July 04, 2008

Krispy Kreme Shooba

This morning, my sons and I went to Krispy Kreme to get some donuts. Before going in, I asked the Lord to give me some stuff for the person waiting on us. As I was paying for the donuts (and my sons were engaged in eating the hot, fresh ones) I asked the lady if she had a problem with her left knee. She said she didn't, but she did have a problem in her right foot. I told her that God sometimes tells me people's pain because He wants to heal it. I also went on to tell her that if she would let me pray for her, He would heal it right then. She agreed so I prayed. After the first prayer, she said it felt lighter. After the second, she said it felt like someone was massaging it. I said, "Are you freaking out?" She said, "No, it feels good." I also got the word that she was a vivid dreamer. She said that that was true. I encouraged her to write down her dreams and ask Jesus what they meant:"Every dream is an unopened letter." Finally, I told her that God was healing her because He loved her just as it says in John 3:16. How much more effective is the verse with the demonstration! Before we left, her pain was at 85%, but I'm sure the Lord is still working.

Praise Jesus for still being the Healer!

a night with a prophet

A friend I'll call "wild man" (because he will do anything for Jesus at anytime and I'm not kidding) and I headed up for an evening of ministry with a man whose prophetic ministry has spanned over 6 decades. It was just an honor to be with him and to hear his heart. He gave some special prophetic words - including a very powerful one to another friend of mine who joined us.

We didn't know what to expect, but getting to know the pastor at dinner a little bit meant we got to join the ministry team at the end of the meeting. It was just a powerful time watching pain leave people's bodies. The word of knowledge was functioning and both "wild man" and myself gave a number of words that people responded to. There was also a strong prophetic anointing in the room (as there should be with a prophet around!). But even after he left, "wild man" and I were prophesying and praying for people until late in the night.

A night of healing and prophecy - as well as people having powerful encounters with God. Another NORMAL night in the Kingdom of God.

an amazing evening AND a healing

I had the honor of hearing Paul Young (the author of the "The Shack") share his own personal story the other night. An incredible guy whose story is so powerful I was just expecting miracles to start breaking out while he was sharing.

Funny I should say that - as we were sitting at a table with some friends, the Lord gives me a word of knowledge for one of them (a left shoulder problem). She had one. We prayed - I think 2X and it was much better. The following day I got an email confirming that there was a marked difference in the shoulder. Praise God.

Also as we got to know some people at this event, the Lord began to give my wife and I some prophetic words for people - some who aren't all that accustomed to getting them:). Anyway - the sense of God's presence was so powerful that night.

Dreams, Visions, and Cracker Barrel

Last night I had a dream in which I got a name prophetically. The name was Frank. So, today, as I went about my day, I looked for Frank. At lunch at Cracker Barrel, I looked at all the aprons, and I couldn't find a single Frank. I asked our waitress if she knew one that worked there. Here's the conversation, see if you would have felt as odd as I did:
Me: Is there a Frank that works here?
Waitress: Um, is he Hispanic?
Me: I don't know.
Waitress: There is a Frank, and he's Hispanic and he works here, but he's not here now.
Me: Is he having some problems that you know of?
W: I don't think so. Why?
M: I had a dream last night and Jesus told me to look for Frank.
W: Ok. That's cool.
M: If you see him, tell him Jesus has his number. (how cheesy.)
W: Will do.

Now take that conversation and add twenty seconds of awkward silence. At least she was receptive. After I saw that, I started asking the Lord if there was something He wanted to say to her.

So, throughout the meal, the Lord dropped some things into my mind about what He wanted to tell her. As we were leaving, I stopped her as she was going from a table to the kitchen and said that the Lord wanted to encourage her. I told her I felt like she had had a hard past, she had a heart of a nurse and that she took care of the elderly. I asked her if this was so and she nodded. She said that she wasn't taking care of anyone now, but that she had in the past. I also told her that she had a heart for justice and with a big smile and bright eyes, she responded with, "That's me!" It's great to see someone realize their destiny! After that, I just told her that the Lord wanted her to know those things and that He wanted her to be encouraged.

As priests and kings in this world, it is our privilege to speak to people on God's behalf using His words. I'm under the conviction that everyone is thirsty to hear from God and there are so few that do. I think "Do you want to know what God thinks about you?" or "Do you want to hear from God?" might be good intros.

Jesus Invades!

