December 29, 2012

Into the Arabian Desert interior - Day 3

We had been invited to travel into the interior of the United Arab Emirates to minister in a house church in the evening, so we made our way to the oasis city of Al Ain in the morning to see what the Lord would do in the mean time.

Our day began again in a mall. it was quite windy and since it felt like a sandstorm was brewing we decided to take things inside. The first person we ministered to was an Emirati muslim woman. I got a word of knowledge for her and one of our women approached her to pray for her. They needed some help with Arabic and so I came back and we saw the Lord heal her as we prayed for her in Jesus' Name and speak to her about the Kingdom. It was funny when an over-protective, and zealous Egyptian muslim who worked in the shop close to where this woman worked came over to check things out. I knew what he was up to and so I just offered him any healing he needed. He wasn't open at all and actually was a bit sarcastic so we moved on knowing that she would tell him what God had done for her.

Next I asked an Egyptian muslim woman for some directions (she also worked in the mall) and God interrupted with a word of knowledge about back pain in a particular part of her back. she had had a back problem there since her childhood. I began to speak to her about our mandate to heal the sick and how God speaks. she kept saying, "but I'm a muslim". I told her that God loved muslims too :) and wanted to heal them! I shared that we see people from all religious backgrounds healed. one of our women came over and was able to pray for her when she finally agreed to let us pray.

After this we were all enjoying another Starbucks and the team began to minister to the employees. one of them received prayer who also wanted to attend our meeting that night. I saw a group of three Filipinos sitting near to us and decided to inquire about their Christmas and find out if they'd be willing to let me give them a present! (or presents). they had just come from Church and I offered to pray for anything that was hurting or injured. They didn't have any issues but they said they had a friend with a "slipped disc" in the back. I asked if we could get her on the phone. they agreed and soon were calling her at the hospital where she was on-duty. As they were calling, I got a word of knowledge for an additional condition, something in her stomach. They confirmed she also had a chronic stomach issue as well. I took the phone and had the woman lay hands first on her stomach and prayed. Next I had her do the same for her back. I didn't inquire about the stomach after prayer but ALL PAIN left her back and as I handed the phone back she was crying. these friends of hers came over afterwards to our table and thanked us again for bringing healing to their good friend. When I think about their response - I asked THEM if they had any needs and they instead asked for something for their friend instead, it was very Christ-like and in the true Spirit of Christmas to not think about themselves but of someone else in need.

Next a Filipino guy was coming by who had some tattoos on his arms. I asked him to come over and told him that my friend could interpret his tattoos and tell him things about his life. I love having the mind of Christ that sometimes gets crazy thoughts - but I'd heard of Christians doing this before and even though we'd never talked about it, I figured the team could prophesy over him using the tattoos as the launching pad. Sure enough an accurate prophetic word about the kind of guy/friend he was and the role he played amongst his friends. We gave him some further prophetic words to encourage him in his walk with the Lord.

Our next stop was a restaurant in another part of the city for lunch. As we arrived, I noticed two Emirati muslim guys walking to their car and I inquired if the Lord had anything for them. I got a word of knowledge that one of them had a left knee problem and went to inquire. Just as they were getting in their car, I asked them and sure enough the driver had a problem with his left knee in the back. It had been hurting him for a couple of days. I had him lay his own hand on the area and told him that God was going to heal him. I prayed a quick prayer in Arabic and clearly asked in the Name of Jesus. I asked him to take his hand away and it was completely healed! No more pain. I don't know what was more surprising - the healing or the revelation that the Lord revealed to a Christian that he actually had pain in a specific part of his body. He took my number and I told him that I would like him to meet some of my friends who live in his city. Praying for this healing to lead to more interest in the Healer Himself!

In the restaurant, staffed almost exclusively by Arab muslims (Syrians and Egyptians), we offered to minister to anybody who had pain. I had a word of knowledge about back pain and so our waiter went to find one of their employees with that condition. Two of us were able to pray for this man's back and share with him the source of all sickness/pain (the kingdom of darkness) and God's intention to heal the sick out of His great love for people. We didn't really get to pray for any others, but I asked several times. I made it clear that we loved to minister to sick people/hurting people and since our friends visit this restaurant on occasion, there will be opportunity to follow up with these men.

