December 24, 2012

Christmas Presents for Muslims - Part 2

Yesterday we all decided to go to a large mall to finish our Christmas shopping and see how many "presents" we could give to people by way of healings, prophetic words, etc.  You have no idea how much fun it is to play "Kingdom Santa" in a muslim country!  We broke into a few groups and no sooner had we started out that one of the other groups had already been praying for a Gulf Arab muslim man who had a cane.  He was with his grown daughter.  I was brought in for further translation and he explained to me that he had been in a horrible motorcycle accident many years before.  He was thanking me that my friends had stopped him and kept saying, "God has sent you to us today" even though he hadn't been healed yet!  He was so touched.  I got a word of knowledge about an ear problem.  His daughter explained that it was for her daughter who had hearing issues but was at home.  The man's leg was in need of more than healing; he needed a creative miracle as parts of his muscle had been removed during a surgery.  After showing us, I asked if I could pray again.  I grabbed his hand and prayed in Arabic.  At the end, the Holy Spirit was so upon him that he began to cry.  In years of praying for muslim men, I have never seen this happen.  His daughter was shocked!  As far as we know he still needs a creative miracle in his knee, but as he told me yet again that God had sent us to them, I knew that this was a special divine appointment.  I gave him my number and we will arrange to have Desert Princess go and pray for his granddaughter.  We are excited to see what happens as I have never seen a muslim man as impacted by prayer!  He was right – God had sent us to him and touched him in a way that only the Holy Spirit could.

In the next couple of hours we were able to pray for many different people – muslims, Christians, Buddhists and even one Jehovah's witness.  The Lord revealed a number of conditions by word of knowledge – one Filipino woman after the Lord revealed her back condition began to cry after she was healed.  One of our community works with this woman and will be able to follow up.  As we left, she was so impacted she couldn't speak.

In another shop, the Lord healed one Filipino woman's knee after the Lord revealed it through a word of knowledge.  She was shocked that God revealed it and even more so when He healed it!  She brought her colleagues – another one's foot was healed after praying several times.  Another one came for prayer for a cough and chest pain.  We will be going to pray for this woman's baby who has a brain condition.  She had seen the healings in her workplace and so she is expectant for what God will do when a team of us go today to pray for the baby.

In a final shop the Lord opened up a door for ministry that felt like a healing service – a muslim woman from Egypt was healed of 3 conditions (her foot, and two places in her back).  The foot and the back conditions were revealed by word of knowledge.  Several Filipino's were healed.  We got to prophesy over them too.  One of the employees was a Tibetan buddhist from N. India.  She became part of our ministry team and was willing to lay hands on the others while we would pray in Jesus' Name.  She felt God's power in her hand when we prayed.  Another woman was a Jehovah's Witness and she was feeling God's power in her arm as electricity that wouldn't stop.  I was able to tell her that Jesus wanted her to know that He was in fact God and that the Jesus of her Jehovah's Witness background couldn’t do what the Divine Jesus was doing.  She was so thankful.  One of the employees was an Egyptian Coptic Christian.  He was also healed and we told the muslims that he could answer all their questions.  He was a committed believer.  It was clearly the best time I've ever had in a clothing store.  Jesus' power was demonstrated through a number of healings, His revelation through prophetic words and His message of love clearly communicated.  There were some other issues that the Lord revealed that we arranged for some of the women on our team to go back and minister to, especially some of the deeper inner healing issues.  God healed their bodies physically and will heal their souls when they our women meet with these women.  

These are only the the testimonies of one of our teams today – I can't wait to hear tonight all the testimonies of the other teams.

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