June 03, 2009

Palestinian muslim has a "God encounter" in the hospital

Last night we went to pray for a Palestinian muslim man who is scheduled for major heart surgery. He was in very bad shape - gasping often for breath, coughing in a way that was disturbing to watch, etc. I explained what we wanted to do and shared some testimonies to what we'd seen God do. Most importantly, I began to declare some of what God was going to do as we prayed.

Basically we know that when Spirit-filled Christians lay hands on sick non-believers something will ALWAYS happen. Many Christians don't seem to expect this, but my thinking is "How can something NOT happen?". We don't know what will happen, but something HAS TO happen.

I told this man and his wife that he would FEEL God's presence as we prayed. I explained that when God's Kingdom comes (whenever and wherever it comes) pain and sickness MUST go. I find it ironic that many muslims seem to understand this aspect of the nature of God's Kingdom better than some Christians do!

Basically I prayed the Lord's prayer over him - I released the PEACE of God into a situation where there was so little peace. I also prayed that God would visit him and send him dreams in the night. During the time I was praying, he began to call out to Jesus as I was praying in His Name.

What happened next had to be witnessed to be believed - this man, who just moments before was gasping for air, coughing and looking very disturbed, is having some kind of encounter with God. He was staring out the window as if we weren't even in the room. His wife was shocked - she asked us, "what is he doing"? "is he sleeping"? To be honest, I had never witnessed such a drastic change in someone so suddenly. At one point, I was even a bit nervous because he didn't even look alive to me! (I saw that he was in fact breathing which relieved my concern).

After a few minutes, he turns to us and begins to declare in Arabic - "I'm so relaxed, so peaceful, I can breathe again...." OVER AND OVER again. His wife was visibly amazed at the change in her husband.

In some ways, we left not knowing what had just happened, but the point is that somehow this man had a powerful encounter with God. We don't know yet about what the Lord did to his heart or anything else. We can't wait to hear the reports as we follow this up.

room full of Gulf Arab muslim men - part 2

Last week I posted about praying for the healing of a couple of Gulf Arab men. One of the men present refused prayer even though I had gotten an accurate word of knowledge for him. Two others let me pray. One said is arm/shoulder felt better, the other one had a chronic foot problem.

Two night ago I went back to see what had happened. The man with the foot problem had been completely healed and had testified to the whole group. It was so unusual that just a week before I was having to really push to get a chance to pray and even then, they wanted to debate on topics like the Trinity. This week, they were all talking about the healing. What was amazing was that I sat there and watched them telling the men who hadn't been there the week before what had happened. One guy is standing in the middle of the room, saying how "God gave DJ a 'revelation' about Abu A.'s back problem, but he wouldn't let him pray, so God healed Abu Y.'s foot problem instead". It was simply amazing!!!!

Interestingly, the man with the back problem who has still not let me prayed, began to tell about a friend who needed a kidney transplant and then the whole group began to say, "why don't you let DJ go and heal him?!" OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES!!!

God is breaking into the lives' of these men to confirm the words that have been sown into their lives for many years. Let His Kingdom come!

Sidenote: the man who was healed is also a heavy drinker (which is strongly forbidden in islam). In other words, the guy is not a devout muslim at all. The fact that God healed him was a real challenge to the corporate theology of these men. In short, the last person in the room that God should have healed was this man. They know NOTHING of the Grace! However, they are beginning to learn!

Arab woman with chronic back pain 70% healed - tells her doctor!

An Arab woman who used to be a muslim had us come to pray for her because she had had severe back pain for 3 weeks. During that time she had even been hospitalized for 5 days. She could only walk slowly or lay down. When she sat down, I saw her wince in pain. No one could even touch her back it was so painful.

We prayed a few times and first she felt the sensation of coldness on her back and in her legs. This coldness kept going down her legs all the way to her feet. I discerned that there was a spirit of affliction and so I prayed for her to be set free from that spirit.

By the time we finished praying, and we prayed for nearly an hour, she said she was 70% better and that she felt really “light”.
She felt so much peace and all the depression she had been experiencing was gone. She even walked us all the way to our car.
I got a report the following day that she contacted her doctor to tell the doctor about what the Lord had done.

"Divine setup" with Gulf Arab muslim woman

This past week I went to a school function and a Gulf Arab muslim woman sat down next to me. Later an Arab Christian woman, who was a good friend of this woman joined us. Then she recognizes me and says, “I know you from the Bible Study, you are the one with “the Gift”. (Several months ago we had gone to this study and ministered healing and prophesied over a group of Arab women)

After hearing the stories of what happened that day, the muslim woman wanted to know all about healing and prophecy. She asked if we could get together. More than that, she wanted an Arabic Bible and was eager to know more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

What is so amazing is that this woman was responding with so much faith having ONLY HEARD the testimonies of what God had done. She hadn’t seen ANYTHING personally at that point. I can't wait to meet with her personally so that she can "taste and see" for herself that the Lord is good!

May 31, 2009

healings in our house

last night with a house of people worshipping we saw God release a number of accurate words of knowledge and subsequent healings - a left arm condition, a stomach problem and someone's head. we are waiting to hear about some others who could sense God touching them, but we are waiting to hear if the healings were complete.

It is always amazing when God shows up!!!