November 25, 2008

when the veil is 'thin' - from healings to visions!

when I got back from my trip to a neighboring country, I was truly spent. I wasn't so physically tired, but emotionally and spiritually I just felt like I was depleted. However, even as I walked through the doors of my home we had a meeting that was about to begin and a house full of visitors. I really felt like I had little to offer.

What happened over the next couple of hours was one of the most powerful meetings I can remember having - the words of knowledge were coming in such a flow that I was taken back. I will attempt her to paint a picture of what it was like.

As I said, I was totally spent - I felt like I would be more of a bystander in this meeting, just trying to get recharged and filled up. All I was wanting to do was to get lost in the worship - but literally as a group of first time visitors walked through the door, words of knowledge began to come - for an arm condition, for a back and neck condition. We prayed for two of the visitors (one who was a former muslim) and pain began to leave their bodies. Both of women's arms were healed. The Lord began to touch the back problems - one felt the sensation of cold. We are still waiting to hear the outcome.

Faith and expectation began to well up inside me - it didn't matter how I was personally feeling, the Lord wanted to move and I wanted to join Him! Literally as I put on some worship music, I felt the Lord totally fill me up and renew my spirit in like a matter of minutes. I was filled and ready to spill! After a few more songs, we began to pray for and prophesy over our guests - here is a little of what happened.

One of our guests, from Scotland, wanted prayer but didn't want to mention what she needed prayer for - she wanted the Lord to show us. I got a word of knowledge about a stomach/abdominal problem. That was it - lower abdominal pains. She began to feel burning and tingling. The next day she felt better and her friends said the color had returned to her face. The Lord was revealing and then dealing with the conditions of His people. My son, JD, was also moving in the prophetic. Just to show you the kind of evening it was - while we were praying for our Scottish friend, he says "I just see the word BRAVEHEART over you". My son has NEVER seen the movie, didn't know the woman was from Scotland and has never heard the phrase before.

Another couple came for prayer and the Lord gave me word of knowledge about a jaw problem while we were praying for the wife. She had been having a problem in the very location the Lord had shown.

We had seen a number of accurate words of knowledge and healings resulting. There was a constant prophetic flow. I just had a level of faith for further encounter and felt impressed to invited two our guests - Arab women (one was the former muslim) to come for special prayer to go into visions.

This may sound strange to some - but my question is "what does Acts 2 teach us to expect in the 'last days'? Dreams and visions are to become more common and widespread. Our experience has been that when we ask, the Lord is faithful to send what He promised he would!

We first prayed for one of the ladies who began to have an encounter with God where He came alongside her and took her left arm and was walking with her. As I was praying for her, I sensed the Lord take her arm and what she described was exactly what I sensed prophetically the Lord was doing. She didn't go into a vision at that point (but she did later!)

Next we prayed for the former muslim lady, whose name means "salvation" (little did her muslim parents know how prophetic they were being when they named their daughter). The Lord gave her an amazing vision almost immediately. It was the very first time she had had anything like that happen to her. It was so interesting because the her vision was very similar to a vision that the Lord had given to a Moroccan muslim friend of mine a couple of years earlier.

While we continued the minister to "Salvation", the other Arab lady finally has the vision we were asking for earlier. She too was taken into a dramatic experience.

What a meeting it turned out to be! It truly felt like the veil between the realm of heaven and earth was unusually thin on that night.

healings and prophecy is a neighboring country

Isaac of Ninevah and I had the chance to minister together in a nearby Arab country this past weekend. It was an incredibly focused time of ministry together - a couple of days full of God's presence, hearing His voice and seeing Him move.

We ministered together in a meeting where we saw a number of physical healings as well as God releasing many prophetic words. The Lord gave us a number of words of knowledge and we had others attending the meeting lay hands on those who were sick and/or in pain. Several testified of being healed after receiving prayer. I trust Isaac will write more about his impressions of that meeting.

A highlight for me was when Isaac and I were able to really partner in the supernatural - on one occasion he called someone out to give them a prophetic word and then while he was ministering to that person the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for that same person - in this case for a back problem. The sister next to her (as they were in the back of the room while we were ministering from the front) laid hands on her back and the Lord brought her healing. Prophecy and healing working together through the Body working together.

I know we have yet to see what God wants to do/release if we are truly covenanted to work together in Kingdom ministry.

November 23, 2008

God turns the heart of a muslim government official

What has happened in the last 24 hours is so amazing! I will post another blog about a series of healings and supernatural things that the Lord has done in the last couple of days, but this blog post began with 2 dreams I had early this morning. I have been struggling to overcome a couple of obstacles to get my family's residency finalized the in the country we live in. We faced a couple of hurdles that were going to require me to pay hundreds of dollars in courier fees sending documents back to the U.S. - a process that would require several governmental stops (both at the State and Federal levels) and in just a morning God sorted it all out.

Here is what happened. I had a couple of documents that the government of this muslim country would not accept without further certification. I was so frustrated. I had tried everything and this morning I had one final appointment with the head of a government department to see if something could be done. Before I woke up, I had 2 prophetic dreams - I saw myself in the government office and men were signing my paperwork. I woke up so encouraged.

i had an appointment first thing in the morning and arrived early for the meeting. As I was getting out of my car, I got a strong word of knowledge for a neck condition - I knew immediately that the word was for the director I was about to meet.

We had our meeting and he basically said what had been said by everyone else - including this man who I had met with several weeks before. There was basically NO WAY that anything could be done to further the process of my family's residency without having 2 documents sent to the U.S.A.

I was a bit discouraged, but as we were about to leave his office, I shared with him the word of knowledge. "Do you have a neck problem". I asked. He did. But, he didn't seem interested in either how I knew about it or my offer for help. I asked if he wanted my phone number, but he basically declined the offer.

I left a bit deflated, but I was off to another government office to get something that might help my problem. A few hours later I was back in the same man's office.

What happened next is just all God. He looked at some further paperwork that I was able to bring and basically said it wouldn't help. At this point, I gave him my phone number (which I had written out) and said that I wanted to help him with his neck problem.

He asks me at this point to see all of my documentation again - it was clear that something in him had changed, and he wanted to find a way to help me solve my problem. He looks at my son's birth certificate (which he had already accepted as is) and said that it would suffice to verify my marriage certificate because both of our names were on his birth certificate.

However, there was still the issue of my daughter's birth certificate which was not acceptable (because it was issued by a county in the U.S.)

I asked him what could be done. He says, "I'm going to help you". He said, "This document is not acceptable, BUT I am going to sign off on it on the condition that when you are back in the U.S. that you will get it stamped for me". Of course I readily agreed even though I explained to him that it would be nearly a year before I could get that done. He was fine with that!!!

I was shocked - this man who simply wouldn't budge - who wouldn't be persuaded just basically makes a complete turn and was now willing to make a massive exception to regulations to help me!!!!

Then he asks me - "how can you help my neck"? I give him a short Kingdom explanation and tell him that if we could get together sometime for about 15 minutes. He asks, "what about RIGHT NOW"? He said we could go back into his private office.

The next thing I know I have my hands on his neck praying for his healing. I prayed 3 different times - it got better each time but in the end he wasn't completely healed. Which was quite surprising given all the divine assistance (2 dreams and a clear word of knowledge). Oh well - we leave the results up to God.

I had wondered why God hadn't given me the favor in the multiple other visits to different governmental agencies and even the U.S. Embassy - nothing had worked, but on this day, when I was able to get my focus off of my need and looked to reach out to another, something happens!!!

Sounds just like God's heart to me!