December 11, 2010

"why don't they ever call out my condition?", a wife asks her husband

we've been doing some healing prayer in a weekly Church service and are often asked to publicly call out the words of knowledge. Yesterday, I got a word for one of the men on the worship team and asked if he had a problem in his left foot/ankle. He did. He came for prayer and explained that just the week before, his wife who has some physical problems asked him, "why don't they ever call out my condition"? Now he had been called out and was quite shocked!

His ankle problem had been really bothering him the night before and he was quite angry about and somewhat frustrated with the Lord. I was able to not only pray for his ankle but also for the heart issues too.

healings in a department store

I wanted to do some Christmas shopping and went to a department store. while walking around the store, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for one of the women who worked there. We prayed for her and she was healed.

Then I got another word for another employee who was assisting me - for his right knee. God touched his knee. He could feel the Lord's presence and did some deep knee bends to test it out. While praying for his knee, I got another word about a choking condition in the neck. I asked if it was for his wife - it was! His wife was in another country so I instructed him how to pray for her over the phone - just say, "Lord, let your Kingdom come" as she has her hand on her throat. He took my number and will call me with the news of what happens. He was going to call her probably the following day.

Finally, as we were walking out, the Lord highlighted a 3rd employee. When we began to talk with her about pain, she said she had it but it was because she been dancing (presumably at clubs). She was obviously convicted as we spoke about the Lord however, I told her that the Lord wanted to heal her regardless of what she was feeling bad about. We prayed for her quickly and she too felt God's presence. It is "His Kindness that leads us to repentance"!

Egyptian muslim man receives a "drive by" healing

I love "drive bys" - the kind of healings where we don't even leave our car and God's Kingdom comes that quickly! The other day we were leaving a parking lot and I asked the Egyptian man attendant if he had a headache (I don't think it was a word of knowledge, just a general question). He had a pretty bad one so I instructed him to put his hand on his head (I couldn't have reached him anyway) and then prayed a quick prayer in Arabic releasing the Kingdom. When he took his hand away, his strong headache was gone! I then asked him if he had any Christians friends, which he did, and so I told him his "homework assignment" was to go to one of them and tell them what the Lord had done.

December 03, 2010

muslim man wants me to "show him the money"

while out this afternoon, I got a word of knowledge talking to two muslims about a knee condition. the Egyptian man said he had the problem and let me pray for him. since it wasn't bothering him at the time, I told him to expect that he was healed as the Lord had revealed it to me in order to heal him.

then another muslim man from Jordan said "I have a problem, can you tell me what it is?". Talk about asking me to "show him the money"! I asked him to come stand next to me. He did and after a minute, the Lord revealed that he had a back problem in the upper right part of his back. I got to pray for him a couple of times, and it improved after breaking off the shock and trauma of the accident that caused the problem in the first place. It wasn't completely healed when we ended, but I asked him to contact me in a few days and tell me how it was.

the Lord doesn't reveal other people's problems for our entertainment - His Kingdom's expansion and the revelation of His heart is always at the center of His demonstrations of revelation and power.

Lord - reveal yourself more fully to these muslim men

what God reveals, He heals and then His fear comes

during worship this morning, I noticed a Lebanese friend of ours and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a problem in her right hip. I asked her if she had pain there - she did. Desert Princess went to pray for and the Lord touched her - she said, "I'm all good now"! While she was praying, another word of knowledge came for a back problem in her upper back. she had that problem as well.

just sitting there considering what the Lord had just done - the precise revelation that He gave and then the manifestation of His power to heal - the Fear of the Lord began to hit me and I got tears in my eyes. It never gets old to realize that some something completely supernatural has just occurred - something that we could in no way have known and no way have healed.

God gets ALL the glory!

arm healed

a man came for prayer who had a problem with his left arm - some kind of nerve damage. we prayed and the Lord began touching him. he tested it out and we prayed again. I think we prayed a 3rd time - and when testing it out, there was no longer any problem.

headaches revealed and then healed

a couple of our ministry team called out words of knowledge for headaches - at least two people were healed and one man (who didn't have the headache at the time) felt the presence of God and almost began crying.

God HATES headaches!

hospital visit last night, healed today

an Indian teenager came for prayer this morning (he and his father had been healed of their allergies several weeks ago) and had been to the hospital last night with a severe chest pain. he came for prayer in quite a bit of pain. that was until God's Kingdom collided with pain. he was completely healed and left pain-free.

that shouldn't surprise us - there is NO PAIN in God's Kingdom (Rev. 21:4)

tumor gone!

last week we gave a word of knowledge in a meeting a woman who had a tumor (didn't know what kind) responded. Desert Princess prayed and it shrunk during prayer. this morning she came to us (a week later) and with incredible gratitude told us that the tumor was gone!

November 29, 2010

healing of Gulf Arab muslim woman over the phone

yesterday Desert Princess contacted a young Gulf Arab muslim woman on the phone who has been very sick. there have been many problems, but yesterday the latest problem was a painful ear infection. I had gotten a word of knowledge earlier in the day about an ear problem and never found the person. She decided to call her and pray over the phone.

As she prayed the Holy Spirit came and all the pain left her ear! I listened to the end of the conversation - Desert Princess couldn't believe how quickly and completely the Lord had healed this muslim woman over the phone.

Then a while later she got a text expressing her gratitude that God had given my wife such a special gift of healing - not a bad description!!!

November 26, 2010

a new level of the word of knowledge

while at a mall this afternoon, the Lord revealed a couple of things to us about muslims that we met. the first one was at lunch. a very distinct word of knowledge came to my left lower leg. I asked the man in front of me ordering food and he had a problem in his leg in that exact same spot. he wanted to know how I knew - I explained that it was God who revealed it because He wanted to heal it. I prayed for him once - it didn't seem to improve after he tested it out. I told him to call me (gave him my card) as we know what the Lord intends to do for him.

later Desert Princess got a very strong word of knowledge in her arm as a muslim woman passed by her. it was so strong, she didn't initially recognize it as a word of knowledge, but when she realized that the Lord has been speaking to her in a more accurate way, she followed after the woman and was able to pray for it. It improved a little bit after praying twice. For Desert Princess, it was a whole new level of receiving a word of knowledge in public and she was rejoicing even though the woman wasn't completely healed on the spot.

this seems to be a season of both increase AND in opposition. God is giving more accurate revelation, but we are also seeing that the healing isn't coming as easily after we pray. we know that this means the enemy is stronger in his opposition to the Kingdom's advance in this muslim nation.

teaming up with Desert Princess in Kingdom revelation

this morning during a service, the Lord began to give words of knowledge - several people responded and came for prayer. one of the words was for a woman who had a problem on her left side. a woman came for prayer with some kind of lump in that spot. as my daughter and Desert Princess prayed the tumor began to shrink. we'll see what happens.

probably the most remarkable revelation that the Lord gave was that Desert Princess saw a picture of woman who had a black snake choking her. she asked if I could give the word publicly but just then a woman's name popped into my head. I asked her if she knew anybody with that name (not very common) and she said that it was the name of the woman sitting behind us. She asked me if I had remembered this particular woman's name - I did not (I'm not good with names). Sure enough, she checks it out and she has had a problem with being choked. Another person had seen the exact same picture for her during deliverance prayer a couple of weeks ago.

it was a powerful teaming up together in Kingdom revelation and ministry. I was particularly encouraged because it was only the 5th or 6th time I have been given someone's exact name by the Lord.

November 20, 2010

word of knowledge leads to woman's healing in airport

while transiting in a South East Asian airport, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a young Catholic woman in a shop for a shoulder problem. She was taken back how I knew. I had her co-worker lay hands on her as I prayed. The Holy Spirit came powerfully and she began to cry. She was speechless.

I went to find Desert Princess to follow up - she discovered that the woman was about to go home that day because of her shoulder pain, that was UNTIL Jesus touched her shoulders and healed her. She decided to stay at work. The thing that most shocked this woman was how we knew - my wife explained that Jesus knows everything and so He revealed it in order to heal it!

Gotta love traveling!

another hindu man healed - dislocated finger

last night while hanging out with a couple of young Christian guys who wanted to hear more about the miraculous, I "thought" I got a word of knowledge for one of the hindu men working at our hotel. I was wrong. BUT, the Lord opened the door to pray for one of the men who had injured his finger and couldn't move the main joint in his index finger very well - that was UNTIL Jesus healed it. It was still larger looking than normal, but he testified to the fact that he could move it unlike he could move it before.

We pointed him to Jesus as best as we could!

November 18, 2010

when your god doesn't work

after praying for the women in the massage place, I went into another shop - statues of a hindu deity named ganesha, who looks like an elephant, were everywhere - it was clear who this man worshipped!

a strong word of knowledge came for the right elbow. he let me pray for him and as I did he started shouting, "it's hot, it's hot"! I told him that this was the power of Jesus who was touching him. He had been telling me about why he worshipped ganesha, but now it was Jesus who was at work in his shop. He asked for prayer for his head, then his feet. The same thing - power was released. This was a very happy man. I explained that Jesus was going to come and visit him in a dream or a vision.

while I was leaving all we were talking about was Jesus - I guess that makes sense when your god doesn't work!

healings on the way to the massage parlor

before we got to the massage place, we began praying for men on the street - one's back was healed, another man's legs were healed. Also one man's neck was healed. The focus was all about Jesus (again, mostly hindus) as we explained whose power it was that was touching them.

there was one man who wasn't healed - and to be honest, it was quite frustrating. we prayed for him maybe 6 or 7 times. others were getting healed, but he wasn't. My son prayed for him, my nephew and father-in-law also prayed, but we got absolutely no breakthrough. What was hard was to hear his reasoning. He said, "Maybe Jesus doesn't want to heal me". We assured him that this wasn't the case. Then he thought, "maybe it's not His timing" - sounds like some Christians I know trying to explain why something doesn't happen when we prayed. In the end, I asked if he had a Christian friend; he did. I told him to have him pray for you when you see him.

"Lord, heal this hindu man and reveal yourself to him, Amen"

healings at the massage parlor

today we all went for foot massages and after those were done, prophetic words started to come and prayer for healing began. all of the masseuses were hindus and God began to heal them - a hip, knees, back problems. Several had major encounters with God as Desert Princess and her mother soaked some of them in prayer. They couldn't even stay on their feet!

They all saw and experienced the power of God and heard about Jesus!