At that point, we broke into three different groups with one continuing on in another mall, where that had the chance to meet with and encourage a local Emirati Christian who I also got to meet later that evening. My son and I headed off to a father/son activity - surfing in the desert at the world's best wave pool and our third group drove up to the top of a 4,000 ft. mountain and although I don't know the details, got to pray for people there and saw at least two people healed.

Our day ended with a house church meeting that included the operation of many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit - there was prophecy, there were tongues and the interpretation of tongues, there was healing, we did some deliverance from demonic torment. It was just an incredible time to be with other believers and to encourage them with some of our testimonies. The Emirati Christian was also there and that was just a huge highlight of our trip to be with one of the few known national believers. He had been tortured for his faith and yet with great boldness he was following Jesus and having an impact reaching others with the Gospel. It is one of the great honors to meet with those who have literally given up everything to follow Christ and who have also been persecuted (in his case institutionalized in a mental hospital and given electric shocks to the head and seriously drugged) for their faith in Jesus. He came to learn from us, but as it ALWAYS the case, I learned by for by being with him and hearing his story. Pray for his continued protection and for God to use him to reach his own people who are deceived and imprisoned in the false religion of Islam.

Malls, muslims and Miracles in Dubai - Day 2

yesterday we spent many, many hours in the largest mall in the world watching God touch people from many different nationalities. I think that was something that really shocked us all - in addition to ministering to people from the United Arab Emirates, we interacted with and/or prayed with people from South Africa, Pakistan, the Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbajan, India and Ethiopia. I'm sure there a couple of more because we were a team of 7.

Here were some of the encounters:

At lunch there were a large group of South Africans eating next to us and I told them about the team I had with me that could heal and prophesy and before we even had a chance to continue, I got a word of knowledge for a back condition in a particular part of the back. Two of the women had it and I had them each grab each other's hand and I prayed and both of them were healed! One of them went on and on about all the medication she had been taking and how bad it had been. She came over first and several of the team prophesied over her. Isaac of Ninevah had a vision for one girl and described in detail her bedroom and a Christmas gift she had received the day before and she was powerfully impacted. What ensued was one after one there were words of knowledge and then the person would come and was healed. This happened with a neck, ear pain a left arm and also a left knee condition. The Lord revealed and healed them all. Their Ethiopian maid had stomach pain and she was healed too! One left arm was also healed. Several of these South Africans were Christians and we were able to encourage them and even with one teenage girl (whose knee was healed), I was able to train her how to do the same thing we were doing. It was a good start to our mall visit to say the least.

After lunch it was time to get caffeinated and on our way to the coffee shop there was a shop that was called "La Cure" - I thought, we've got to see a miracle in a place with that name! We walked in and inquired if there was any employee in pain - one woman had lost her voice and we prayed a couple of times for it and nothing happened. That was a bit discouraging and surprising after all the healings at lunch (and yes we do share things that don't happen on this blog), but I was sure God wanted to do more. One employee from Azerbajan (who was a muslim) had been watching what was happening (or not happening to be more precise) was willing to talk with us a bit more and Isaac began to give her a prophetic word. I also got a word of knowledge about emotional numbness and now we had her attention as this was something that was true. The Lord also gave us some more prophetic insights into her temperament and personality. We had her put her hand on her heart and released the Kingdom. She said she felt God touching her. Then I got a word of knowledge for a specific knee which I felt was for one of her parents. Isaac saw a man walking with a cane. It was accurate and for her father. I asked when she would be talking to her father. She said she Skyped them every day. So we prayed that he would be healed at that very moment where he was. We hope to be able to follow up. I told her that I felt it would be a sign for her that God had genuinely healed her heart!

