November 18, 2011

Egyptian muslim woman healed and prophesied over

Isaac of Ninevah and I were visiting a muslim couple the other night.  the man had been touched by the Lord last year on the streets when we prayed for him and he stayed in touch.  as soon as his wife entered the room, a word of knowledge came for a problem in her left foot.  she had broken it and it hadn't been properly treated.  we prayed and all the pain left.  she checked it thoroughly.

Isaac started to prophesy over the couple and saw some significant things - broken relationships with family and WHEN they occurred (accurate).  another relative's NAME and that she was depressed (accurate).

all in all we were able to share so much of God's heart - when He is healing and revealing, the sharing part is sooooooooo easy!

another appointment will soon be set up for our wives to go and minister more deeply to this woman.

the Kingdom is coming!

November 14, 2011

a weekend of healings and encounters

this past weekend we had a series of renewal meetings with a team from N. America - during the 6 meetings we saw many people healed (young and old), we had many who had powerful encounters with God and even saw a number set free from demonic bondage.

I love it when we can't even count/remember all the people who were touched/healed - so many were being used (our large ministry team and others) to released the Kingdom.

unbelievers were also present and saw God's power and glory for the first time.  

waiter's shoulder healed

a group of us were having dinner.  I asked one of our servers how his health was, if he had any pain.  he said his shoulder had been injured and wasn't right.  I didn't lay hands on him; I didn't touch him at all.  I had him lay his hand on his shoulder and then quickly released the Kingdom in Jesus' Name.  he started to test it out and said it felt better.  as we were leaving, I went to find him and he testified that it was fine - no more pain.

moral of this story - ASK people how their health is and then PRAY for them.  something will happen.