It was a powerful time - not just receiving (massages) but giving (the Kingdom).

ever-increasing faith

just a reflection on our trip to this predominately muslim country (Indonesia) but staying on a majority hindu island (Bali). I don't think we've ever seen people being healed more easily than we have seen in the past 4-5 days. A number of demonic deliverances as well. Mostly hindus, a number of muslims and a handful of Christians have been healed of many different conditions. there is a desperation here that is amazing when we compare it to the wealthier Middle East where we reside. the opportunities to clearly present the Gospel of Christ have been amazing. No arguments - why? Because Jesus is demonstrating His authority, His Lordship and supremacy over and above their idolatry and false religiosity.

what is this trip doing to us personally? our faith for healing and miracles just continues to grow. we contend that this Kingdom lifestyle is normal. most Christians still live in a state of chronic unbelief - many who will read the testimonies on this blog will question what is being recorded. let us call a spade a spade - we struggle with unbelief. I struggle with unbelief. The last 4-5 days have been a full-on assault on my unbelief - God is attacking my chronic unbelief AND HE IS WINNING!

Lord, attack our unbelief and replace it with faith!

November 17, 2010

drive-by healing and then more at the beach

today we stopped our car on the way to the beach and I jumped out to offer prayer for a hindu woodcarver who had back pain. he was healed and I explained it was Jesus who touched him.

at the beach, we saw a number of Indonesians healed - a headache, back pain, problem in the calves, a shoulder problem and even kidney stones (of course he needs to get that verified). Again it was a privilege to explain to them that it was Jesus who healed them. One man needed deliverance (as his pain was moving around his pack indicating a spirit of affliction) so I had him say in his language "Jesus help me". Jesus did and the pain stopped moving around and left completely. I told him that he needed to remember this important prayer in the future.

November 16, 2010

more healings at dinner - in a hindu stronghold

we traveled to another city and tonight at dinner, the Lord began speaking again and touching employees in the restaurant. one man's neck was healed. another word of knowledge came for a skin condition - one man had that problem. after prayer, he said he felt power in his legs! Desert Princess prayed for one of the women - who had pain with her teeth (which was also revealed by a word of knowledge).

finally, the Lord gave a clear word for a man with some kind of STD - I asked one of the men discreetly and he said that 2 of the men working there had this problem (how he knew, I didn't ask). they were out on a delivery, so I said I would go back and pray for them later.

breakfast was great - and so was dinner! this city is a hindu stronghold - Jesus is already showing Himself strong!

was that breakfast or a healing service?? hard to tell.

This morning at breakfast, it was just like yesterday - probably prayed for about 10 people total - backs healed, shoulder and arm pain. A hand/wrist problem. It seemed more like a healing/miracle service than breakfast. That is why our breakfasts are taking like 2 hours! A whole new concept for breakfast - calling it "Breakfast with Jesus"

One of the employees was a Christian who had been a hindu. She helped to translate to both her hindu and muslim co-workers the message of the Gospel - basically, shared again that GOD HIMSELF provided a sacrifice for our sins to make our lives pleasing and acceptable to God - so the sacrifices that the hindus are doing and the sacrifice that the muslims are offering tomorrow (for their Eid) are all completely unnecessary. So sad to see the essence of the false religions that are all trying to make themselves somehow acceptable to God through works and offering sacrifices. 2000 years later and countless millions don't realize that it was all taken care of on the Cross. Tragic.

Powerful morning!

the Kingdom just keeps coming - words of knowledge and healings

The miracles started again yesterday morning at breakfast – more employees of our hotel kept coming for prayer. A muslim man with a back brace who’d had surgery had the brace off after prayer – testifying to it being much better. Also prayed for another man, a hindu, with a back problem – all the pain left. Another man came for a “blessing” (said he didn’t need anything). He felt God’s presence during and after prayer. Then he told the other staff that he felt “power going into him”. My wife also was able to pray for several other women needed healing – to be honest, we are losing count of all the healings taking place. The opportunities to share about Jesus are happening with each and every healing!

At dinner last night, a couple of words of knowledge came – one of the entertainer’s neck and shoulder was healed. Our server had an ankle problem that the Lord revealed by word of knowledge – she had my wife pray for a hip problem that the Lord healed.

November 14, 2010

those healed yesterday, brought their relatives today - part 2

later in the evening, a Christian couple came to meet with us. the man's back was healed yesterday and tonight he brought his wife. her hand was healed, her elbow was healed and her back was healed.

we spent quite a bit of time with them counseling them, and helping to cast a vision for a Kingdom destiny and purpose on the island that they live. it was just such a privilege to minister to this amazing couple.

can't wait to see what the Lord will do tomorrow!

those healed yesterday, brought their relatives today - part 1

this evening we met with two of the people who were healed yesterday. the hindu woman who was healed yesterday brought her cousin who had many health issues. a chest condition and neck pain left. a leg problem was improved. at this point, we began to minister to a back condition and it turned out to be a demonic affliction (the pain kept moving around). We prayed for her deliverance for quite some time, but didn't seem to be able to get her completely free. The pain decreased a considerable amount, but sadly we left her with some unfinished Kingdom business.

btw - the woman healed yesterday's elbow was also healed and a her ankles!

without a doubt, the most powerful thing was being able to explain to these hindus, who make daily sacrifices to their gods, that a single sacrifice had been offered by God Himself which ended the need for any further sacrifices. it was difficult for them to consider this idea, but I assured them that Jesus Himself is more than able to prove to them that He is that sacrifice. It was just a precious opportunity to share the Gospel in the wake of several undeniable healing miracles.

the healings just continue to happen

this morning at breakfast several more hindu women were healed at our hotel. it is like a stream of them are coming for ministry. one of the women who was healed yesterday from outside is coming to meet us for more ministry. amazing what God is doing. the opportunities to demonstrate the Gospel and then to tell people about Jesus are incredible.

p.s. another man who was healed contacted me after I had originally written this - his wife needs a miracle!

November 13, 2010

miracles in the jungle

while out today exploring a jungle area and some beaches in Indonesia, we came upon a private estate overlooking the ocean. God began to give words of knowledge - the estate manager's back was healed - he was a Christian. he went in and brought out a woman who had one of the problems that the Lord had identified - a left shoulder problem after two injuries. The Lord completely healed her. She was shocked. This hindu or muslim woman (I didn't ask) was so excited that she was jumping up and down. We also prayed for her back - which was healed. My son and I got to tell her about Jesus. I even made a video of her testifying because she was so excited. All of this led to the wife of the owner of the estate to come and meet us to hear about the healing miracles happening outside of the estate!

on our way out, we stopped to buy a drink in a small shop and the Lord identified a problem that the owner (a woman) had in her stomach. We prayed for her and she felt intense heat in the affected area.

healings at breakfast

it all started this morning at breakfast. I got a word of knowledge for muslim woman who was working in the hotel. Desert Princess prayed for her and she was healed - her knee and elbow. this led to a host of other employees coming for prayer - some hindus and one Christian. one woman's hip improved. one hindu woman kept bringing people to us all day long for prayer.

November 06, 2010

Egyptian muslim man gets prayer over the phone

when the Egyptian muslim man I met at the airport (with the broken arm) didn't call me back, I decided to call him and minister to him over the phone. I asked him to take his healthy arm, put it on his broken arm while I prayed in Arabic. I asked him what he was feeling and he told me it was all cold. I told him that the Lord was healing his arm. He wanted to know more about my faith - I was able to share a bit with him.

Now I'm waiting for him to call me with the final report on his arm!

a number of testimonies

last night we gathered and during a time of testimonies people shared how this past week God healed many people - hindus, muslims, Christians. during our gathering last night, the Lord spoke prophetically and revealed things by words of knowledge. It was an amazing night. loving the Kingdom life - it never gets old.

October 30, 2010

offering Kingdom healing to Egyptian muslim

while walking out of the airport, I noticed an Egyptian muslim man with a make-shift sling on his arm. I asked him what happened. He told me that he broke his arm but hadn't been able to get it treated properly at the hospital (not sure why, he said they wouldn't treat him??). I noticed that someone was carefully watching my interaction with him, so instead of praying on the spot, I gave him my number and told him that I believed that God was going to heal him. I explained what I wanted to do. Now I am waiting for him to call.

allergies healed in father and son

2 weeks ago I prayed for a man and his son who had responded to a word of knowledge for allergies/sinus issues. They said they felt better after prayer, but I told them to check back with me the following week to let me know how things were after a few days. I missed the meeting the following week, but they found me yesterday to testify that they the Lord had healed them.

October 26, 2010

woman healed in donut shop

after getting a donut and coffee, I was asked if we needed anything else. I then asked the staff if they needed anything. they smiled. I said, "Like a miracle". Just then I got a word of knowledge for a stomach problem. one of the female employees had the problem. my wife came, grabbed her hand and prayed for her. she was healed. now we need to follow up with her.

Egyptian muslim man healed after word of knowledge

yesterday, I walked into my neighborhood market and got a word of knowledge for a back problem on the right side of the back. the muslim cashier had that problem. I prayed and most of pain left him. It was all cold when he asked me about my faith. I encouraged him to connect with Christian friends of his.

October 20, 2010

"how did you know"? asks the muslim man

today while walking into a restaurant, I noticed a Gulf Arab man in front of me and I got a word of knowledge for a headache in the back, left side of the head. After a few minutes, I asked this man if he had this problem. He did. Immediately he asked me, "how did you know"? I explained that it was by "revelation" from God. It wasn't hurting at that moment, so I gave him my phone number. I told him that when it came back he needed to call me.

Can't wait for the phone call!

Gulf Arab muslim tells us about a divine encounter

last night we met again with a Gulf Arab muslim man who was healed several months ago. he had had a visitation about 4 years ago by someone "wearing white" with a "shining face". He didn't know who the visitor was, but we told him that it was Jesus. We discussed this encounter further last night - this encounter happened at a time when he was confused and considering which of the 2 sects of Islam, Sunni or Shi'ite, was the correct one. I had told him that Jesus was "the way" and visited you at time when you were searching for one. one of friends shared with him how Jesus had appeared to two different people recently he had ministered deliverance to. In both cases, Jesus looked just like visitor our muslim friend had seen. He then told him that if he asked God to send the visitor back, that Jesus would return and identify Himself clearly.

pray for this to happen

October 16, 2010

"Did you use magic or something?" man asks me.

after hearing an amazing array of testimonies last night from a number in our community, I was encouraged as I went into a Middle Eastern mall today. While ordering something to drink, I got a word of knowledge about a problem in the hand of one of the employees. Then another word of knowledge for a problem in the rib cage. Both of these words were accurate. I then had this person put their hand on their rib cage, prayed and the pain left. Then another employee asks me "Did you use magic or something?". I explained that it was not magic but God's power through prayer. Finally, before leaving, I got to have the healed employee put her hand on her lower back - which was also hurting and prayed for God's power and peace to come. After testing it out, she said it was much better. I then was able to give her the phone number of a pastor from her country so she could pursue God with others.