Last Sunday night, Tenacious B and I were visiting some muslim friends. After about an hour of business conversation, it came up that one of the guys was plagued by evil spirits in his house. Yes, you read that correctly, evil spirits. He asked us what we knew about them. Tenacious B recounted to them the story in the Gospels about how if one spirit leaves it might bring back seven more even worse. The man, S., agreed. Tenacious B, though, felt led to pray for peace for him and protection against these spirits. So, S came over and sat down between us and we prayed for peace and protection and physical restoration. This in itself was amazing since the past few times we had met he had been nearly antagonistic about Christians praying. After we prayed, he claimed he didn't feel anything, but we could tell his countenance had changed.

The other man, M., told us that he watched Christian satellite all the time and knew that Christians prayed for people. I got a word for circulation problems in the legs. So, we asked. He nodded and said that he had that problem. He allowed us to pray for him. As we were praying, I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for peace and full health. He asked us to pray for another condition as well. I also got a word that he was a generous man full of wisdom and that people came to him for counsel. He agreed and from his eyes, you could tell Jesus was working on him. We asked if he felt anything and he said that it felt like someone was rubbing his shoulder where my hand was. I told him that I wasn't moving my hand and he said, "I know you're not, but there was something moving there." A few moments later, I got a word about him having a dream recently that he couldn't figure out and that had been on his mind. He agreed, but the circumstances weren't right for us to work through it right then.

Jesus showed up yet again!

July 01, 2008

when the Garbage man gets healed

While working out yesterday on a very long, steep set of stairs I noticed two men who were carrying trash sacks from the bottom to the top. I asked the Lord how I could minister to them and He gave me this impression - "if you carry their trash sacks, you'll be able to pray for them".

To their surprise, I asked them if I could help take some of the garbage sacks to the top of the stairs. They said "of course"! One of them uttered, "Dude, you made my day". (Little did he know!!)

When I came back down, I used his tag line and said, "I know you said I made your day, but now I want to REALLY make your day, do either of you have pain in your body?". One of them had chronic back pain. I shared with him the testimony of the woman being healed in the game store (with my daughter) and he let me pray.

He was healed. He wanted to know about the Church I attended. Sometimes a Kingdom demonstration, a demonstration of God's outrageous love, is a more effective way to share the Gospel than merely words.

I've got a new "How many of know..."

How many of you know, that if you carry the garbage man's trash sacks for him, you get to pray for his healing?

when the Spirit comes in power (part 2)

you don't always get to hear about what God does in a big meeting, but in another Renewal meeting the following night, a woman came up to testify who Desert Princess and I had prophesied over.

While praying for her the 1st night, the Lord had given me a word of knowledge for her left shoulder. She had that problem and we prayed for it. When she began testifying last night, she pointed to me and said, "this man got a word of knowledge and prayed for my shoulder and it was healed".

Armed with that testimony, I found another woman with a left shoulder problem - I prayed for her and almost all of the pain left (she said she was about 90% when we finished praying).

If you've got a left shoulder problem, put your hand on it and say, "Lord, let your Kingdom come".

June 30, 2008

when the Spirit comes in power

Corporate meetings are always hard to blog about - God does so much, so quickly. It is hard to capture what has happened. I will simply give a 'snap-shot' of some of what I heard and saw.

We attend Churches where healings and miracles are a part of their DNA and therefore are expected. Right now in N. America (where we have just arrived for a visit before returning to the Middle East) much of the Church is hungry for a new visitation of God's Spirit. What began in Lakeland Florida is spreading and similar things are happening in many different places. The meeting we attended last night was a "Do it here too Lord" type of meeting. (a meeting to seek His face and invite His presence).

During the testimony time, we heard a number of people share the miracles God had done through them that week. Many others testified to their own physical healings from meeting the week before - one man's chronic foot problem healed. Another young woman, who we had prayed for the year before without results, testified to the way God had healed a broken foot that hadn't healed properly. Healing after healing. Maybe a dozen people testified - possibly more.

After the testimonies, the time to see God "do it again" was upon us. At this point, so much began to happen that I will have to wait until next week's testimony time to hear what was happening. As I ministered to several people, the Lord was coming on people in powerful ways. Many couldn't remain on their feet. Prophetically the Lord began to speak and my wife, Desert Princess, and I had the opportunity to prophesy over several different people. The feedback we got was quite encouraging. In an atmosphere like that, the gifts of the Holy Spirit seem to flow with a much greater ease.

