April 05, 2007

Breakthrough for a Young Boy

At a meeting last Friday morning the children were ministering to one another, affirming each others value and praying for healing. Our son, who has had difficulty "tuning in" to hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit (or "see" pictures) was praying for a young girls' injured finger. While doing so, he saw 5 pictures for this young girl! Some related to her value in God (i.e. a jewel) and others he related specifically to the pain being removed from her finger. Then at the evening meeting the children were again praying for each other, and they saw the young girls' finger completely healed so that she took off the bandage that had been on her finger. The children gleefully reported to us that everyone they had prayed for received healing! Oh the joy to see our children ministering with the annointing of God, and to delight in them seeing the manifest power of our great King!

April 01, 2007

While paying the bill, the Spirit fell!

As I went up to pay for our breakfast, I got a word of knowledge for the lower part of the arm. I asked 3 of the restaurant employees and one man said he had pain in the both of his arms there. He came and sat down with me, I laid hands on him and God healed him.