October 12, 2010

"...and your old men will dream dreams" - Acts 2:17/Joel 2:28

why do we even call this blog the "Joel 2 Generation"? Because we believe that we are living in the days that these things are being fulfilled in a greater and greater measure. What began to be fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost, continues to unfold.

Tonight we were meeting with a Gulf Arab man who began to tell us about some of his recent dreams. He's been reading the Bible and has had incredible exposure to Christians throughout his entire life. I am hesitant to call him a muslim, because his thinking about God is far more Christian than islamic.

This man had a powerful dream and wanted to understand it. I believe that God gave us understanding to help him interpret some of the elements - a powerful interpretive key being the "fruits of the Spirit". This opened a door to help him understand that salvation cannot come through the law (an key islamic doctrine). The things we got to speak about this evening ere simply incredible.

We are trusting that God's outpouring of His Spirit on this man will now include a heavenly visitation by an angel or even the Lord Himself!

October 10, 2010

muslims are getting more shocked by the "revelation" than by the healings!

this has been a bit of a theme recently, but when we have been getting "words of knowledge" for muslims who are subsequently healed, they seem to be more amazed by the "revelation" that the Lord has given than by the healing miracles themselves.

two experiences this week with muslim women confirm this. both of them were quite literally shocked at how "we knew" they had a particular problem.

I find it quite interesting that this reveals a 'suspicious' similarity between islam and the thinking of some conservative Christians. orthodox muslims don't believe that God speaks any more (i.e. the canon is closed!). This is an uncomfortable parallel in my mind to the thinking of some Christians I know - those who don't believe in the continuation of the revelatory gifts.

I guess at the end of the day, I wonder what my conservative Christians friends even do with what we are seeing happen amongst muslims. How are we "discerning" the illnesses/pains of complete strangers? How are they then getting healed? If it isn't God and His Kingdom, WHO IS IT? If it isn't God, WHY WOULD the kingdom of darkness be active in pointing muslims to Christ and His Kingdom???!!!

I guess I would love to see some of my Christian brothers and sisters as impressed with what the Lord is revealing and doing as the muslims we meet. If only.

October 06, 2010

Gulf Arab muslim woman comes for prayer

the other day a Gulf Arab muslim woman contacted us for prayer. one of her relatives had been healed several months ago - he testified to his healing and referred her to us!

when she arrived, she actually wanted my wife and her Lebanese friend to "discern her condition by revelation"! Since her relative had told her that we got his conditions by word of knowledge, she expected the same. Talk about raising the bar a little.

After more than an hour of ministry, where she heard the Gospel clearly and really had a powerful encounter with the Lord, she asked if she could come and attend our weekly prayer/encounter meetings! This is a totally covered Gulf Arab muslim woman - I guess she's hungry for more!

October 01, 2010

it's happening!

last night my wife made a phone call to an unknown muslim woman. 5 months ago a few muslim men were healed one night. one of them, a Gulf Arab muslim, proceeded to set up another prayer appointment with a female relative of his. this man obviously is still giving out our phone number, because last night this new woman is asking when it would be possible to meet for prayer.

this is beginning to happen more and more. we see someone healed in public, and then they decide to give our number to a friend who needs a miracle. while at the market last night, another muslim woman took my wife's number as she spoke with her about healing. I also received a call this week from another man who wanted to meet because his relative was touched by God's healing touch. it's happening!

May the Nicodemus' continue contact us in the night!!!

September 28, 2010

muslim man confides "my father was a Christian"!

my Gulf Arab muslim friend has shown a tremendous openness to the Gospel for some time now (he's gone to healing services with me at a Church, he's come to an Encounter God meeting in my home for prayer AND he asked for an Arabic Bible which he reads regularly). Today he told me that his father had been a Christian! He really poured out his heart today and the many concerns he is struggling with - I showed him one of Paul's Apostolic prayers from Ephesian and told him that he needed to be praying it - he agreed.

It is clearly time to lead this man BACK to his roots - pray that he is receptive when we meet again to clearly invite Christ into his life and return to the faith of his father, grandfather, etc.

September 27, 2010

power spilling (follow up)

I posted about a Gulf Arab muslim man whose hip was touched by the Lord when we prayed. I told him that I wanted him to contact me the following day to tell me what had happened.

Sure he enough, he called! He told me that he was now able to walk up and down stairs - something he couldn't do before. His family was shocked - so much so that another family member contacted me and wants to meet.

I love it when the Kingdom comes!

September 24, 2010

power spilling at a Middle Eastern mall (part 2)

after leaving the man whose hip God had just touched powerfully, we were approached by a man doing a survey (an Indian muslim man). I agreed to do the survey, if he agreed to give us some time afterwards:)

I asked him if he had any physical conditions and initially he said no. Then he looked at our "treasure map" of clues and noticed that there was one for "headache in the front of the head". He had one and let us pray. He was healed thanking us because it is "always good to receive prayer". Note another muslim happy to receive ministry. He has my phone number. As we walked away, our team noticed that we had been standing next to an exhibit with 4 mannequins wearing bright yellow shirts - one of our clues was simply the word "yellow".

A week earlier I had been in a shop where I prayed for a muslim man whose knee was healed and also had a Filipino Christian woman pray for a Filipino muslim woman (I think she converted) who was quite hesitant to receive prayer and not friendly to me. When I went back in the shop, guess who was there? Only the muslim woman but now she was totally happy to see me - why? Because I discovered that her stomach condition was healed after she received prayer! She had wanted to introduce us to her sister. I was able to give her my wife's phone number. The Kingdom's power changed everything!

The final encounter of the evening was undoubtedly the most significant - we went into a specialty supermarket and as we wandered around tasting samples (who said outreach can't be fun), I got a word of knowledge for a neck condition was we approached the bakery - I knew it was for one of two men. One of them, a Syrian muslim (the other was an Afghan muslim) had the neck condition. I asked him to put his hand on his neck and then quickly released God's Kingdom through a short Arabic prayer. Sure enough - healed instantly! How do we know? The total shock on his face told the whole story. God wasn't finished with him. After speaking to him a while, we tried to leave, but another word of knowledge for the upper left arm came and I returned to ask him about it. He had a problem there too. This time I reached across the counter and just lay my hand on him as again I released the Kingdom. Again, instantly healed! At this point, another employee (a Bangladeshi muslim with a chronic arm condition) came up requesting prayer after see the two healings before his very eyes. Strangely, I prayed maybe 3 times for him with no significant breakthrough - which was puzzling after all we had just seen. Then the Syrian man said that his most serious problem was a chronic 6 year back condition that affected his sleep and everything else. At this point, I had one of the Christian employees (a Filipino) lay hands on his back as we spoke words of command for the healing. Again, this man receives an instantaneous healing! No "let's pray again" or anything. I gave this man my phone number because the next time we meet he needs to hear more clearly about the King whose Kingdom kept coming! I know that the Christian employees have their work cut out for them - explaining in more detail to all the muslims what had just happened!

At the end of this encounter, we were offered a plate of sushi for free (a Kingdom "perk" I guess) and as we walked away we noticed that another one of our "clues" had been found. We had the clue "7:30PM" and all these healings took place right at that time!

A positive thing at the end is that the Bangladeshi man's arm appeared to be much better as he kept testing it out and "exercising faith" that God had in fact done something.

power spilling at a Middle Eastern mall (part 1)

last night a group of us decided to go on a "treasure hunt" (see Kevin Dedmon's The Ultimate Treasure Hunt). We gathered to ask the Lord for "prophetic clues" (conditions, places, people, etc.) and headed for the largest mall in the country breaking into 4 teams. We had a group of 6 youth with us too.

I can't speak for the other 3 teams, but will summarize what we saw in about an hour of 'power spilling'.

One of our clues was a word of knowledge for a knee condition -as we headed into an Apple store, the word of knowledge came back to me and the first person I spoke with (an employee) had the knee condition! He was Lebanese and I was able to pray for him. He testified to there being a difference although it was hard to test out at that point. Then another word of knowledge came for another employee - a Gulf Arab muslim. He let me also pray for him. These guys have my number.

All of the "time" we spent in the Apple store, led into our next encounter. It was my son who noted that if we hadn't spent that time there we wouldn't have me our next "appointment"! As we walked out, a man limping walks by (another Gulf Arab muslim) and I stop to ask him what happened. A car accident had messed up his hip. I explained that it was "required" of us as Christians (if only more Christians believed this to be the case) to pray for anybody and everybody we see who is injured or in pain. I asked him to put his hand on his hip (we were in the center of a busy mall) and just spoke words of healing in Arabic over his hip. By the shocked look on his face something serious was happening! All of a sudden he won't let us leave but immediately calls his friend and begins walking me over to where his friend is. He is telling me that something significant had changed in his hip and as he told his friend it was as "he prayed for me for less than a minute"! The whole time it was still tingling. I gave him my number and told him to call me the next day with an updated report. As I shook his hand to leave, I released the Kingdom of God yet again for the continuation - as I explained that God who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

Note - this is how easy it is to minister divine healing to muslims! I will continue this report in the next blog post.

September 18, 2010

Bangladeshi muslim man healed on the beach

while waiting for my family to finish riding jet skis, I got a word of knowledge for a back condition. I asked the two muslim men sitting near me (one from India, the other from Bangladesh) if either of them had a back problem. One had a lower back condition (my word was for the upper back) and so I prayed for him and the Lord healed him. I was able to share a bit more about my Christianity with them.

After about 15 minutes, I checked in again and there was still no pain.

September 17, 2010

muslims being called out and healed

while in a mall yesterday, I was with a new friend who was buying some things and the Lord gave a couple of words of knowledge - first was for a left hand condition. I asked the employee who was helping us and she said she would ask around. We never found that person, but another word came for a left knee condition. A Lebanese muslim man who worked there had that problem. I told him in Arabic that God had revealed his condition because He wanted to heal it. I just knelt down, put my hand on his knee and prayed. After prayer, he testified that the pain had gone (as he was testing it out). Then another word of knowledge came for a stomach condition. One of the employees, I believe a Filipino woman who had converted to Islam had that problem. I had another Filipino woman (a Catholic woman) who worked there lay hand on her and we prayed TOGETHER. When this muslim woman looked a bit hesitant before we prayed, I just had her muslim manager (the Lebanese man) testify to his miracle. You've got to love the way the Lord's Kingdom breaks in.