At one point, on our way to coffee, we met 3 muslim men from Mali. One of them was a Tuarag, which historically had been a Christian tribe before being forcibly converted to Islam like 700 years ago. It was difficult to communicate, but one of them had a little English and could serve as a translator. One of them had a back injury and we prayed for him and he was healed. Through our limited ability to communicate verbally, we explained what God was communicating to them through His loving, healing hand. They were very happy to meet us and wanted to become our Facebook friends after taking many pictures with us.

When we got to the coffee shop, one of the team ministered to a Russian woman who was healed. Isaac and I left them there for a while and went to a sporting goods store. As I was buying a belated birthday present for myself, he had prayed for a Sri Lankan buddhist employee who was healed and very surprised that Jesus had healed him. Isaac also asked if any of them had problems with demons and one of them said he didn't but that he had a couple of friends that did. we are in the process of connecting them to some local believers who can minister exorcism to his friends.

When we returned to the coffee shop there were a couple of Emirati muslim women there. I had a word of knowledge and asked one of the girls with us to approach them. She was able to pray for their healing and God.

At dinner there were some other Emirati muslim women and a couple of us had gotten words of knowledge (back problem and something else) and one of the guys also had some pretty detailed information about the circumstances that led to the pain/injuries (i.e. sleeping on a bad mattress). all the words were accurate and one of our women prayed for them to be healed. They were very open to receiving ministry which is something many who live and work in the UAE don't often believe.

I am forgetting some of the others stories and people we ministered to, but we talked about it and felt it was no exaggeration to say that we probably prayed for up to 30 different people and that between 1/3 and 1/2 of them attested to being healed. Of course there were some who couldn't tell at the moment. This was all in a muslim country under the constant surveillance of cc cameras and we were never told to stop, no one got angry (I even offered at one point to pray for a Saudi Arabian family, who although they declined my offer, were nevertheless very thankful that I offered.

malls, muslims and miracles - it has a nice ring to it.

Dubai miracles - Day 1

As Isaac of Ninevah and some of the team arrived in Dubai, they got a word of knowledge and saw a man healed (I don't have the details), but just a good start to what's going to be a great time of healing and miracles.

we headed out last night to a mall and got to minister to quite a few people - employees in the restaurant we ate in - we prayed for two or three of them. one for headaches, another for a throat condition that the Lord revealed through a word of knowledge.

at a coffee shop a bit later, we got to pray for a couple more employees - one of them had an problem in her arm which we prayed for several times and saw get about 80% better. I also approached some Emirati Arab muslims with what I thought was a word of knowledge for them. None of them had the problem (a word for a neck condition) but were very interested to discuss healing and learn from a Christian how we hear from God and pray for the sick. I was able to share with them in Arabic the Lord's prayer and how we believe that "on earth as it is in heaven" is our mandate to bring healing to anybody and everybody. they took my phone number. somehow I think I'll be hearing from them again.

we were able to minister to another man in another shop who had back pain. we only saw him get about 80% healed.

other than that we offered to pray for and minister to handful of others, but nothing else opened up. one table of people actually refused when one of the team approached them with some prophetic words.

this nation is known to be a difficult nation for Kingdom breakthrough - whereas many Christians live and work here with tremendous freedom, there are only a handful of known local believers and we are trusting that in the few days we are here that we will be able to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom to many Emiratis and other muslims who know nothing yet of the power of Christ, His Divine Nature, His atoning sacrifice, etc. etc.
pray for us.

Dubai miracles begin

a group of us has arrived in Dubai to see what God will do as we love people intentionally with the power of the Kingdom.

i arrived a bit earlier than the group and it started off with a word of knowledge for a knee condition for the employees of the car rental company. one was a muslim and the other man a Christian. the Christian man from India had the problem and let me pray. The Lord healed his knee and he told me that he was "born again". He also was eager to know when and if I was doing any Church services in Dubai?

as I was about to get into the car, the other man approached me. he wanted to know one thing; he asked me, "How did you know that my friend had a knee problem"? I told him clearly that Jesus told me because He wanted to heal him. As is often the case, since muslims don't believe God speaks anymore, he was most shocked in how in the world I knew about someone else's problem who I obviously didn't know.

the great thing about this is that who is working with this Indian muslim man? a born-again believer who will undoubtedly be telling him a lot more about the Jesus who healed him and who speaks today!

