident. We prayed and the pain began to leave. He still had a little bit of pain and so I sent one of our team back - he prayed for him twice and he said that ALL the pain was gone.

Before leaving, I got another word of knowledge for a neck problem. Desert Princess and her friend went to pray for the Filipino server who responded to the word. She was completely healed - and was in tears!

not a bad lunch - but then there was our nightly meeting (next blog post)

God breaks in with prophecy and healings

this morning Desert Princess and I spent about 1/2 hour prophesying in a meeting. The Lord gave us a number of words for about 15 different people - we had a number of confirmations that we had heard clearly. One woman had been given exactly the same word that I gave her before and it was in her heart to move in the direction and ministry that the Lord had spoken. At the end, we called out a number of words of knowledge for healing - and so Christ the Healer began to heal.

We called out...
left shoulder - 3 were completely healed, one other about 75% - one guy was just totally in disbelief!
left knee - a woman who'd had surgery and was in chronic pain, was completely healed
pain in ribs - woman healed
right ear problem (a new condition) - man with ear infection felt something happening, would have to go an check it out

There were also other encounters - Desert Princess ministered to several woman who had major first-time encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Oh what fun Church can be! (and should be!!) - and then we went to lunch (next blog post)

September 27, 2009

Egyptian muslim man's teeth healed

A couple of weeks ago I had gotten a word of knowledge for a muslim shopkeeper near my house about a problem he was having in the left side of his mouth (story posted here - http://joel2generation.blogspot.com/2009/09/egyptian-muslim-man-asks-who-told-you.html)

I had tried to go back several times to see what had happened but due to Ramadan activities I hadn't seen him. Finally, I saw him the other day and asked him, "How is the pain in your mouth?". He said, "It's gone". I asked if it left the day I had prayed for him and he said that was when it left. I told him that God had blessed him and now I need to tell him more about the God who he doesn't know and His Son, Jesus.