June 22, 2010

"can you do that to my other knee too"?

while shopping with my son, the employee who came to help limped up. I asked what was wrong and he said it was his left knee. I asked if I could pray. He let me and immediately began to feel like electricity and tingling in his knee. I told him that it was the power of God touching him. We left to go and check the price on an item in another store and returned about 15 minutes later. He comes up to me and I asked him how his knee was doing. He said it was better and then asked, "can you to that to my other knee too"? At that we prayed for his other knee, and the same thing happened - electricity and tingling.

don't underestimate what God will do when you see anybody limping or in pain - remember we have been commanded to "heal the sick"!

June 21, 2010

Jesus visiting Muslims PERSONALLY

For years, we heard the stories of Jesus appearing to Muslims in either dreams or visions. Often, this is "key event" that brings them into God's Kingdom.

However, until recently, we hadn't met with many Muslims who'd had this experience. I say "until recently" because in the past few months we seem to have met a number who've had this experience. Here is a list.

1. One Gulf Arab Muslim man
2. A Palestinian Muslim woman
3. An Iranian Muslim woman (who gave her life to Christ) right after Jesus appeared to her in a vision at our home.
4. An Egyptian Muslim woman - just heard about this one from one of our team members.

Having been involved in evangelism amongst Muslims for many years, I have to say that having Jesus PERSONALLY appear to them is quite helpful!

June 20, 2010

treasuring hunting again

yesterday headed out with handful of revivalists and saw the Lord heal a few people - got to share the Gospel with several too. A word of knowledge for a Hispanic woman's back problem - we prayed for her. Another Hispanic man's back healed after we prayed for him twice. Two of us got a word of knowledge for a "left knee" while in Subway - got to pray for the employee who had the problem.

One of our "clues" was about a man in a pizza restaurant, in shorts with a left knee problem - we found this man (the only man in the restaurant). He didn't want prayer for his knee (a ligament injury from years earlier) but we got to share with him about God's plan for his life.

Just love to get out there and see what God will do.