In closing, I gave the Catholic lady some further instructions how to released the Kingdom in praying for her muslim colleague. I love the way that God will break into a situation where there are Christ followers who are "on the job" to follow up what God has just begun!

September 13, 2010

back in the saddle - man healed in supermarket

as we've returned to the Middle East, we saw the Lord move yesterday in the life of an Indian Christian man. as we walked by him, the Lord gave us a word of knowledge that he had a knee problem. He did. I just knelt down and began to pray - he testified that the pain left him. We had no time to talk as he was working and had another customer. It was actually sort of like of "drive by" - however, it reminded us of what the Lord ALWAYS wants to do when we head out - release His Kingdom in LOVE & POWER.

September 08, 2010

reflections on the outreach - equipping youth

hard to know how many people were involved in the 3 outreaches (maybe 200). many who came said they wanted to see their first miracle on the streets - and they did! I was particularly moved by the teenage guy from our Vineyard Church who was skeptical about all the healings he had heard about and joined our team to see one. He basically said, "show me the money" - after God used him to bring healing to 3 people. I asked him how he knew it was real and he told me that when the man who was healed asked, "Did you do magic on me or something"? he was convinced!

That was powerful - a youth from a Charismatic Church who himself was a skeptic UNTIL he saw people healed. Guess who was on EVERY outreach? He was hooked! Can't wait to see what happens as he returns to our Church believing that God heals and wants to use him to release His Kingdom.

Also had others see healing flow through their hands for the first time on the streets as they saw a whole new approach to reaching out.

reflections on the outreach - demonstration 1st, talk 2nd

in all of our training, we emphasized that we wanted the people we met to encounter something of God's Kingdom 1st, before we spoke to them the Gospel verbally. Whereas BOTH approaches are Biblical (sometimes Jesus preached 1st, and then demonstrated miraculously and other times the demonstration came 1st), I believe that in America we find ourselves needing to demonstrate the Kingdom supernaturally BEFORE we try to talk about Christ.

This happened on the streets on Saturday over and over again. An accurate word of knowledge, a physical healing, meaningful prophetic ministry or even an encounter with God's love. I am reminded of one Arab muslim man who witnessed the healing of a friend of his AND THEN I was able to speak boldly about the Jesus who just came in a miraculous demonstration. He gladly took the Arabic New Testament I offered him and I spoke about Christ's Deity openly (which isn't always easy with muslims). He told me he would cherish the gift I came him (the NT) and would study it carefully. I know that without the demonstration of a healing miracle, I would have never been able to speak as clearly about Christ without an argument. No debates, no arguments about muhammad and the quran - Jesus was all we talked about!

All afternoon, Kingdom encounters came 1st and then we spoke more about the Gospel message. I heard from other teams and heard exactly the same types of stories. Several people gave their lives to Christ.

I believe we have a serious credibility problem in minds of many unbelievers and yet, when the Kingdom comes in power, our credibility is often instantly restored and they are asking us about the Jesus who just healed them.

reflections on the outreach - power of the testimony

a number of people we approached were not interested initially in our offer of prayer for their healing. this seemed to be the case with many who had conditions we could see (cane, crutches, casts, wheelchair). However, if somehow we could get a testimony shared of their condition being healed (either earlier in the day or at some other time), then we got to pray for them. The testimony helped them overcome their initial skepticism and released faith - at least enough faith to let us pray.

one man I remember had just limped out of a Psychic/Palm Reader shop walking with a cane. I didn't think he'd let us pray (because of the shop he had just emerged from), but we asked anyway. He thanked us for our concern but wasn't interested. Then I quickly recounted a couple of testimonies of scoliosis being healed (one that was dramatic and instantaneous), and then he let us pray. God began to move and in the exact spot in his spine where the scoliosis was the worst, he began to feel the Holy Spirit's power! At the end of our prayer, he agreed with us IN JESUS' Name (which I heard him utter).

As he walked away, we saw that he was walking NORMALLY. We were probably as shocked as he was! The power of the testimony seemed to be the key to entire encounter!

There were several others who initially either declined us or were very hesitant to receive prayer UNTIL they heard a quick testimony.

many healings on the streets this past weekend

a large group of us did a series of 3 outreaches this past Saturday and saw God work a number of Kingdom miracles. Here is a summary of what we saw:

1. A mother and her daughters were sitting on a bench. The mother had a cane, so we stopped of course. She had had a hip replacement that hadn't healed well. First we prayed for a neck problem which was healed. then we prayed for the hip which was also much better after prayer. She didn't stand up to fully check it out, but was moving her leg up and down without pain. They were strong believers and very encouraged!

2. We see a woman in a wheelchair. She had suffered from a stroke. We got a word of knowledge for her neck. The Lord began to touch her as we prayed. At the end, a chronic pain in her foot was healed. She didn't want to try walking. We did ask. Another word of knowledge came for her friend - a wrist condition in her left wrist. She had carpal tunnel and then all the pain left after prayer.

3. We got a prophetic indication to approach a couple who we felt needed prayer. They asked for prayer for their marriage. God just really touched them. They knew the Lord and we prophesied over them.

4. We see a man with a cane walking out of a Psychic/Palm Reader. He had scoliosis. Initially he didn't want prayer, but after a testimony we shared about a healing, he let us pray. God began to touch him. He felt tingling in the EXACT place where he had scoliosis. It was getting better. He prayed with us IN JESUS' Name (which was a bit of a shock after leaving the psychic). he walked away without limping from before.

5. A Nigerian taxi driver took us up on our offer of a miracle. His knee was all wrapped up. We prayed for him and he said it felt better. We asked if he could test it out - he began running down the street! He came back - totally healed. This opened door to speak to Arab man from Algeria and we gave him an Arabic New Testament and I shared the Gospel with him in Arabic. He had seen a miracle and now it was time to communicate Jesus' message.

Others were able to minister to another taxi driver who needed inner healing and forgiveness and his dream interpreted.

What a difference it makes to minister the Gospel after everyone sees a miracle!

6. A group from a Church walks by but were not a part of our outreach. We tell them about the miracles we've just seen and then one girl in their group tells us she had a knee injury. Painful.

You could tell that they weren't a Church that was particularly interested in healing (unbelieving believers). The girl looked to her pastor to see if it was OK and and they let us pray.

But, Jesus destroys pain and she was completely healed! Then she looked back at her pastor to see if it was OK to that she was healed. He was! They were so stoked and said that they will share it publicly in Church this week.

7. Three Hispanics healed - we approach a group and ask if anyone needed a miracle. One man said he had pain in his foot. We prayed and this hispanic man's foot is healed. Another man in their group also saw his foot healed and then asks "what, is this magic or something?" We said "No it is Jesus!" Then we prophesied over 2 girls in their group and imparted gifts of healing to them. We also did some training to teach them how to pray for the sick.

One from the hispanic group that we had just ministered to, came back after like 10 minutes and brought another man with foot pain and we see the 3rd foot healed in a span of like 10 minutes.

We then imparted a gift of healing to the woman who brought him so she can "go and heal the sick" too! Gave a her quick training on how to do that. We trust she'll go for it.

8. We started talking to two Hispanic women. In broken Spanish, we were able to discover that they had pain. They let us pray. One of them saw pain left her legs. I asked several times and she confirmed it was gone.

The other woman had pain in her shoulder and it felt better (most of the pain left) and she felt peace. I asked her in Spanish if she was feeling "la paz" and she said yes!

Funny thing happened when a policeman was walking up to their car which obviously needed money in the meter and I asked him not to give them a parking ticket. He said, "I would never do that when people are telling others about Jesus Christ"!!

September 01, 2010

an appointment with destiny for young new age mystic

we were tired as it was the end of about 5 hours of ministering on the streets. we were ready to leave, waiting for the rest of our team to regroup, and God highlighted a young man sitting close to us. First the Lord revealed lower back pain, which was the open door I walked through. that was healed. then something on the left side of the head - God came and brought healing there (the effects of a recent seizure). Interestingly, he began to speak about the "peace" he was feeling after the Kingdom began to come. then it was problems in the feet - another word of knowledge. God healed his feet a two of us prayed.

what was happening? this young man was a new age mystic who himself was learning about "healing" and wanted to bring healing to people. Jesus Christ was not one of the options he was currently considering, and so I explained to him that his desire to see people 'healed' was a desire that God had put within him. I also said that it was on that afternoon that God wanted him to be clear about which method of healing really worked by sending us to him and seeing him healed of 4 different conditions. he agreed! he was so ready to take a step. I explained how he could invite the Living God to come and reside within him.

God showed us a number of other things prophetically about his life. numbers/emails were exchanged. he plans on joining the group in a few days. can't wait to hear about what happens.

i am so gripped by the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of young new agers just like this man. hungry for encounter, interested in changing the world, and totally unaware of the fact that it is God's power through the indwelling Holy Spirit that is in fact the fulfillment of all that is in their hearts. all that was needed was a couple of people like us who came in with a "demonstration of the Spirit's power" to convince him that Jesus is the answer to every question that they have.

words of knowledge revealing pain, God's power healing it.

as we spents a number of hours on the streets, a number of words of knowledge came that identified problems we didn't know. here's a summary of a few of those encounters.

- while standing on a corner, the Lord highlighted a man and showed me he had next and shoulder pain. I approached him, he had the problem and let me pray. God healed him. We pointed him gently to the Healer Himself.

- walking behind a couple of Iranian women, a word of knowledge indicated that one of them had back pain. we asked and one of them had the exact problem we described. they were really shocked by what was happening. I had one of the women in our group pray for her and she felt "power" come through her hands. the woman was healed instantly! her friend wanted to know what else we cold heal! a number was given and follow up will hopefully happen very soon.

- while waiting in a shop, I got two words of knowledge for a saleswoman. both were correct and she let me pray for her. pain in her neck and shoulder started to leave - she testified that it was "much better". however, it was the internal pain that God was more interested in healing. I pointed her to the Healer Himself.

in short, over a 2 day period, with teams on the streets, we saw a large number of people healed after words of knowledge revealed the pains/problems of the strangers we met. there of course were many words that didn't seem to be accurate, but often those still led to opportunities to pray for other pain. just one of God's tools to express His love.

broken thumbs and hand collide with God's Kingdom

while out on the streets, we had the opportunity to minister to several with broken bones. one young man had a broken hand. as we again asked who needed a miracle, we were able to pray for him and most of the pain left his hand. another young man suffering from the effects of two broken thumbs (which he couldn't bend) was surprised when another teenager who was with us, prayed for his thumbs and all movement was restored.

