May 12, 2007

3 Hindus, 3 words of knowledge = 1 healing (so far)

We are actually in the midst of seeing many healings in the past couple of days - in a Church meeting this morning, I called out a number of words of knowledge and two men were just healed in their seats, and the others who came forward for healing were healed after we laid hands upon them.

Tonight in a miracles service someone brought 3 Hindu men who wanted me to explain to them how healings were taking place (they had seen a number of people healed as they watched). I explained to them that Jesus gave us the same power that He had to do the same works He did. I then proceeded to demonstrate what I meant.

I asked if any of them had pain in their bodies and one said he did. I said DON'T tell me where it is, let God show me and then we'll pray. As I waited on the Lord, He gave me 3 words of knowledge - for the back of legs, migraine headaches and a pain in his shoulder. They were all accurate - talk about 3 surprised Hindus! Of course I was surprised too because this stuff never gets old! God showing up and revealing things that we could never know is always shocking.

So what happened to our Hindu friend? His shoulder was healed during prayer. Since his shoulder was the only problem that was actually hurting him at the time, we can only be sure of the one healing. Hopefully we'll hear in the days to come that the equation changes to: 3 Hindus, 3 words of knowledge = 3 healings. That would be Jesus Math.

May 09, 2007

man who had Hepatitis B passes his blood test!

Back in December, we prayed for a man who had Hepatis B but wasn't healed at that time. He was healed of his carpal tunnel syndrome which we called out in a meeting by a word of knowledge, but he still had the Hepatitis.

We continued to pray for him and still his blood tests kept coming back positive.

About a month ago, he was back in the country after having been in his home country for several months and asked if we could pray again. This night 3 of us gathered around him and the Lord actually showed us prophetically how he contracted the disease and also the name of a person who played a very foundational role in his life which ultimately led him to contracting the disease. It was a powerful evening of prayer and this young man repented for his sin and we proceeded to shut every door that the enemy had had to afflict his life.

I want to say that I am truly thankful for the medical profession - aside from all the obvious benefits, I am particularly grateful for all the diagnostic tests that can verify the healings that God does!!

Just this past week, our friend with the Hepatitis B had another blood test. The result: negative (NO Hepatitis was detected).

May 06, 2007

God speaks to former Muslim girl

Several weeks ago, a new believer had a dream about a silver ring she wears breaking into 3 parts. She asked us what it meant. At the time, all I said was that I believed the Lord was removing the silver ring to put a gold one on your finger.

A few days ago this same girl told Desert Princess that she was hearing her name called out in the night. She didn't know if it was God or if it was from some other source. Desert Princess told her the story of young Samuel and Eli and instructed her to respond like Samuel if she heard it again.

That same night the voice came spoke to her and said, "I want you to take off the ring" (i.e. the silver ring). It was given to her by a young man but since she has come to Christ, it was becoming clear to us that this relationship wasn't going to help her growth. Those of us who are in her life didn't even have to say a thing - God did it for us.