May 23, 2008

Egyptian muslim man begins to "see" the Kingdom

Last night as I arrived in an Arabian Peninsular country, the Lord began to speak to me about the man who helping me rent a car. First of all the Lord gave me the name of the neighborhood he lives in - I asked him, "do you live in F...."? Next the name "Saalim" popped into my mind. I asked him who that was. It was his brother-in-law. (Note: I've known lots of Egyptians in my life and never met one named Saalim).

At that point, I explained to him that the Lord was giving me "revelation" about he and his family for a reason. "What reason",? he asked. I didn't have that yet and told him, "I don't know yet".

I waited a minute or so and then the Lord gave the impression that Saalim had a serious health problem. I sensed it was high blood pressure. I asked him if he did, and he said "Yes, he is under treatment for health problems related to obesity".

As he was handing me over my rental car, the Lord gave me two words of knowledge - left ankle and neck problem on the left side. I asked him who that was for. He looked surprised - "Those are the two problems my brother has back in Egypt".

At the end of it, we had exchanged numbers and were planning to meet. I am also arranging for someone to visit his brother in Egypt.

Just "exploring the space" in another muslim country!!

May 22, 2008

Ice Cream Glory Zone!

Tonight my wife and I were out on a date and we stopped to get some ice cream. As we were getting it, I got a word about some pain in the hip. I thought it was for the manager and we prayed for his back. He said that it wasn't hurting then, but that it had been hurting. We also got the chance to pray for both of the male workers that were there. One of them gets a cough every night, so we prayed that that would be broken off. The other guy had chest pain from an accident. After we prayed for his chest and ALL the pain left, he told us that he also had some ankle problems, too. We prayed for those and saw the pain decrease in both of his ankles. At this point, one of the other workers, a lady, came out and I got a word about an ear. So, we prayed for her ear. After we prayed for her ear, we prayed for her back and both were healed. She went on to tell us that her calf hurt and that her friends had been massaging it just the previous day. At this point, I look over at J (the guy who had just gotten healed of chest pain and the guy I had just imparted a gift of healing to) and asked him to pray for her calf. As he prayed silently 4 feet away for her leg, my wife also prayed. When we asked her how it felt, she walked around a bit and looked quite surprised. She said that all the pain was gone. We encouraged J to keep praying for people and to remember the healing that had just happened because he had prayed.

Glory to God in the highest!

May 20, 2008

Follow Up Activation

The Lord is doing a new thing! Not only is He healing people as we walk around, He's activating people in the prophetic and in healing. The Kingdom "virus" is spreading. A few days ago, I posted a testimony about the manager at Starbucks.
Today, I asked her how her shoulder was. She said that it was still good and she told me that she had been PRAYING for the other employees.

More, Lord!


As DJ has previously written, we went out last night to run some errands and harvest a few miracles. At the risk of repeating a few testimonies (isn't that what they're for?), I'm going to give my take on a few of the going-ons of last night.

There was this Indian guy in one shop who was reluctant to let us pray for him. In fact, he didn't want it at all. However, when we released the Kingdom, he got healed in Jesus' name in .5 seconds. Incredible.

As went on to a local mall, we ministered to a couple of guys in the computer kiosk. I didn't get a lot of revelation there, but we did see some breakthrough with one of the guys who was having some chest/shoulder pain.

We then headed to the food court where we saw a guy limping around. I went up to him and it turned out to be a guy I had met earlier that day when I was there with my wife. I went ahead and gave him the spiel about being a Christian and that Jesus told us to heal the sick, etc. Being Catholic, he agreed quickly, so I took his hand and released the Kingdom into his left knee. I then asked him to move it around and see how it felt. He said, "You've got magic hands. It feels better." He went on to tell me that he also got arthritis symptoms when he got cold, so we prayed for that, too. I got a physical word as I was praying, so I felt confident that this was going to be healed as well. He also asked me for a Bible of his own. Later on, as we were leaving, I cast a glance back and saw this guy walking around WITHOUT the limp.

Later that night, in the pizza shop, I got a prophetic word for the lady working there that she liked to design things. She asked, blushing, how I knew that. I went on to tell her that Jesus told me this because He loved her. She then went to the back of the store and got a folder she had designed for work. I encouraged her to keep on. She asked me how I could hear God and I explained that He often spoke to us through our thoughts and I then had her prophesy over me. After a few tries, she nailed an accurate word.

After the pizza shop, we floated around and tried to find a few more sick people. We ran into a Bedouin guy and asked if he had pain. He said he had a headache, but didn't want prayer-- even after I explained it was free and quick.