Christ the HEALER in their midst drawing this group of runaways to Himself. just watching His Love poured out through a demonstration of His power left us all so grateful.

buddhist healed & heroin addict encounter

with a group of young people joining me who were hungry to see God's power released on the streets, we approached a 'rough looking' group of youth and asked if they needed a miracle. one girl, who professed being a buddhist, had an ankle injury that was painful. full of skepticism, she humored us and let one of the teenage guys with me pray for her. when all the pain left, it was interesting to hear the language she used to express her shock and awe at what just happened (using multiple times a word beginning with "F"!).

next to her a young man seemed to want or need something but was hesitant. once a couple of the "scoffers" left, he opened up that he had wandered away from Christ and had become a heroin addict. he wanted to be free. i tried to set up a time for him to come and get some ministry in a more conductive setting (i didn't want to simply pray a quick prayer). however, he challenged me. he basically wanted to know if God could come 5 minutes earlier and completely heal his buddhist friend, why couldn't me also release His power and deliver him?! Out of the mouth of babes! I began to pray and release God's Kingdom and then he just began to cry. I had specifically released God's love into him and he said it was when I did that, that he began to feel something happening.

one an agnostic buddhist, the other a wandering, addicted Christian. God's Kingdom is indiscriminate. able to point one to Christ and the other back to Christ.

the greatest of these is LOVE

a familiar quote from the Apostle Paul. a truth we saw again and again on the streets this past weekend. as we approached people with the single agenda of "loving them", almost nobody refused us. we didn't have any arguments (and when people tried to start them, we refused to go there).

love can look like a lot of things - we bought some meals for hungry people, we donated to some random charities and even listened intently to some of the most painful stories you could imagine. but the one thing we longed to do more than anything, was to see the love of God manifesting into the lives of those we prayed for. many were physically healed which was one of the primary ways Jesus demonstrated His love. many received prophetic words that accurately described their pasts, presents and even futures. such prophetic ministry is another way God loves people and brings hope and encouragment to desperate, and often hopeless lives. sometimes it was just that people would feel His love and weep (some wept so deeply that we began to tear up).

it was our heart NOT to preach and we discovered that those on the streets had not only heard the Gospel message incessantly (which was painfully reminded by some street preachers standing nearby), but they were grateful that we came in "another way". we weren't "selling" anything. it was all 'no strings attached'. however, in the end, it was often them asking us for more. them wanting to know where we went to Church (many cards were given to let them know where they can come to encounter more). for us to love meant that an encounter with His Love should precede any verbal message about it. God's love being demonstrated with power disarmed even the hardest of street drug addicts. It reminded many prodigals that they were truly welcome to come home whenever they were ready. they hadn't been forgotten, they weren't outside of the scope of His Love and concern.

and in it all, maybe I was as touched as any of them. what I saw God do, what I felt as my heart looked into the empty eyes of teens (one of them the age of my own son) caused this father's heart to break. when some of them couldn't look me in the eyes, I knew it was because of the pain they saw in the eyes of their own parents who were praying for them to come home. if you are even reading this, PRAY for these prodigals to awaken and return to loving families who don't even know where many of them are or even if they are alive.

August 23, 2010

carpal tunnel syndrome HEALED

this afternoon, I got a word of knowledge for a wrist problem for our server at a restaurant. Desert Princess followed up with her, and she said it was for her husband who was outside. He wanted to know how we "knew" he had a problem. We explained and then he let us pray. I prayed for one wrist - all pain left. Then I prayed for the other - all pain left again! Then I prayed for an arm condition in the upper arm - all healed!

We ONLY prayed once for each condition! I asked the man to go to his Church and to share a testimony with his pastor - he agreed!

August 16, 2010

prophetic revelation at the mall

yesterday we went out to "spill" at a local mall. I had taken my son and one of his friends who wanted to see a miracle. I asked her "how many miracles do you want to see?". She said, "Four". I said, "Great, we don't leave today until we've seen at least 4 supernatural/miraculous things!"

a group of young people had passed us and I had gotten a word that one of them had a headache. we finally caught up with them and even though none had a headache (i.e. wrong word of knowledge), they let us pray for some other stuff that needed prayer. we didn't see anything particularly "miraculous" in terms of results, BUT then God begins to give me a prophetic word for one of the teenage girls. I saw a vision of her performing, singing with the microphone in her right hand. I saw her singing and dancing with two other young men. I described the ethnicity and the clothing of one of the men. It was all true! She verified that all of what I saw was in fact for her. We had miracle #1!

we kept offering to pray for people, but couldn't find anybody it seemed who needed to be healed. Then as we were walking by this group of 3, a word of knowledge for a knee problem came to me. We approached them, and sure enough they were just talking about his knee problem. Miracle #2 was the revelation of the knee condition. They were actually quite shocked.

We asked if we could pray for the knee in a restaurant where I had talked to an employee who said she didn't believe in miracles (I wanted to show her one). He agreed and so we went to pray for him while with the skeptical woman. The knee wasn't completely healed (we prayed 3 or 4 times) but it was about 70% better when we were done. I told her not to count that as a miracle - Jesus, doesn't get "C's" on tests (i.e. 70% improvement). So for our count, I'll say we had 1/2 of a miracle (so now we were at 2 1/2 miracles).

Then while talking with the guy with the knee condition and his two friends, I got another word of knowledge about a condition in the back of head or neck. His friend had been injured there in a work accident. Miracle #3 - revelation of the condition.

Our team prayed for her, and all the discomfort surrounding the injury left - she felt completely normal - Miracle #4 - the healing of the injury.

So in the end, we saw 4.5 supernatural things happen while at the mall - able to encourage of number of them who were Christians. I hope the woman who didn't believe in miracles was impacted by the revelation of the knee condition and the 70% improvement.

All in all we were thrilled with the morning. God is a God of miracles!

August 10, 2010

when the Spirit comes in power!

last night was a night of encountering God. there was lots of angelic activity that the Lord actually made us aware of through the gifts of several 'seers'. people were healed who testified that pain left their bodies and movement/flexibility was restored. accurate prophetic revelation along with many words of knowledge were released. there were even tangible 'signs' of God's glory being manifested (gold and oil).

one of the highlights was the time of impartation - we set up 3 "pools" - one for those wanting to receive visions, one for those wanting to move more in the prophetic and one for words of knowledge - amazing to see all that God released and the many people (at least in the pool I was in) who received new gifts of the Holy Spirit.

we absolutely love meetings like that! Encountering God in tangible ways should be our normal expectation for each and every Church meeting. May we see more "normal" meetings!

August 08, 2010

Kingdom message leads into Kingdom demonstration

Last night as we spoke of the Kingdom, it began to break in - Desert Princess started getting word of knowledge after word of knowledge - many of those conditions were healed! Don't know how many ultimately received healing but at least 10 people testified openly that pain had left their bodies. The Lord revealed many other things by word of knowledge during the ministry time for individuals.

This is what happens when His Kingdom comes - don't settle for "decaffeinated" Christianity when there is "espresso" available!!

August 06, 2010

A child of God at an accident site

i was on my way home from work the time was 12.30 pm and I noticed a collusion of 3 cars on a super highway. i sense the Holy Spirit tell me to stop my car and go over to the site. I went to the first car and asked the driver if any one was injured he pointed me to the 3rd car and mumbled something… as I went over to the car I noticed the driver slumped on the front seat he was motionless. there were a few people and they tried to find his pulse but no police was in sight … I sensed the Holy Sprit tell me to lay my hands upon the driver and I did, prayed and began to command his spirit back….as soon as I did that I began to see his body began to shake and his stomach started to move some one pushed me aside and asked me to leave in a rough tone I sensed that I had to leave as I did what I was to do…..while leaving I keep hoping that the driver would sit up….he dint…..i some how felt empty I have heard of people who have risen people from the dead when they prayed…I do have a way to go and i intend to get there

August 05, 2010

Treasures felt the Love of the Father...

Yest was another day of "Treasure Hunting" was an Amazing & crazy staff...we found all of our people are joining our group & they're so on fire for the Lord...It was an amazing experience for them...we went to a mall & just before I could enter it I saw a man standing out of his restaurant & the Holy Spirit just lead me to him I asked him if he has a neck pain I got it earlier & I felt it again so he said no he don't have it but he asked why??? I explain to him how God let us feels people's pain & when he does it he heals & he was Coptic I was talking to him I got word of knowledge for emotional pain so he said yes & he let me pray so prayed for him without laying hands & I asked him how he feel he said he was like in a trance & he felt shivering " the Lord was giving us prophetic word that when we pray for people in this days he will heal on the spot front of our eyes" & the Lord give me some strong prophetic word for this guy & he said that he was a deacon in the Coptic church with Pope Shenoda & right now is not going to church & not reading the bible I give the verses which the Lord had led to it & how God wants to use him...It was we enter the mall we start looking to our clues on of the clue was a woman dressed with yellow T-shirt, black trouser & black veil...another clue was Swatch & a Filipina woman giving her life to as I walk in the mall right in the middle of the mall there was a girl who has the same descriptions yellow T-shirt, black trouser & black was crazy & I asked the girls to go to her & they minister to her & she felt the love of the Father...In the Swatch shop there was a Filipina lady & the girls went to her & asked her if she has emotional pain so they prayed for her & she re-commit her life to Christ iam walking in the mall I saw one of my friends who's working in the shop I did asked him if he has back pain he said was has it long ago but now no as I was talking to him I got another word of knowledge for emotional pain & he allowed me to pray he was Muslim & I prayed without laying hands & he felt the power of God...It was crazy...the new treasure hunter girl she got a clue of light blue & orange colors & she was not sure about it & we went to a shop who was of the same colors...I got word of knowledge for left arm & left shoulder & I enter a shop it was about to close & I asked the guy if he has it he said he has left wrist pain & allergy in both his palms & he was a Muslim so I prayed for him without laying hands & he felt shivering & cold in his both palms & I got another word of knowledge for emotional pain "God was appointed specific emotional pain" so I catch his hand & prayed for him 2nd so he felt the same & I prayed for 3rd time also without laying hands & he felt the same...Crazy staff...Thank u Lord for all what u've done...

August 03, 2010

Healing in the Swatch store

To get a new watchband Desert Princess' watch, required a 1/2 hr drive to the nearest Swatch shop (and they didn't even have the right replacement band!). But the Lord, has ways of encouraging the frustrated right?

