September 28, 2007

an angel in our midst

Last night, during our weekly meeting, a visiting brother gave a teaching on the ministry of angels among us. There are so many types of angels - healing angels, deliverance angels, get-out-of-jail angels, worship angels, protection angels, etc. They are sent to minister on behalf of the saints, according to Hebrews 1:14. Later, as we worshipped, the Spirit gave me a picture of an angel that was among us at that very moment. He was a very large warrior angel - so large, in fact, that just his foot completely filled the room where we were. In other words, he would have been towering over the house where we were meeting! Wow. And somehow the prayers and worship of the saints create a space for warrior angels to do battle on our behalf. (Later, for reference, I wondered "how big do angels get?", and I read in Revelation 10:1-3 about a particularly huge and mighty one... so my picture was not necessarily far-fetched!)

September 24, 2007

unusual encounter with a Yemeni Muslim man

Last night Sojourner and I headed out with a few words of knowledge and some impressions about where the Holy Spirit wanted us to go. We eventually found ourselves in the shop of Yemeni man who was quite open to talking with us.

While with him, a word of knowledge that I had gotten earlier (as well as Isaac of Ninevah who we had been with earlier) came back for a left shoulder problem. The man had an ongoing problem with his shoulder and let us lay hand on him and pray. Since it wasn't bothering him at that moment, he couldn't tell us if there was a change.

We asked if there was anything else and he began to explain a chronic lower back condition that he had suffered from since 1993. Constantly there was numbness and tingling in a particular area that never left. I asked if he wanted it to leave right then and there. He let us pray again for the back problem.

During prayer a couple of strange things happened: Sojourner felt something begin to move up his arm from where he was laying hands on the Yemeni man. Also, while praying I felt like a literal earthquake was occurring as I sensed everything around me moving and shaking. Of course, we prayed cleansing prayers over ourselves immediately after we left sensing the demonic in the encounter.

As for the man, he said that the numbness/tingling had changed during our prayer to a throbbing sensation. Not knowing if that was good or bad, I asked him to call me the following day with an update. I also prayed that the Lord would send him a dream to convince him that taking a 2nd wife (something he was planning to do) was not going to help his relationship with his current wife.

We'll keep you posted when he calls back about what happened in the wake of our meeting last night.