September 22, 2007

Gulf Arab Muslim woman receives healing

Last week, I went to visit my Gulf Arab friend near the beginning of Ramadan. When I arrived, my friend told me that her mother wasn’t feeling well and that she was in the hospital the night before for a heart condition.

Her mother came in shortly afterwards and told all that was going on with her health. She told me that the heart pain had left, but that there was a feeling of literal heaviness, like something was sitting on her chest.

In the past, she has always let me pray for her health problems and so I asked if I could pray for her. She had told me that while she was traveling during the summer out of the country that her health was great. As soon as she got back, she started experiencing heart pain. I was thinking that the issue was probably a demonic one.

She agreed to let me pray and I laid my hands on her. During prayer, I commanded the heaviness to leave and I could feel the peace of God flow into her. It was flowing out of me into her.

Every time I pray for a Muslim woman, I take the opportunity to do more than simply pray for whatever the particular need is, but I ask that they would feel God’s love, that they would be blessed, that God would reveal Himself to them – and whatever else the Lord brings to my mind at the time.

Initially she didn’t seem to feel any different, but after a few minutes she declares to everyone in the room, “the heaviness is gone, I feel better”. She said to me, “your hands are blessed”. Whenever a new person would enter the room, she would tell them that I prayed for her and that her condition left.

September 18, 2007

Hospital patient's angiogram results after prayer

Isaac wrote about the man we visited and prayed for in the hospital. He had had a life threatening heart attack several days before we prayed for him. Already he had received authorization to travel to the the United States for any needed heart surgery and was making plans for travel. That was all BEFORE prayer.

After prayer, he said he felt some "tingling" going on in his heart area. We knew he was scheduled for an angiogram to determine the extent of the damage to his heart and the blockage in the wake of the heart attack. We knew however the angiogram would actually show us something else - it would show us how much healing the Holy Spirit had done when we prayed for him.

Tonight I went back to the hospital - he had had his angiogram earlier in the day. I asked him what they learned. He then began to explain that the angiogram actually found no damage and only a slight blockage in a minor arterie that would only require mild medication. Definitely not the results he or the doctor's were expecting after he nearly died several days earlier. He no longer needs to travel abroad for treatment. One trip got cancelled!

Will we ever be able to know for sure if the miraculous results were because of prayer? Probably not, since we didn't have an angiogram before and after prayer. Do we think the Holy Spirit came and touched his heart and effected healing and opened up blockage? Absolutely.

The great thing is that this man also has a serious skin condition that requires cortisone to treat it regularly - something that he is still planning on traveling abroad to get treated. We will pray for that next and watch yet another international trip for medical treatment gets cancelled as well!

Hospital Patient and Carsalesman Encounter God

As some of you who have been keeping up with this blog already know, we usually went out on Monday nights to do the "Stuff." Well, we're back to going out on Sunday nights now. So, this past Sunday, DJ, I, and another friend went to the hospital to pray for a man recovering from a heart-attack. DJ boldly asked him if he minded if we prayed for him and he eagerly accepted. DJ put his hand on his chest and released heaven. He then asked the patient if he felt heat and the man replied, "No heat, but tingling [in the area around the heart]." I then gave a prophetic word about him as a kid with a kite on the beach and I interpreted that to mean that he'd be carefree again. Not only did I interpret it to mean that, I declared it to be so by the power of the Holy Spirit Who lives in us. The man was curious to know how I knew what the picture meant, so I said, "Well, practice really." He then went on to tell of a book they have in their religion that helps them understand dreams and we discussed this for a few minutes. We all felt really welcome and left encouraged.

After the hospital, we didn't know where to go, so we pulled over and started praying. We got some pics and some ideas, but nothing really had any weight. So, we started to do some shopping for something DJ needed. In the process, we came upon a car dealer that had just opened so we went inside. Since it was after 11, there weren't a lot of customers and we had the dealer's undivided attention. DJ got a word for his back and that started the fireworks. We all sat down around his desk and just started talking. We prayed for his back and he felt a lot of relief. I started making a list of the stuff I was getting and when the salesman got up to help someone, DJ and our other friend added to the list. When the salesman returned, we started asking him questions from the prophetic list. I asked him if he knew some names and he responded, "Why?" I told them that I had a gift from God and I needed to practice it and that made sense to him and he said, "Oh. Ok, what else do you have?" So, I asked him if he had family in the restaurant business and he said that he used to work in a restaurant before coming to our country. I asked him if he had bad dreams and he said that he had had one the night before. I asked him if he had had a near drowning experience when he was a kid and he said, "No, not when I was a kid, but three years ago I got taken out by the undertow and somehow made it back to shore." DJ asked about a big decision that he was facing and he said, "Well, it's not a big decision. Should I stay here or move out of the country." (We all agreed that this was a big decision.) DJ got some further revelation that he should take the direction that his heart was indicating and not his head. At one point, he was talking about his girlfriend and we asked her name and he said one of the names that we had mentioned thirty minutes before! We asked him why he didn't tell us earlier and he said that he thought we were only asking about his family. Also, during the conversation, he smoked one cigarette and started to light another one and I told him to put it down and I was going to pray for him and he was going to feel something better than what that next cigarette could provide. So, I grabbed his hand and released the peace of Christ and he said that he felt tingling all up his arm as I was praying for him. He didn't smoke the rest of the time we were there-- not sure if it was because the need had been satisfied by the Spirit or he was too self-conscious. Oh well. Furthermore, during our conversation, DJ got a word about choking while sleeping which is an indication of a demonic attack. The salesman confirmed the word as well as the only other person there: the tea guy. We prayed for both of them concerning this as well. As we were leaving, I got to pray and prophesy a little more over our new friend and we blessed his business, his sleep, his relationships, and his decisions. I saw a picture of a huge eye and I told him straightforwardly that God was watching him-- not in a negative I'm-going-to-whack-you way, but because He cares. I could see that he was visibly moved.

After Sunday night, I went to bed knowing in my heart that God doesn't care if people are Muslims. He loves them anyway and wants to see them come into all He has for them. I don't know if I had forgotten this, but Sunday night as I sat in a hospital room and saw a father in a hospital gown and a young salesman looking stressed out and tired from overwork, I really felt the compassion of God welling up in my heart. It was His gift and although I theologically knew God loves the world, Sunday night it connected.

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September 17, 2007

my son gets word of knowledge, prays and woman is healed

Nothing is as exciting as seeing our own children connect with God and join in His Kingdom work. In a recent house meeting, my pre-teen son got a word of knowledge for a problem someone was having in the neck. When the word was shared, an Indian sister came forward for prayer. My son, and a couple of others prayed for the condition and all the pain left the neck.

My son was so excited - so thrilled to share with me what had happened. I couldn't have been a prouder dad. More Lord!!!

September 16, 2007

Muslim man's condition revealed supernaturally yet refuses prayer

the other night, Ravished and I were walking together when a man walked by us and sort of turned back towards us, as if he noticed something about us (what that was, we will never know). Both of us thought that the Lord was in some way 'highlighting' him to us, and then I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the throat. We worked hard to catch up to him and were able to stop him.

I asked him if he had a problem in his throat, and he said he had a throat infection. I quickly explained that God had revealed it to us and that He wanted to heal him. He seemed a bit confused and so I explained a bit more that we were Christians and that God wanted to heal him.

We learned that he was a Muslim from India. He outright refused our offer and walked away.

God is far more grieved in a situation like that than we were - and we were sad. God longed to touch this man with His healing touch, to demonstrate His unconditional love and concern and one of His creatures refused His offer.

He won't force Himself on people and watches far more than we can even imagine walk away from His gracious offers every day.