In comes a word of knowledge - left bicep. 2 shop employees. Ends up being for the young one. I have her lay hands on herself, I release the Kingdom and all the pain leaves. Invited her to our Church - she had been promising herself that she would go back to Church (prodigal daughter?) the other employee was a Persian Muslim whose husband needed a miracle. I had my newly healed going back to Church friend (I'm declaring it!), lay her hands on the Muslim woman's hands so we could release a gift of healing for her to carry (externally for all you who are concerned about the doctrine of what I am describing!). Guess what, the young woman feels the gift being released.

Guess who isn't frustrated any more. Yours truly.

Loving the Kingdom coming, again and again.

when the Spirit comes

last night after a prolonged time of worship (which was somehow difficult), a sense of breakthrough began to come. Prophetic revelation started to come. There were about 80 people in the meeting. I took note of a bunch of words of knowledge. We began to release healing - a man's back was healed and I was praying for his neck too. I was reminded of the woman's neck that was healed and felt like I was supposed to share that testimony. More of an impression came - the Lord wanted to heal necks. More came - He wanted to heal 5 necks. So I called that out and we prayed. One was healed. We went back to prayer again. Three more healed. One more time - and finally the 5th was healed. This led to even more. Later that night as I was sharing the testimony, my sister-in-law who had a neck problem, testified to a measure of healing by just hearing this testimony.

so much other stuff happened in this meeting - much that I didn't see or hear. I do know that other words of knowledge found their targets - the pastor's son's back was healed (like 90% better), a woman with headaches in her temple area - she also went into a vision (this happens when the Spirit comes!). Other more specific words came - as one man's wife was testifying a very strong word came for his left forearm. He had a problem there and we prayed. Then he had a shoulder issue and another very specific word came (the very exact spot). The Lord never ceases to blow our minds when He speaks!

it was such an instructive night for me. I really felt flat the whole time we were worshipping. It was after a weekend conference and a couple of outreaches. I think many were tired and weary. However, there was persistence and like Amos instructs, we sought the Lord UNTIL HE CAME! So glad that I didn't leave.

shoulder healed - and still healed a week later

about a week ago, we were in a meeting and saw a bunch of healings. one man had responded to a word of knowledge for a shoulder problem and testified at that time to being healed.

last night a week later, he stood up in the service to testify to being completely healed a week later.

note: when someone is still healed a week later, that is really, really good!

treasure hunting highlights

who doesn't like treasure hunting? in these days, God is releasing different models and concepts about how we can touch a lost world. more and more Christians are getting on-board and simply having their minds blown by what God is doing through them.

we headed out the other day with about 50 different clues (names, places, conditions, etc). i had my 12 year-old daughter and her friend in my group. Talk about an easy way to approach people! Hint, hint - take your pre-teen daughter on outreach and no one will reject you!

one of our clues was a location - a clothing store. another clue was a word of knowledge that my son (who was in a different group) had gotten for a neck problem. we had so many words of knowledge, I had said to all the groups, "let the Lord bring the words of knowledge back to you when you are in the presence of the people who need the miracle". That is exactly what happened as we walked into the clothing store - a word of knowledge comes into my neck as I walk by this woman and her children. She did have a neck problem. I had my daughter pray for her and she was healed! This woman was pretty excited - first, to be on our Treasure Map (we showed her the list) and secondly to be the recipient of a healing miracle.

after that a homeless man asked for some help, and I didn't have any money. So, I offered him what I did have. A word of knowledge came almost immediately for an ankle injury. I felt like the Lord also told me it was from a skateboard accident (but not sure about that as he was dressed like a skater too!). he let me pray.

our final clue that we followed up was the name "Charlie". There was a furniture shop names "Charles" - we thought, "close enough". we head to the store, and guess what? Nothing. No one needed a miracle - we checked with at least 3 employees. But, as we walked out of the store, I see a teenage couple walking on the sidewalk across the street. We cross over to "catch" them. One of our clues was "irritation in the eyes". He had that. I had his girlfriend pray (as I supplied the words). The Holy Spirit began to come and he felt heat. Then the girlfriend needed prayer. I had my daughter and her friend pray for her - she started to feel "cold" as the Holy Spirit began to touch her. Then the Lord gave me this prophetic word - "I feel like their are 2 people in your life who are following Jesus and you need to go to them today and tell them what has just happened". She said, "yes, it is my mother and my step father"! Then the Lord gave me a bit more of an impression about some of the conflict in their relationship and she received prayer for that as well. We were just able to invite this young couple to join in with this "Joel 2 Generation" and join the fun of seeing the miracles happen! This was a major divine appointment.

The other Treasure Hunters also had amazing times - seeing healings and even one person giving their life to Christ. Not only that but two of them just kept their "Treasure Map" and continued to find the clues that night at a conference we were attending and even the following day. No clues were wasted! One family had like 6 of the names (out of a total of 10). Crazy stuff!

July 28, 2010

ministering to Persian muslims

tonight while in a store, Desert Princess and I approached a Persian woman who we sensed needed prayer. her family joined her and we proceeded to pray with several physical conditions they wanted us to pray for. one asked me, "what do I need prayer for"? Immediately a couple of words of knowledge came - something in her head and another in her wrist. Both of these were conditions she had we my wife prayed for her. Another Muslim woman friend of theirs came up - they asked her to let us pray for her. Two of the women began to feel God's presence as we prayed.

While talking to them, I said that they were far more open to receiving prayer than many of the people from our own country who no longer really believe in the supernatural and are far more resistant to being prayed for. Pray for the muslims that you meet. You'll be surprised how open they are!

July 27, 2010

many healings as the Lord reveals conditions

tonight during worship a flow of strong words of knowledge came - right shoulder, left ankle, left wrist, neck pain - even the Lord showed me specific conditions for two people - and He healed all of these conditions. there were two right shoulders (possibly 3) completely healed. two left wrists, the left ankle, the neck pain. One man's left elbow was healed after another word of knowledge. these were the healings we got to hear about! I know there were a number of others. it seemed another level of faith was released and we got to pray for a number of other conditions that people needed prayer for. It was just way too much fun!!!!

getting tires fixed when the Kingdom comes

today while getting my friend's car tires fixed, a word of knowledge came for a back problem. i thought it was for the Iranian muslim man who was working there, but in fact it turned out to be for a female customer. she asked, "are you a healer or something?" she let me pray for her and the Spirit came upon her back and she could feel God touching her. we invited her to Church.

July 26, 2010

releasing the Kingdom at the beach again

a group of us spent a few hours releasing the Kingdom - prophetic words, healings and sharing with people about Christ. we got to pray for several people in casts. one of the saddest things was to run into "unbelieving believers" (Christians that really don't believe in nor expect healing). These are a much tougher group to minister to and see breakthrough with than with unbelievers. When people believe that God "can" heal but that He isn't "willing" to, it is very difficult to see healing.

on one occasion I got a word about a right wrist condition. a group of Armenians had allowed us to sit down. one guy had the condition, but didn't believe that God was willing to heal him. we prayed several times and it did seem that in this case his faith was a major hinderance.

another guy had a cast and we prayed. I sensed something happening and he said that he could feel like "tingling" in his broken foot. we don't know what happened because he wasn't willing to check it out at that point.

the most significant thing that happened was with a Buddhist woman. I had gotten a word of knowledge about shoulder and neck pain. she was standing next to me and so I asked if she had that problem. she did and allowed us to pray. After some time she said that all the pain had gone and it was normal. we prophesied over this woman and prayed for her about a couple of challenges she was facing. it was an amazing time to share about having a relationship with Christ. She seemed very close to committing her life to Christ. she is planning on coming to a meeting with a friend of ours to have more of an encounter with God.

July 19, 2010

A Hindu man got healed...

Last Wednesday in the morning when I was in the office I saw one of my colleagues he’s Hindu putting cotton in his ears he said to me that water come from his ears & gave bad smell so I asked to remove it & I prayed for him & he told me that he has pain in his right side & right leg so I prayed for so he got healed on the spot & the next day I saw him so I asked him what happened he said that his ears healed completely but he has pain in both legs so I prayed for him once more & after two days I saw him again so he said the pain gone…Jesus is Amazing…when we saw people in pain we don’t need to wait for word of knowledge…just go & pray for them…

الاربعاء الماضي في الصباح عندما كنت في المكتب رأيت احد زملائي هو هندوسي يضع قطن في أذنيه ، قال لي ان المياه تخر من أذنيه وتعطي رائحة سيئة للغاية وسألته لإزالتها وصليت له فقال لي ان لديه ألم في الجانب الأيمن وساقه اليمنى فصليت له فحصل على الشفاء على الفور و في اليوم التالي رأيته فسألته ماذا حدث قال إن أذنيه شفيت تماما ولكن لديه ألم في ساقيه فصليت له مرة أخرى وبعد يومين رأيته مرة أخرى فقال الألم ذهب تماما... يسوع هو رائع... عندما نرى الناس في ألم فنحن لسنا بحاجة لانتظار كلمة معرفة من الله. .. اذهبوا وصلوا لهم.

Treasure Hunting Again...

Last Wednesday group of us went “Treasure Hunting” bringing the Kingdom…we found some clues we got it earlier…as I was walking in a shopping area I was passing by an Indian guy I got word of knowledge for left back neck pain so I asked him if he has that pain he says no I don’t have it but why u ask??? I told him because if I pray you will get healed he says what’s your name so I told him he says are u Christian I said yeah…so he told me yeah I did have the pain so he allowed me to pray for him & I prayed for three times & every time became more less…as I am praying for him I got another word of knowledge for emotional pain he says yeah so I start telling him that God loves u so much & he loves to heal people inside more than the outside & I start praying for him & felt something different I told yeah it’s the Holy Spirit & he called me the next day & said that the pain gone completely…Praise God thank u Jesus…when he heals he heals completely 100 %...we went to a shop & there I found one of my old friend many years I don’t see him & I asked him if he has back pain or right side pain but he said no, I don’t so I asked him if there’s any other people with him he said has a guy & a girl working in basement so he remembered that his friend he has back pain & he’s taking injections so my friend got shocked the way I talk to him because he don’t know me in that way…so I start to preach for him…so I told fb to go & ask the girl if she has right side pain so she went & talk to her ( Filipina ) & she told her no I don’t have it as she was talking to her God give her a word of knowledge for emotional pain she said yeah I have but she didn’t allowed her to pray & she said to her that she was Christian & now she’s Muslim…so I went to the basement & I didn’t know what happened but I asked the man if he has pain in his back he said yeah & he was an Egyptian Muslim & he allowed me to pray before that Filipina girl so I prayed twice & he said he don’t feel anything but that doesn’t make me disappointed because I knew that the Lord done something & there was a customer she was completely covered ( Veiled woman) so she said to me when you’re praying you can’t get result in the same time it will take time because I did asked the staff she said u must pray, fast…ect I said yeah you’re right I am he a Christian & I pray in Jesus name & people got healed on the spot so I asked her if she has pain in her right side she said no but my knees paining because of walking so I asked fb to pray for her & she allowed her to pray…by the way I don’t expect this woman to allowed us praying I got shocked God is awesome…so she felt better but she said that the pain will go latter…so It was awesome that God done something & that’s more enough for me…I know that our Lord he done everything beautiful in his time our job is to pray for people doesn’t matter if they got healed on the spot or latter more important is to do God’s will for praying for the sick…

July 10, 2010

Our God is Awesome...Who's like our God...

