September 07, 2008

tonight's word of knowledge batting average - 1 for 2 / .500

Tonight on a quick trip to the market (in a muslim country during Ramadan), I was thinking about spilling on some people. As I walked down an aisle, I got a word of knowledge in the lower part of my forearm. I asked the Indian man (Muslim I think) if he had a problem in that part of his arm. Communication was a challenge as he didn't speak English and his Arabic was limited - so it was Arabic. He had a problem in his arm. I prayed for him and he said it no longer hurt. It was hard to really know what happened, but something must have happened, because next he was pointing to his right knee saying "problem" to me in Arabic. I was able to lay hands on his knee and he said, "No more problem".

Next I was in a pharmacy and asked a Gulf Arab muslim man if he had a knee problem. He didn't, but that began a series of questions that I wasn't comfortable with. He was pretty suspicious it seemed, so I tried to end the conversation.

1 for 2 / .500 - that's 50% - I'll take that percentage ANY DAY!!!