June 05, 2007

Gulf Arab man, who was healed before, gets his knee healed

The other night as Isaac of Ninevah and I met with a young Gulf Arab man, I received a word of knowledge for a knee problem. Our friend had a knee that bothered him from an old injury. I told him that the Lord was going to heal it.

This man had had experience with healing because several years earlier he was one of the first people we saw healed of a serious condition - clinical depression. His healing from that so amazed his family that they actually asked a Christian Arab co-worker of mine to "teach our son about your faith". From that point on, this man has been reading the Bible regularly.

Finally we got around to praying for his healing - it took a while because Isaac had so many prophetic words!!! (we've gotta change his name to "Isaac the Revelator"). After prayer, he said his knee felt better, but I always want to check how it is the next day before really speaking of a healing - especially when it concerns a long term, chronic kind of condition.

I spoke with him today and sure enough he said that the following day, when he went to exercise, there wasn't any pain or discomfort. He said it was no longer a problem.

This man has 'tasted' the power of God's Kingdom, may he truly meet the King of that power!

Back in the Game

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted, but I've got some good stuff to share. First of all, an odd event. . .

I was walking yesterday and really wanted to buy some water, but like a good postmodern, I had no cash whatsoever and using a credit card for $.20 is too big a hassle. So, I looked in my wallet really carefully because I knew I didn't have any cash the last time, but I thought that there might be an off-chance I missed some. Well, there wasn't any. However, as I was reaching to put my wallet back into my pocket, I had the crazy thougt that maybe the Lord hooked me up with some cash supernaturally. So, I looked again and there it was: enough to get two waters.

The other day, I prophesied over a friend about cherry blossoms in winter. A few days later, I received confirmation that they had been born in winter and that they loved cherries. It might sound small, but it sure feels good when you prophesy over someone and it makes sense to their heart.

Also, DJ and I had the chance to minister to another guy. We gave him several words and these are the ones he agreed were true:
1) He had lost a relative when he was 6 (though this relative wasn't that close to him)
2) He confirmed that he had neck pain on the left side. (We prayed for this later and it was healed-- at least that's what he said. The suprised look on his face when it didn't hurt when he moved it also was a big clue).
3) He confirmed that he was his father's favorite son.
4) He confirmed that he was good with puzzles.
5) He confirmed that he was particular about the way he does things and keeps things organized.
6) He confirmed that he loved Italian food and that his uncle owns an Italian restaurant (the word was just "Italian")
7) He confirmed that he liked piano music.
8) He confirmed that he had significant dreams.
9) He confirmed that he had royal connections.
10) He confirmed that he had had something really alive in his heart, but that it had burned up. (I had seen a picture of a heart with a burnt tree growing out of it, Strangely enough, the next morning, I read in Ezk. 15 of a burned up vine.)

Lastly, I had a dream the other night that was actually for me AND someone else. When I shared it with them, it helped them make sense of their own dreams. This was the first time for that I dreamed something that was applicable to someone else and I also made the connection with them. It's great to get revelation and even better to get it and to be able to apply it.

A lot of things have taken off for me in the area of the prophetic after two main events: 1) impartation and 2) I got a list of names from the Lord of people to ask to intercede on my behalf. Through the prayers of these saints, I've seen greater accuracy and quantity and higher levels of dreaming. I encourage our readers to get more people pressing in for you so you can walk in greater levels of anointing. All of us, of course, stand on the shoulders of giants.

It's good to be back in the game blogging the bragimonies of Jesus!

June 03, 2007

yemeni man healed in neighborhood shop

While I was standing in a little shop, I got a word of knowledge for one of the men who was there - it was for his foot. He verified that he had an old sports injury there and I explained quickly what God showed me and what he wanted to do.

I then laid hands upon his foot and prayed. I just found out from our friends that he was healed after we prayed and wants to meet to 'understand' exactly what happened, as well as have other family members who need healing receive prayer.

So often we let the little opportunities pass us by - we run into the market and don't tune in to what the Holy Spirit is saying. We are distracted or talking on the mobile phone. I often wonder how many of these little divine appointments I miss because of these things.