All in all, it was a good night and some of the guys who went with us to see the Kingdom come didn't leave disappointed.

we aren't even waiting for words of knowledge any more!

last night a group of us went out to "spill" (God's Kingdom) on people. We didn't know where He would lead us or who we would meet. We didn't spend an hour "soaking" and getting revelation before going out this time. Most of where we went had to do with practical things we needed to do - eat, run errands, book airline tickets, find an ATM machine, car accessories, find a guitar string, buy a bicycle pump, get a shave, etc. One of my ministry mottos is: "Shop until THEY drop" (i.e. under God's power).

Firstly, I was hungry so we went to an Iranian restaurant - where the manager's knee was healed last time we were there. This time another employee (Iranian shi'ite muslim) needed prayer for a stomach problem (digestive). We laid hands on his and God's Spirit began to touch him. Long after we stopped praying, God's healing presence was moving (his words) in his stomach.

A couple of stops later we were in car accessories shop. We had some words of knowledge that we asked the shop keeper about and he had one of the conditions that Isaac asked him about. He was a muslim from Indian and simply refused to let Isaac lay hands on him and pray. At this point, I extended my hand to kind of say goodbye, put his hand in Isaac's hand and he quickly released the Kingdom in a few words only. The man checked himself out and he was HEALED!

After that we found ourselves in the Apple Store (Mac's & Ipods - not fruit). I sensed we should go there (partially so I could see the MacBook Air again!). Anyway, there were two Lebanese muslims working there. One had a back problem that we prayed for but saw no breakthrough (even after several times of praying). I thought there might be something "blocking" the Holy Spirit and sure enough there was a major issue of unforgiveness/bitterness that he was in the middle of that started the DAY BEFORE! I say that because of course we can all think of broken relationships that we could probably attribute blockage to, but this was clearly THE ISSUE for this man. I believe Isaac also gave some prophetic words to him (he'll blog about that).

The other employee had an injury in the pectoral muscle in his chest. I prayed for that and we tested it out - all the pain left. He was healed.

We bounced around a bit more asking anybody and everybody we could find if they needed a miracle of healing. We aren't even waiting for words of knowledge anymore! Many said they didn't need prayer, but would ask for our phone numbers IN CASE ANY OF THEIR FRIENDS DID.

Our last stop was a shopping area where I thought I could find a guitar string - which I didn't. Our first location of ministry was a Pizza parlor. We tried to minister to the manager intially (because if the manager gets touched, the employees will get 'breaks' to come for further ministry). One of the other employees, a Filipino woman, had walked into a window the day before and had a large, painful bump on her head. We couldn't really lay hands on her, so we asked her to put her hand on the affected area and we prayed a quick prayer. To all of our surprise, God just healed her instantly. I say to "our surprise" because none of us could remember the last time we had had breakthrough with injuries that had just occured.

She was SHOCKED!! We love it when that happens. Anyway, she starts TESTIFYING and the next thing we know we are now ministering to several different people. Isaac continued ministering prophetically to our new 'healed' friend (he'll share about that) and I found a muslim employee who had a couple of the problems in the leg that the Lord had given me by two words of knowledge. He had an injury on his shin that was painful, swollen and bloody. It was hurting him before I prayed, but afterwards ALL the pain was gone.

Our Pizza parlor stop was unusual in the sense that we saw two recent injuries, still causing constant pain, swollen - healed INSTANTLY! Our faith increased!

Finally, we went in for head massages (no suffering for Jesus here!) and a shave. One of the men, a Nepali hindu man, had a headache. Eventually he let us pray for it and was healed.

Not a bad night - alot of the words of knowledge we got for people along the way weren't right (or at least weren't claimed), but God just kept encouraging us with a number of healings - which of course opened the door to talk about THE HEALER!

Explore the Space - I highly recommend it!!!

May 19, 2008

Exploring the Space Outside!

This morning I was taking a walk and I walked past a bus stop. There was one guy there sitting in the shade. I walked up to him and started with the most obvious thing I could think of, "Hot out here isn't it?" Nice intro. After we started talking, I asked him where he was from and then if he had a pain in the upper part of his left arm. He slowly nodded his head. I then told him that God had told me of his pain and the He wanted to heal it. He agreed to let me pray and I quickly prayed for his arm. I asked him to check and he moved it around, smiled a little, and then started nodding his head. I asked him if it were 100% and he nodded (not much of a talker, this guy). I told him that God loved him and that He had just healed him. I, then, went on with my walk.

Now, as an addendum to this story, I would like to mention HOW I got the word for his arm. I imagined a person's body in my mind's eye (like the kind you see in anatomy books) and asked the Lord to highlight the place where this guy's pain was. I could see a red light around the top of the upper left arm (like those old Doan's backpain pills commercials). Taking it on faith that this was the right word, I went ahead and approached him and the rest is history.

Jesus is so ready to work through us, He'll use whatever, whenever, for whomever. Yes, it is as simple as imagining a body and seeing a red light. Why not?