December 25, 2012

Christmas Presents for Muslims - Part 3

Yesterday we went to another Middle Eastern mall – we were actually just stopping by to say hello to some of our community that was celebrating a birthday and H. from Texas finds a Bedouin muslim woman, offers healing and proceeds to pray for her right in the shoe store.  H. is just being who she is – a Holy Spirit filled believer releasing the Kingdom whenever and wherever she goes.  When we found the birthday party (in a restaurant),  I offered "Christmas presents" to any of the staff.  I had my Santa's hat on and told them (mostly muslims) that we would help anybody with pain.  One Lebanese muslim came over and shared some personal details/problems.  I explained that my friends could "see" things and told him they would share some things with him.  Two of the team from Texas proceeded to NAIL the situation – it was about his engagement and upcoming marriage.  They also prophesied over a S. African believer who was at the party – she told me they were very encouraging/accurate prophetic words.

After this I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem on the left side sensing it was for someone at the party.  We were all at one table and sure enough down at the end one of two muslims at the party had a neck problem in that exact location.  I explained why the Lord had revealed it and of His intention to heal it.  I had another guest grab her hand and I prayed for her – her neck was healed.  I had also gotten a word for a problem in the upper left arm but hadn't asked anybody about it.  That comes next.

I went back to the restaurant manager, a Lebanese muslim, to inquire about others who needed healing.  I had seen one guy that I sensed needed prayer and that ended up being the cashier.  I was wrong about him needing prayer for healing (I thought it he might have some knee problems from the way he walked by) but then "broadened" things a bit and said, that basically God will heal any and every pain.  He had none, but the man next to him had pain in his upper left arm – I had found my word of knowledge.  I asked this muslim man to put his hand on his arm and I prayed.  It was about 50% better after praying once and then I asked if I could put my hand on his arm.  After praying again, he arm was completely healed.

It's just a lot of fun what can happen on Christmas Eve Day in a restaurant full of muslims when someone's wearing a Santa's hat offering "Christmas Presents" in Jesus' Name!

After this, we had arranged to go and pray for a muslim young man who had never walked.  We had met his father on our first outreach who asked if we would come.  He gave us the impression that the boy was fine but simply couldn’t walk.  When we entered the house we realized that was only a part of the problem.  Radical oxygen deprivation at birth had left this boy in a radically deformed state.  It was one of the saddest conditions I've ever seen.  This Shi'ite muslim family welcomed us in to pray for the boy.  While there, the Lord opened the door through a word of knowledge to pray for one of their other sons who had a back condition.  God's power came onto the teenager in a powerful way.  He was really touched.  The mother of the boy we came to pray for also had foot problems and one of our ladies prayed for her feet.  She couldn't tell at that point what had happened as she had to test it on a walk.  Another muslim woman there had her wrist healed.  I was able to share a number of things about the Gospel with this family; about the reality of Jesus carrying our pains and infirmities - "by His stripes, we are healed".  They have some parallel beliefs as Shi'ites and were very receptive.  I spoke about the ministry of angels.  We were able to lay hands on the boy and release the Kingdom.  Although we saw now noticeable difference in his condition, we believe we deposited something in that muslim home.  No Christians had ever been there to pray for their son.  No Christians had ever come into their home and sang, and done spiritual warfare and brought the Kingdom.  I was told that I must come back.  Love can break though any barrier.  We also believe that there will be measurable changes in the condition of this young man.

All in all it wasn't too bad of a Christmas Eve Day here in the Middle East.  Don’t forget to deliver presents when you are out and about this Christmas and New Years!

