July 31, 2008

out of the ocean to pray for the sick

while bodyboarding with my son and a couple of friends, I noticed a couple walking down the beach and the woman had a neck brace on. I tried to come out of the water but felt a bit self conscious approaching people for prayer all wet, no shirt, holding a body board with fins on my feet. I figured my wife would "see" the woman and offer prayer.

my wife didn't see her and now the couple was walking back down the beach to pass us again. I had to do it.

I hobbled up to them (because I was wearing swim fins:) and asked what happened. She had been thrown from a horse a few days earlier and they'd fused some of the vertebrae.

I explained I was a minister and asked if I could pray. They said yes, I took her hand and released God's healing into her neck and back. They were very thankful.

They walked away, I hobbled back into the water.

I don't know what happened - but something must have because a spirit-filled believer can't lay hands on someone and nothing happens.

other healings and prophetic stuff

while ministering in another U.S. state, we did some "power spilling" and also had a couple of ministry times in a church. During these, we saw God do a number of supernatural things. The woman's whose heart was touched that I wrote about in another blog post was one of them. Another person's shoulder was healed right before that. Also during about an hour and 1/2 in a local mall, we prayed for many people (3 different teams of us) and saw God heal and also speak prophetically to people. I'm summarizing because there were so many different encounters.

One man who'd battled cancer and had trouble walking told us after praying for him, "you made my day". We didn't even see any noticeable difference in his condition but God's love had been demonstrated. The Lord had highlighted another woman in the mall and gave me the word "broken heart". After finding out that it wasn't a physical condition, I asked her, "has something happened recently that is breaking your heart"? She told me that her husband had left the day before to join the military and was at Boot Camp. She said, "you guys are good"! We smiled.

While in the church meetings, we prayed for and prophesied over many different people. I wasn't often able to even follow up on what the Lord had done.

It was just the kind of weekend we are living for - God's Kingdom going out in all different directions!

an unusual healing

while ministering healing at the end of a worship service, I was praying for a woman whose heart had been beating unusually fast and was occasionally skipping beats. She'd been hospitalized that week for the condition.

I prayed for God's peace to be released. During prayer a very unusual presence came between me and the woman. Like a large ball of some kind of energy. I lifted her hands into the area. (seemed like a good idea at the time:). My hands were being moved around by this "energy" (for lack of a better term). It was weird. The woman asked me if I thought it was a good thing or a bad thing. I said, "we asked for the Holy Spirit to come and I believe that if you ask for the Holy Spirit, that's what you get".

During this encounter, I was thinking "maybe its just me" (you know as a coffee drinker and all...). However, the woman standing next to us speaks up and says, "I feel it too"!

The fruit? The woman's heart stopped racing and returned to its normal speed.

Was it simply the presence of God or maybe an angel? I don't know. What do you think?

security guard asks me to get off the floor after praying for a woman's healing

I had a first time experience a couple of days ago. While praying in public places, I've had my share of encounters with security people - being asked to leave, being asked to stop approaching people, etc. etc. I have never however simply been told I can't sit on the ground - here's what happened.

We saw this African lady (from Ghana) with a cane sitting on a bench in a mall. I approached her and asked if we could pray for her - she had had surgery in her right ankle. She readily agreed and so as to make praying easier I sat down on the ground. I didn't realize that a security guard began watching at some point during the time of ministry.

At the end of the prayer time, I just kept sitting on the ground as we talked. At that point, a female security guard approached me. She explained that I can't sit on the ground for "safety reasons". I told her I was praying for the woman and then she said, "yes, I know but now your are done". (We were finished - she got that right). I of course complied.

What happened to our Ghanian woman? During prayer she said it felt "lighter". I asked her how she would know if it were truly better. She said, "I'd have to walk for a while". I said, "Let's do it". We walked her all the way to where the family's car was waiting for her. All the time we walked she said it felt better and better.

emotional pain revealed

while doing some "power spilling" in a mall, as I noticed this woman working in a food court restaurant, the whole right side of my face went numb. I got into her line and when it was my turn, I quickly told her what happened to me and explained that usually when that happens to me the person it is for feels emotionally numb due to some kind of deep pain. I asked her, "does that mean anything to you"? She lowered her head and brought it up again nodding and saying yes.

She then asked if I had gotten in her line just to tell ask her this? I said yes and she began to say, "that gives me chills". She was visibly moved. She was a Christian attending a local church. I wasn't able to pray for her at the time because she was busy at work. She said she would come to the Church I was preaching at the following morning, but I never saw her.

She know who knows her pain and I explained who would heal it if she would give Him the chance.

July 29, 2008

Bus Stop

Yesterday my wife and I were waiting a a bus stop on our way home from shopping at the mall when a woman with a bandage wrapped around her leg and an obvious hobble approached us. "What happened to your leg", I asked. "I just had my third surgery and it really hurts" responded the woman. After talking to her for a while we asked if we could pray for he leg to be healed. She agreed, and my wife was able to lay her hand on the woman's bandage and command it well in Jesus name. The woman then had to go to catch her bus, but she seemed to have been very blessed by the encounter. Although we did not see any immediate breakthrough we were very excited to have stepped out and taken the risk to pray.