Several others had come to us for prayer for impartation. While praying for one woman, the Spirit came upon me and I found myself bundled up on the floor as I believe the Lord was releasing into me a new level of a healing gift - that came to me in my left hand. Later when I shared that and prayed corporately over the microphone for the Lord to do the same thing for some others, a man came up to me and said, "my left hand is burning and it isn't going away". I blessed what the Lord was doing and encouraged him to "take risks and get that hand on sick people".

I believe many of our blog posts this summer will come from these types of meetings. We are hungry and positioning ourselves to enter into what God is doing. Who's satisfied we where they are currently at? We aren't!

Kingdom shopping (part 2)

The shop we were in actually didn't have the right 'color' for the game my daughter wanted, so we head to a game shop across the parking lot. I figured something was up - God had something for us there. (Note: so often when I go out, I don't carry the same 'kingdom consciousness" looking for God to speak, move, etc. When we do, God NEVER disappoints us).

The shop was 3 minutes away from closing and their computer was down - which meant 'cash only'. I knew we must be in the right place because a clear word of knowledge slams into the middle of my back on the left-hand side. Three teenage/early 20 employees standing right in front of us. I knew it was for one of them. I took the risk, "which one of you has a problem in your back right here (I pointed)"? One of them, a female, said "I do, why?". I said, "do you want to get healed"? Initially she said, "I'm fine, lived with it for years". I pressed a bit - "are you sure you don't want the pain to leave, I can help you for free?". Sometimes the "for free" thing is key because people have had exposure to people who heal for money. I quickly told her what I would do. She agreed. Having my 10 year old daughter with me also probably helped - she knew my motives for wanting to put my hand on her were O.K. I explained to her that I was simply going to release God's Kingdom.

She hopped up on the counter turning her back towards us and said, "go for it". My daughter knows the drill. We both put our hands on her back and I just began to pray. After the 1st time of prayer, NOTHING. I wasn't discouraged. I had had a clear word and wasn't done. Would she let us pray once more? They seemed to be a fairly 'hardened bunch' and I wasn't sure she wanted to take the risk again in front of her co-workers. After paying I asked, "can we just give it one more shot quickly"? She reluctantly agreed and this time I really sensed something happen. Guess what? God took her pain away.

We should always be tenacious - often it takes a couple of times of prayer to see the breakthrough. When the Lord has released a word of knowledge, it is like He is saying "you'd better be tenacious in this situation because this is what I am doing right now".

kingdom shopping

we all have to shop for things. yesterday, my daughter was anxious for daddy to take her out to buy her "good report card present". as we were walking down the aisle in one of the shops, we saw a woman with a "seeing eye dog". I thought, "what an opportunity"! It's been a while since I've seen a blind eye open. unfortunately, by the time we tried to catch up with her she was gone. so as we got in line to pay, the Lord gives me a word of knowledge in my knuckle joint and I sensed HIm say it was arthritis. I asked the employee who was checking us out, "do you have any pain in your knuckles, especially on the left hand" (I didn't mention at that point anything about arithitis:(. she said, not really but the doctor tells me I have rheumatoid arthritis. I knew she was a Christian and told her God was going to heal her.

A few things I was reminded of - give the whole word (I only said pain in knuckles). I actually really had only gotten knuckles and arthritis. So another thing is DON'T ADD to the word.

The second thing had to do with the woman who was blind. DON'T WAIT when the person comes and the Lord highlights them. I could have approached her when we saw her - we had the time and the context would have been good to minister to her.

As I've said before, "we shop until they drop" (i.e. have encounters with Holy Spirit).

June 29, 2008

God Reveals Disease!

I was in an office today and as we were wrapping up, I asked the lady, "I know this is a strange question, but do you have a problem with your stomach on the left side?" She looked at me with disbelief and said that she did. She went on to say that it was a weak spleen and that it ran in her family. I explained to her that I was a Christian and that God had told me her problem. I went on to say that because Jesus is still alive, He's going to heal her. I didn't have a chance to pray right then due to circumstances, but I assured her that I would pray for her healing and that I would check back and see how she was doing after the summer holidays.

So, readers of this blog. This is your opportunity to stand in faith with me in this prayer for healing and the breaking of this generational affliction. Feel free to email any impressions you have while praying. The lady's name is "F" and she is a muslim from Sri Lanka.