December 24, 2012

completely deaf ear opens

At the end an already great day, we had a renewal meeting in an Arab Church in the evening where there was a lot of powerful prophetic ministry and training/equipping in the prophetic as our guests from the United States ministered and just went for it.  During one of the words that their team was given, a very strong word of knowledge came in my right ear.  I went up to tell the team member who was prophesying to tell him that the word was for one of the two he was ministering to prophetically and it turned out that one of the men was 100% deaf in his right ear.  he was completely healed and the man who leads the Church is a surgeon and tested it out thoroughly and declared the man, whose condition he knew of, healed of deafness!  I love medically verified miracles – who doesn't?

Christmas Presents for Muslims - Part 2

Yesterday we all decided to go to a large mall to finish our Christmas shopping and see how many "presents" we could give to people by way of healings, prophetic words, etc.  You have no idea how much fun it is to play "Kingdom Santa" in a muslim country!  We broke into a few groups and no sooner had we started out that one of the other groups had already been praying for a Gulf Arab muslim man who had a cane.  He was with his grown daughter.  I was brought in for further translation and he explained to me that he had been in a horrible motorcycle accident many years before.  He was thanking me that my friends had stopped him and kept saying, "God has sent you to us today" even though he hadn't been healed yet!  He was so touched.  I got a word of knowledge about an ear problem.  His daughter explained that it was for her daughter who had hearing issues but was at home.  The man's leg was in need of more than healing; he needed a creative miracle as parts of his muscle had been removed during a surgery.  After showing us, I asked if I could pray again.  I grabbed his hand and prayed in Arabic.  At the end, the Holy Spirit was so upon him that he began to cry.  In years of praying for muslim men, I have never seen this happen.  His daughter was shocked!  As far as we know he still needs a creative miracle in his knee, but as he told me yet again that God had sent us to them, I knew that this was a special divine appointment.  I gave him my number and we will arrange to have Desert Princess go and pray for his granddaughter.  We are excited to see what happens as I have never seen a muslim man as impacted by prayer!  He was right – God had sent us to him and touched him in a way that only the Holy Spirit could.

In the next couple of hours we were able to pray for many different people – muslims, Christians, Buddhists and even one Jehovah's witness.  The Lord revealed a number of conditions by word of knowledge – one Filipino woman after the Lord revealed her back condition began to cry after she was healed.  One of our community works with this woman and will be able to follow up.  As we left, she was so impacted she couldn't speak.

In another shop, the Lord healed one Filipino woman's knee after the Lord revealed it through a word of knowledge.  She was shocked that God revealed it and even more so when He healed it!  She brought her colleagues – another one's foot was healed after praying several times.  Another one came for prayer for a cough and chest pain.  We will be going to pray for this woman's baby who has a brain condition.  She had seen the healings in her workplace and so she is expectant for what God will do when a team of us go today to pray for the baby.

In a final shop the Lord opened up a door for ministry that felt like a healing service – a muslim woman from Egypt was healed of 3 conditions (her foot, and two places in her back).  The foot and the back conditions were revealed by word of knowledge.  Several Filipino's were healed.  We got to prophesy over them too.  One of the employees was a Tibetan buddhist from N. India.  She became part of our ministry team and was willing to lay hands on the others while we would pray in Jesus' Name.  She felt God's power in her hand when we prayed.  Another woman was a Jehovah's Witness and she was feeling God's power in her arm as electricity that wouldn't stop.  I was able to tell her that Jesus wanted her to know that He was in fact God and that the Jesus of her Jehovah's Witness background couldn’t do what the Divine Jesus was doing.  She was so thankful.  One of the employees was an Egyptian Coptic Christian.  He was also healed and we told the muslims that he could answer all their questions.  He was a committed believer.  It was clearly the best time I've ever had in a clothing store.  Jesus' power was demonstrated through a number of healings, His revelation through prophetic words and His message of love clearly communicated.  There were some other issues that the Lord revealed that we arranged for some of the women on our team to go back and minister to, especially some of the deeper inner healing issues.  God healed their bodies physically and will heal their souls when they our women meet with these women.  

These are only the the testimonies of one of our teams today – I can't wait to hear tonight all the testimonies of the other teams.