Last Wednesday group of us went “Treasure Hunting” bringing the Kingdom…KL & I went together praying for the sick…we saw a man his left hand was broken so we asked him what happened??? He said he’s playing as boxer in the club so I asked if KL could pray for him & he was Muslim so we start praying for him & he felt better but still there’s pain so I asked him if we can pray again so we did…& the pain gone…so I asked if he has pain in the left shoulder he says not but his friend has it so we prayed for him…&he felt heat in his shoulder & we prayed for his left knee & he felt the same so both got touched by the Holy Spirit & I told them that Jesus ( Essa Massih as they said in Islam ) healed them as he was healed 2000 years ago & they were Muslims…as we walk I saw a man limping on his leg it was his left leg shorter than the other & I told him that his face familiar to me…I ask him if he could allow us to pray for him…he says yeah I remember you…you prayed for me before & I did remember him that more 6 or 7 months prayed for him & felt the heat in that time so he said he want to go & watch the match of Germany vs. Spain…I told him will not take time…so we went to his car start praying for him let him lie on his back sit & we prayed several times & we did saw his left leg grew to the same length but as he stood up he says no…but he felt fire in his leg & like someone pull his leg…but he was in hurry to go to watch the match so he took my number & waiting for him to call again…the other group of us was girls so 3 of them got some word of knowledge for two maids they were with their masters so two of them was minister to both maids praying for them & MR went to play with the kids of their masters so as she was playing with the kids she got word of knowledge for neck pain so she asked her she said yes but she told her how she knew about it she told her that God shows her the pain & they were full of black cloth with veils in their face so she told her are u Muslim??? She says no I’m Christian right there she told her wait I’ll give u book name ( Guide to Islam ) I’ll bring it to u from the car…so MR she waited until she came so when she came MR opened the book it was written English Guide to Islam but when she open it was written in tagalog she told her sorry I don’t speak tagalong she told her how come it was in English so MR said I knew may God turn it from English to Tagalog as she was give it to her she told her thank u Aisha MR said ur name is Aisha right she told her…how did u know my name??? MR told her God told me…the other friend she said no she heard me saying ur name…MR told her no I didn’t heard you…& that woman she got shocked told her how’s my God told u my name but her friend told again she heard me but MR again said I didn’t heard u…so her friend was offended to her…& they asked MR who’s ur God she told them Jesus is my God…

ذهبت يوم الأربعاء الماضي مجموعة منا "لنصطاد ناس هم كنوز عندالله" لنأتي بمملكة الله على الأرض بعمل مشيئة الأب ك ل لم ذهبنا معا للصلاة من اجل المرضى... رأينا رجل يده اليسرى مكسورة وسألناه ماذا حدث؟؟ وقال انه يلعب كملاكم في النادي لذلك سألت إذا ك ل يمكن أن يصلي من أجله وكان مسلم وبدأنا نصلي له وشعر بتحسن ولكن ما زال هناك ألم حتى سألته ما اذا كنا نستطيع الصلاة مرة أخرى فصلينا و الألم ذهب تماما. وسألته إذا كان لديه ألم في الكتف الأيسرفقال : لا ولكن سألت صديقه فقال نعم فصلينا له... وشعر بحرارة في كتفه وصلينا لركبته اليسرى وشعر بنفس الشعور وشعر بلمسة من الروح القدس وقلت لهم ان يسوع (عيسى المسيح كما يقولوا في الإسلام) شفاهم كما كان يشفي منذ 2000 سنة وكانوا مسلمين...و نحن نسير رأينا رجلا يعرج على ساقه كانت ساقه اليسرى أقصر من الأخرى وقلت له ان وجهه مألوفا لي... أنا سألته إن كان يمكن أن يسمح لنا بالدعاء له...فقال : نعم أتذكر... أنت صليت لي من قبل وأنا تذكرت أنني صليت له منذ أكثرمن 6 أو 7 أشهر وشعربالحرارة في ذلك الوقت حتى انه قال انه يريد أن يذهب ويشاهد مباراة لألمانيا مقابل اسبانيا... قلت له لن يستغرق وقتا طويلا... لذلك ذهبنا إلى سيارته بدأنا بالدعاء له وجعلناه يجلس في المقعد الخلفي وصلينا عدة مرات ورأينا أن ساقه اليسرى نمت إلى نفس طول رجله الأخرى ولكن عندما وقف قال : لا... لكنه رأى الحرارة في ساقه و كأن شخص ما يقوم بسحب الساق... لكنه كان في عجلة من أمره للذهاب لمشاهدة المباراة حتى انه أخذ رقم هاتفي وتنتظر منه أن يتصل مرة أخرى... ولنا مجموعة أخرى من الفتيات وحتى 3 منهم حصلت على بعض كلام معرفة لاثنين من الخدم كانوا مع أسيادهم واثنين منهم بدأوا بالصلاة لهم وذهبت ام ار للعب مع اطفال أسيادهم ، وعندما كانت تلعب مع الاطفال حصلت على كلمة معرفة لآلام في الرقبة فسألتها فقالت نعم لكنها قالت لها كيف علمتي بهذا قالت لها أن الله بين لها الألم وكانوا بالغطاء الأسود مع الحجاب في وجوههم حتى انها قالت لها أأنت مسلمة؟؟ فقالت : لا انا مسيحية الحق فقالت لها انها سوف تعطيها كتاب اسم الكتاب (دليل إلى الإسلام) سوف تحضره من السيارة... وطلبت من ام ار ان تنتظرها حتى تأتي لذلك عندما جاءت ام ار فتحت الكتاب كان مكتوب دليل الإسلام بالانجليزية ، ولكن عندما فتحت الكتاب كان مكتوبا في اللغة الفلبينية قالت لها انا آسفة أنا لا أتكلم الفلبينية قالت لها انه كان في اللغة الإنجليزية فقالت ام ار قد عرفت ان الله حولها من الإنكليزية إلى الفلبينية وعندما كانت تعطيها الكتاب قالت لها شكرا عائشة قالت ام اراسمك عائشة صحيح قالت لها نعم... فقالت كيف عرفتيى اسمي؟؟ وقال ام ار الله قال لي... فقالت صديقتها لقد سمعتني أنادي اسمك قالت ام ار لا لم أسمعكي... وتلك المرأة حصلت على الصدمة وقالت لها كيف إلهي قال لكي عن اسمي لكن صديقتها قالت سمعتني قالت لها مرة أخرى ولكن ام ار قالت لا لم أسمعك ...فكانت صديقتها عثرة لها... وسألوا ام ار من هو الهها فأخبرتهم ان يسوع هو الهي...

Bringing The Kingdom...

2 weeks ago…group of us & I went “Treasure Hunting” in a mall bringing the Kingdom…RK & I start asking people if they get any pain which God highlight it for us that night but we couldn’t find any one we went to a shop start asking the staff for back pain but no one have it…One of the staff was Filipino has pain I his legs but he don’t allowed us to pray he was afraid at work…so as we went out of the showroom I saw one of my friends & other guy with him I guess he was the manager of that showroom so I asked them if anyone of them has lower back pain so the other guy he says yes I have it…so in this matter I show him the paper which written in it all the pains that God highlight it he got shocked & he allowed us to pray & he felt something happening in his lower back…& he was Muslim…and we left this mall & we went to another mall there I found 4 staff I asked them if anyone have back pain & neck pain…one Muslim Egyptian man was have this problems so we prayed several times until he got healed completely…the other Indian Muslim man has left rest pain & I show him the pain in the list I had with me & prayed for him but he was not have the pain in that time…Thank u Jesus…for all things that you’ve done…

قبل اسبوعين...ذهبنا الى مجمع "لنصطاد ناس هم كنوز عندالله" لنأتي بمملكة الله على الأرض بعمل مشيئة الأب وبدأنا نسأل الناس اذا كان عندهم أي ألم من الالام التي أعطانا الله لنا في تلك الليلة ولكن لم نتمكن من العثور على أي واحد ذهبنا إلى متجر بدأنا نسأل الموظفين على ألم في الظهر ولكن لا أحد لديه أي ألم... واحد من الموظفين فلبيني لديه ألم في ساقيه لكنه لم يسمح لنا أن نصلي له لأنه كان يخشى مدرائه في العمل... حتى خرجنا من صالة العرض فرأيت أحد أصدقائي ورجل آخر معه واعتقد انه كان مدير المعرض وسألتهم اذا كان أي شخص منهم لديه آلام في أسفل الظهر فالشخص الآخر قال نعم هو لديه... لذلك في هذه المسألة جعلته يقرأ الورقة التي كتبت فيها كل الآلام التي أعطاني الله اياها تسليط فصدم وسمح لنا بالصلاة وشعر بشيء يحدث في أسفل ظهره... وكان مسلما... وتركنا هذا المركز التجاري وذهبنا إلى مركز آخر أنا العثور على أربع موظفين سألتهم اذا كان احد منهم لديه آلام في الظهر وآلام في الرقبة...شخص منهم مسلم مصري كان لديه هذه المشاكل فصلينا عدة مرات حتى شفي تماما... وصلينا من أجل رجل مسلم هندي لديه ألم في معصم يده وأريته الألم في القائمة التي معي وصلينا له لكنه لم يكن لديه أي ألم في ذلك الوقت ولم يشعر بشئ... شكرا... يا يسوع لجميع الأشياء التي قمت بها...

When God Shows Up...People's Got Shocked...

