November 11, 2011

when God reveals a name

it doesn't happen very often, but over the past 10 years the Lord has given me the names of 6-8 people.  He then had a significant word or healing for the person involved.

last night while we were waiting on the Lord some prophetic words for a youth meeting, God highlighted a young lady and began to give me some things for her.  after some time as I asked the Lord for more information, the name "Diana" came to me.  I dismissed it because early in the evening a group of us had been ministering to a woman named Diana in another nation over Skype - so I didn't think it meant anything for her.

to my surprise when I sat down next to her and asked her her name, she said, "Diana".  I explained to her that the Lord had given me her name and began to give her a prophetic word.  she began to cry.  probably not because of the word, but because the Lord had called her out by name.  It is an amazing thing when He does that.

More Lord!

November 09, 2011

miracles in South Asia

on our recent trip to Sri Lanka, we saw a number of miraculous healings and had some opportunities (or at least my wife did) to deliver some from demonic bondage.

I don't remember to be honest all the people we prayed for because in the course of about 4 days we prayed for probably 50 different people from Buddhist, Christian and even Muslim backgrounds.  Mostly Buddhists though.

I just wanted to highlight a few of the healings we saw.

I approached a man in a cast and prayed for him one afternoon and all the pain left.  a bit of the pain returned (stiffness too) and he called me the following day to meet again.  we prayed again and all the pain in hand and wrist (which were broken) left again.  he was quite taken back.  a Buddhist man and his wife.

another man had pain in his side and leg - we prayed and he could walk normally again without pain.

while on a trip to the south, I prayed for a young Buddhist man whose arms had been affected by an accident he had while a teenager.  I prayed and all of his arm began to tingle and wouldn't stop.  we didn't see the healing completed while there, but I told him that the Lord had begun a work and would complete it.  He will get back to me via email to report on what happened.  following that, I got a word of knowledge for a back problem of another Buddhist guy standing there.  we prayed for him.  it wasn't hurting at the time, but I assured him that "the Lord reveals things to heal things".  finally another man with a stomach problem asked us to pray.  he too felt the presence of God.

after teaching about the miraculous to a group of Christian workers, I asked if anybody wanted to go out and "see some miracles".  A group of 3 decided to join me.  we walked out onto the streets and met a group of soldiers/guards.  one of them had pain in his heels.  we prayed and he was healed.  another Buddhist man had a shoulder problem.  I had another Buddhist man (who we prayed for and who wasn't healed) to join me as my "ministry team".  I figured if he wasn't healed, he would at least get to be a part of another man's miracles.  And so he was!  the shoulder was completely healed.  another one of our team prayed for a man's stomach that was healed.  and finally we met a man who had been a Catholic as a young man but was somewhat syncretistic now (believing in Buddha too) and the Lord healed his shoulder and neck problem.  we also prophesied over him and encouraged him strongly to return to Jesus and worship Him alone!  he was listening as it was Jesus who had just healed him!  that was all in about 1/2 hour of just walking 200 yards outside our hotel.

while at the airport when leaving, I found myself standing at the "Buddhist Information" shop (basically the shop that has all the books to propagate Buddhism and convert non-Buddhists).  what a place for a word of knowledge!  I got a distinct word for a problem that started in the back and came clear through to the stomach.  the woman had that condition.  I asked my wife to come over and she began to pray for the woman who was healed!  we got a great photo of her ministering with the "sign" in the background!  that led to a series of others - we prayed for 3 women and another man who all received healing - all Buddhists!  one man was a real seeker but just needed someone to really walk him through things and introduce him to Jesus.  he was healed of an 8 year chronic lower back problem.  another woman was healed of a headache.  that was just a fun time.

we got to pray for a number of others - a woman who was bleeding was healed, another woman who had some demonic bondages was set free as the demons were cast out (or off?) of her.

I should also say that there were many we prayed for who were not healed which is always heartbreaking.   I don't want to give the impression that we don't also have encounters where we don't get the result we are praying for.