December 23, 2012

Christmas Presents for Muslims - Part 1

Yesterday we had Kingdom-minded, prophetic group arrive from the U.S. to see what God might do as we seek to demonstrate the God's love in supernatural ways to whoever we meet, wherever we go, whenever we are out.  Even as they were jet-lagged, we headed out yesterday to see what kind of "Christmas presents" we might deliver to the different muslims we would meet.  The men went in one direction, the women in another (I'll have Desert Princess share their stories) and over the course of the next few days, I'll be blogging about our adventures together in two different muslim countries.

Isaac of Ninevah, myself and three others headed out. One place we stopped to have some tea was where we were able to pray for our first person.  We had offered to our servers to help anybody who had pain.  An Iranian muslim employee was the first one we saw God touch.  He had pain in his left foot, particularly in his big toe.  I laid hands on his foot and prayed quickly commanding the pain to go in Jesus' Name. He told me that all the pain left.  This was later confirmed as I put him on the phone to one of our community who speaks Farsi (I had spoken to him and prayed for him in Arabic, but that was his second language) who told me that he recounted what had happened to him and his healing over the phone.  I gave my friend's phone number to this man.  After seeing him healed, as we were leaving the some of the Egyptian muslim employees called me over to pray for another man and I had him lay hands on himself (he had chronic headaches) and prayed the Lord's prayer in Arabic, personalizing it with his particular name and condition.  I'm not sure what happened with regards to his headaches because he didn't have one at the time I prayed; however, I know that the reason they stopped me and asked me to pray for him was because they had seen and heard the testimony of the Iranian man's healing.  We absolutely love referrals!

As we were heading back to our cars, I saw a Gulf Arab muslim man walking with a cane.  Two of us approached him and two other men, who happened to be from Bahrain.  He asked why I had stopped him and was inquiring about his condition.  He had a knee injury from playing soccer many years earlier.  I explained that, "In our faith, whenever we see someone who is sick or hurting, it is incumbent upon us to pray for them that God would heal them".  One of the men from Bahrain, who seemed the most interested asked me, "So you can heal the sick"?  I explained that of course by ourselves we can heal no one but God heals people when we pray.  I asked the injured man to give me his hand and I prayed in the Name of Jesus that he would be healed.  I then asked him to test it out and he walked a bit and said there wasn't any difference.  I spoke with him a little bit about the importance of faith and then sensed that the encounter was over.  I would have liked to pray again, but I didn't sense I could go any further.  I had given these men my phone number and I trust that they will call me back especially if something more happens to the man's knee in the wake of our prayer (sometimes we have seen muslims healed like that).  While praying for him, Isaac and the others had been ministering to another muslim man who was healed (I don’t know the details) and another Gulf Arab muslim who had been watching had a need he wanted prayer for.  His son has been unable to walk his entire life (the son is now 15 years-old) and we will go to his house and pray for him in the next couple of days.  Again, the effect of him seeing another man touched by God's power, got this father thinking what might be possible if these Christians visit his son.  

The next place we went where we would be delivering presents was to a restaurant where we reconnected with our wives and the women who had come from the U.S.  As soon as the waiters (almost all were Arab muslims) began to take our order, we began to minister to them.  I introduced the guys from the U.S. as "healers" and our first "customer" was an Egyptian muslim with a headache.  He was healed.  Then another muslim man came with hearing loss – we prayed twice and his hearing was restored.  Another man came who said his right ear was "blocked" and we prayed for him.  He left saying felt strange; it was "tingling".  I told him to come back when the tingling stopped but I guess he got busy because I didn't see him again.  We also prayed for an Egyptian Coptic Christian employee who suffered from allergies and the resulting congestion and breathing problems.  After prayer, he told us that everything cleared up – of course, that will take time to know what has happened with the allergies.  Having a Christian working there with these muslim men who were healed is going to be the best way for them to be followed up.  They will be directing their questions now towards one of their co-workers.  Christmas came early last night as the Kingdom visited all of these men.  May they now hear one of their friends tell them more about the King Himself.