2 weeks ago…badshah,praise & I went “Treasure Hunting” in a mall bringing the Kingdom…as we enter the mall…just in front of badshah’s store praise she got word of knowledge for back pain I guess for a woman & she got healed & so touched by the Holy Spirit…as we enter badshah store praise was talking with his manager praise got word of knowledge for knee pain so his manager got shocked(she's christian former who was married to muslim) she told her Jesus has sent u to me…& she allowed praise to pray for her & she start shivering & felt heat in all of her body…it was Amazing…we went to another shop we start getting word of knowledge for people but no one has anything we continue asking people…until we got one security guy who has back pain & hand pain…we start praying for him we prayed several times until he got healed completely as we was praying for this guy another man was watching what we was doing…& he came to us I asked him if he need prayer he says yes but he asked me how much??? I told him free…so I prayed for him he was have pain in his left side but he felt nothing but I knew that the Lord touched him & healed him…we went to another shop & there in the perfume section praise got word of knowledge for knee pain & she ask me to pray for the man’s knees so I prayed twice & he got healed completely & he felt heat into his knees…as I was walking in the mall alone I saw an Egyptian guy I asked him if has pain in his back he said no…he asked why??? I start explaining to him how God tell us people’s pain so we can pray to them & got healed…so he start telling me he has financial problems & as I start talking to him I got word of knowledge for emotional pain so I asked him he says yes my wife is far away from me & I start praying for this both situations that he has & he felt so peace & touched by the Holy Spirit I could see his eyes when I was praying for him & I start prophesying for him…God’s Awesome…Thank u Jesus…

قبل اسبوعين... بادشاه ، برايس وأنا ذهبنا الى مجمع "لنصطاد ناس هم كنوز عندالله" لنأتي بمملكة الله على الأرض بعمل مشيئة الأب.. ونحن ندخل في مجمع للتسوق... برايس حصلت على كلمة معرفة لآلام في الظهرعلى ما أعتقد لامرأة وشفيت تماما ولمست من الروح القدس... ودخلنا لمعرض بادشاه وبرايس كانت تتحدث مع مديرته(مسيحية سابقة متزوجة مسلم) حصلت على كلمة معرفة لآلام في الركبة حتى أن مديرته صدمت وقالت لها يسوع ارسلك لي... وسمحت لها بالصلاة من اجلها وبدأت ترتجف وتشعر بالحرارة في كل أنحاء جسدها... كانت مذهلة... ذهبنا الى محل آخروبدأنا الحصول على كلام للمعرفة من أجل الناس ولكن لا أحدا يشعر بألم ما زلنا نسأل الناس... حتى وصلنا لشخص من الأمن لديه آلم في الظهر وألم في اليد... وبدأنا بالدعاء له صلينا عدة مرات حتى شفي تماما ونحن نصلي لهذا الرجل جاء رجل آخر كان يراقب ما كنا نفعله... وعندما جاء إلينا سألته إذا كان يحتاج للصلاة فقال : نعم ولكن كم المبلغ؟؟ قلت له مجانا... لذلك صليت له كان لديه ألم في جانبه الايسر لكنه لم يشعربشيئ لكنني أعرف أن الرب لمسه وشفاه... ذهبنا إلى محل آخر وهناك في قسم العطور برايس حصلت على كلمة معرفة لآلام في الركبة وطلبت مني أن أصلي من أجل ركبتين الرجل فصليت مرتين وحصل على الشفاء تماما وشعر بالحرارة في ركبتيه... وأنا أسير في المجمع وحدي رأيت رجل مصري سألته إذا كان لديه ألم في ظهره فقال لا... سألني لماذا؟؟ بدأت أشرح له كيف أن الله يقول لنا آلام الناس حتى نتمكن من الصلاة لهم وأن يحصلوا على الشفاء... لذلك هو بدء تقول لي ان لديه مشاكل مالية ومع بداية الحديث معه حصلت على كلمة من المعرفة عن ألم عاطفي فسألته فقال نعم زوجتي بعيدا عني وأنا بدأت الصلاة لهذه الحالات وشعر بالسلام من قبل الروح القدس ورأيت عينيه عندما كنت أصلي له وبدأت أتنبأ له... الله رائع... شكرا يا يسوع ...

Pouring God's Love in a Mall

Three weeks ago Group of us we out in a mall “Treasure hunting” bringing the Kingdom by doing The Father’s will…KL & I start getting word of knowledge…as we was walking in the mall I saw one man with crutches & I was desire to pray for him & we enter one of the shops as we enter we saw that man in the shop & he came to us & told KL…hey after long time…How’re u?...he said that’s his condition since he was born so we start sharing with that God want to heal him completely & he allowed us to pray & I can see the time we finished praying for him he was to fall down from the presence of God…but the fun part was that KL doesn’t know the man but God give us opportunity to pray for this guy & he start the conversation God is so amazing…as we walk I got word of knowledge for neck pain & stomachache & in front of me was an Iranian man with his daughter in the pushchair I asked if he has the pain he says yeah…I prayed for him twice & he was totally healed…after like half an hour we saw him with his wife & with so excitement & gladness she told us…what did u do for my husband???...I want what happened with him to happen for me…so Badshah got word of knowledge for her neck I guess & she got healed & I guess he got more than word of knowledge for her & he prayed for her & she got healed & he prayed for the little child to bless her…It was an amazing day…Thank u Jesus for u all the Glory forever & ever…

قبل ثلاثة أسابيع مجموعة منا ذهبنا الى مجمع "لنصطاد ناس هم كنوز عندالله" لنأتي بمملكة الله على الأرض بعمل مشيئة الأب... ك.ل وأنا بدأنا الحصول على كلام معرفة ( الله يلهمنا ويجعلنا نشعر بأوجاع والام الناس من حولنا)... وكنا نسير في مجمع للتسوق ورأيت رجل يمشي بالعكازات وكنت أرغب ان أصلي من أجله ودخلنا أحد المحلات فرأينا هذا الرجل في المحل وهو جاء إلينا وقال ل ك.ل... منذ وقت طويل لم أراك..كيف حالك؟... لكنه قال لنا انه منذ ولادته وهو على هذه الحال وبدأنا نقول له أن الله يريد أن يشفيه تماما ومشيئته أن يمشي مثلنا وسمح لنا بالصلاة وأستطيع أن أرى في وقت انتهائنا من الصلاة له كاد أن يسقط من حضور الله... ولكن كان الجزء الممتع أن ك ل 'لا يعرف الرجل ولكن الله أعطانا فرصة للصلاة من اجل هذا الرجل وانه هو بدء بالكلام محادثة وهو مدهش جدا ما فعله الله... ونحن نمشي بالمجمع حصلت على كلمة معرفة لآلام في الرقبة وآلام في المعدة ، وأمامي كان رجلا ايراني مع ابنته في الدراجة سألت إذا كان لديه ألم في رقبته ومعدته فقال : نعم... صليت له مرتين وشفي تماما... وبعد حوالي نصف ساعة رأيناه مع زوجته وذلك مع الإثارة والفرح قالت لنا... ماذا فعلتم لزوجي ؟؟؟... أريد ما حدث معه أن يحدث لي... فحصل بادشاه على كلمة معرفة لألم في الرقبة على ما اعتقد فشفيت تماما واعتقد أنه حصل على أكثر من كلمة معرفة لها وصلي لها وانها حصلت على الشفاء وصلي للطفلة الصغيرة أن يباركها الله... وكان يوم مدهش... شكرا ليسوع لك المجد الى الابد

July 04, 2010

miracles at the mall

what a fun afternoon my son and I had watching God break into people's lives at an area mall. a large group of us spent close to 2 hours just getting filled up before going out to spill. We had a long list of clues for our treasure hunt. we ended up finding many of them!

here are some of the highlights:
-we found one of our clues - a left eye problem. got to pray for one of two women who had this problem.

-saw a Hispanic man limping. got to pray for his knees. a lot of the pain left and he was walking much better. next we prayed for his wife. she had several conditions that we got to pray for. another word of knowledge came for a problem in her left arm. we prayed several times. she felt much better.

-we had the clue "ice cream" and found an ice cream shop. a word of knowledge came for one of two girls - a problem in her left foot. she let us pray and all the pain left. later when we filming testimonies, we found her and she testified on camera to her healing!

-a woman in a cast (broken bone) let us pray. took off her cast and said that it felt "completely normal". she was shocked! a word of knowledge also came for some emotional pain. the Lord touched her deeply and she was in tears.

-my son and another in our group prayed for a man on crutches. by the time they were done, he seemed to be much better - walking with minimal use of his crutches. they were so encouraged.

June 27, 2010

Kingdom Encounters at the Beach

Today a large group of us headed out to bless people and see God's Kingdom released. Dozens of people were prayed for, prophesied over and a number were healed. Desert Princess was involved in seeing 3 young women come to Christ. I think I was most encourage to see how many accurate words of knowledge God gave for people - revealing back pain, wrist pain, neck pain, an Achilles issue, a blood clot and watched Him surprise these people by revealing pain. God is always so miraculous - oh yeh, that's His nature!

June 22, 2010

"can you do that to my other knee too"?

while shopping with my son, the employee who came to help limped up. I asked what was wrong and he said it was his left knee. I asked if I could pray. He let me and immediately began to feel like electricity and tingling in his knee. I told him that it was the power of God touching him. We left to go and check the price on an item in another store and returned about 15 minutes later. He comes up to me and I asked him how his knee was doing. He said it was better and then asked, "can you to that to my other knee too"? At that we prayed for his other knee, and the same thing happened - electricity and tingling.

don't underestimate what God will do when you see anybody limping or in pain - remember we have been commanded to "heal the sick"!

June 21, 2010

Jesus visiting Muslims PERSONALLY

For years, we heard the stories of Jesus appearing to Muslims in either dreams or visions. Often, this is "key event" that brings them into God's Kingdom.

However, until recently, we hadn't met with many Muslims who'd had this experience. I say "until recently" because in the past few months we seem to have met a number who've had this experience. Here is a list.

1. One Gulf Arab Muslim man
2. A Palestinian Muslim woman
3. An Iranian Muslim woman (who gave her life to Christ) right after Jesus appeared to her in a vision at our home.
4. An Egyptian Muslim woman - just heard about this one from one of our team members.

Having been involved in evangelism amongst Muslims for many years, I have to say that having Jesus PERSONALLY appear to them is quite helpful!

June 20, 2010

treasuring hunting again

yesterday headed out with handful of revivalists and saw the Lord heal a few people - got to share the Gospel with several too. A word of knowledge for a Hispanic woman's back problem - we prayed for her. Another Hispanic man's back healed after we prayed for him twice. Two of us got a word of knowledge for a "left knee" while in Subway - got to pray for the employee who had the problem.

One of our "clues" was about a man in a pizza restaurant, in shorts with a left knee problem - we found this man (the only man in the restaurant). He didn't want prayer for his knee (a ligament injury from years earlier) but we got to share with him about God's plan for his life.

Just love to get out there and see what God will do.