September 05, 2009

loves seeing kids "doin the stuff"

We are living in such special days - I believe those days began on the Day of Pentecost (the pouring out of the Spirit on 'all flesh') but for much of Church History, the expectation hasn't been that everyone gets to play.

last night as a group of us gathered to worship seek God's face, it was the kids who stepped up and stepped out to pray for an injured young man - the Lord took away all of the pain. they also shared testimony of what God had done in their lives. Later the Lord took several of them into a place of revelation (pictures and visions) and they shared with all of us what the Lord had shown them.

Those of us who love to train, equip and release people to do the works of Christ, would be wise to invest heavily into youth - even the 5, 6 and 7 year olds are stepping out to prophesy and heal the sick.

These are marks of the End of the Age.

September 04, 2009

flowing in the word of knowledge

this has been a challenging week in terms of "spilling" - I've taken a few risks with words of knowledge in public, mostly with muslims and have had discouraging results. this morning while in a church service, everything changed. I had been really stirred up earlier in the morning reading about Prophetic minister Graham Cooke's experiences with words of knowledge (an accuracy that I have only read about and rarely witnessed!) First I got a word about a condition in the middle of the back. I didn't write that one down but then I began to write down words that the Lord was giving me - one word was "left ankle". As I stood next to man with tattoos, I got the word so I wrote down his description next to the word. I also go a word for a left shoulder and upper left arm condition - I wrote that down.

When I had the opportunity, I approached the man with the tattoos and asked if he had an ankle problem. He didn't but then said that his wife did - she had just gone. I showed him the word written in my book - "left ankle, man with tattoo". I definitely had his attention. His wife's problem was with her left ankle too! I prayed for him to take a gift of healing for her. He said he'd call me after he prayed for her and let me know what happened.

After that, I noticed a friend of ours who has deafness in her ears. Having seen two deaf ears open over the summer, I was eager to pray for her again. We didn't see too much change with her, but the word of knowledge for the middle back came back. I asked her husband if he had pain there, he did! We prayed. He said that he would only know what had happened after sleeping. Waiting for that call too!

Next as we were leaving, I got the the left shoulder/upper arm word again when standing next to a Filipino man. He said he had that problem -he wanted to know how I knew. He had had a heart attack and had pain in that area since then. It was hurting him at that very moment. I prayed for him and the Holy Spirit came on him and he fell to the ground (good thing I was able to catch him!). When he got up, he was completely healed! He was overjoyed. He couldn't figure out how I knew he had the problem, nor that he was now healed. He began testifying to his friends. The way it should be.

Not a bad end to an otherwise slow week. When it rains, it pours!

August 30, 2009

back in the Middle East

As we've returned to the Middle East, the Lord gathered a group of us together to be strengthened afresh, to prophesy and to contend for healing. As we find ourselves in the islamic fasting month of Ramadan, God will stretch forth His hand to heal those who are seeking God, but as the Scripture testify, their zeal (and seeking His approval) is NOT ACCORDING to knowledge. We know however that those who seek Him, are promised to find Him. May the Lord be leading us to those true seekers!

It was so clear last night as we were seeking the Lord that His hand came upon us and renewed the vision of some who were weary. A fresh anointing from the Heaven to live out and release His supernatural Kingdom in this muslim country. Let the stories begin again of His mighty works flowing through His children....