October 20, 2010

Gulf Arab muslim tells us about a divine encounter

last night we met again with a Gulf Arab muslim man who was healed several months ago. he had had a visitation about 4 years ago by someone "wearing white" with a "shining face". He didn't know who the visitor was, but we told him that it was Jesus. We discussed this encounter further last night - this encounter happened at a time when he was confused and considering which of the 2 sects of Islam, Sunni or Shi'ite, was the correct one. I had told him that Jesus was "the way" and visited you at time when you were searching for one. one of friends shared with him how Jesus had appeared to two different people recently he had ministered deliverance to. In both cases, Jesus looked just like visitor our muslim friend had seen. He then told him that if he asked God to send the visitor back, that Jesus would return and identify Himself clearly.

pray for this to happen

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