November 20, 2009

God puts "gift of healing" into muslim son's hand for his mother

After healing broke out in the hospital when the blind eye for us to go pray for a muslim woman who has been brain dead for a few days. we saw no noticeable difference at the time, but I told her muslim son that I wanted to "put a gift of healing in your hands". He agreed. I told him that when his hand became hot while with his mother, to put his hand on her and pray this, "Lord, let your Kingdom come"! The next day I get the report that the son's hand became "very hot". He prays for his mother and ALL her vital signs improved!! (he watched it on the moniters!!) Don't know about the brain yet.

this muslim family is wide open to the Kingdom!

when the Kingdom comes at a funeral - of all places!

now for the funeral - I will try to shorten this story. After a beautiful Church meeting, we all go to the gravesite (a Christian cemetery in the middle of NOWHERE - remember this is a currently a muslim country (I say currently because we are changing that!). Anyway, we finally get there and there is NO BODY!. The morgue had delivered the body to the wrong cemetery and when they found no one there they returned it to the morgue at the cancer hospital. So instead of it being a disaster - we start praying for the healing of the Egyptian muslim workers who work at the cemetery - God begins to heal them, words of knowledge, prophetic words. It was INCREDIBLE.

Probably the craziest people on our team head to the morgue - they REALLY wanted to get a chance to lay hands on our friend's body and saw an opportunity! sure enough, healing breaks out AT THE MORGUE too amongst the muslims who work there. because of the favor, our friend got to 'help transfer the body from the refrigerator into the wooden casket - so he gets his chance to pray (which in no way could have happened had everything gone according to plan).

All I can say is this crazy Kingdom lifestyle messes up EVERYTHING - even funerals. We know that our dear friend who is now with Jesus was enjoying her funeral more than any of us! What a place for God's Kingdom to come.

November 17, 2009

muslim man healed - captured on film

I was out with a couple of friends visiting from the U.S. and we came across a couple of Egyptian muslim men. I asked one of them if he needed healing (I thought I had a word of knowledge for him). He didn't but his friend did. His friend walked up with a foot problem. He was willing to let me pray. What was unique is that we captured almost the entire encounter on film.

After praying once, he was honest - nothing happened. Second time - same thing, nothing! He said there might be a little improvement, but I think he was just being nice. I got my friend to pray as well. Still no noticable results. Finally, something just rose up inside me saying "this can't NOT happen". 2 muslim men who need to see the Kingdom?! After praying again, he said it was 50% better. Now we were getting somewhere. We prayed again and I specially prayed that it would jump from 50 to 75%. After praying again, he says it is 80% better! At that point, his friend asked us to turn off the video camera. We did and after one last time of prayer, it was 90% healed! At that point, I think we had worn out our welcome - after praying 5 different times!

The man who had asked us to turn off the camera began to act be a bit suspicious so we decided to leave. When he asked us if this was our "hobby" (to pray for the sick), I said, NO, we have been commanded to do it! Its our obligation as Christians.

blind eye opens (it's been 5 years since the last one)

last night I saw the Lord open a man's blind eye - he lost his sight about 5 months ago in one of his eyes and was completely blind in it. we had gone to pray for him because of a stroke that he had recently had. The family informed me that he was also blind. We prayed once for the eye and nothing happened. I decided to share the testimony of the blind eye I saw open in Mexico about 5 years ago. That must have shifted something - we prayed again, the power of God came and he was no longer blind. we tested it out by covering the other eye - he said, "I can see everything now".

probably the most powerful thing was to see the man's daughter-in-law just get overwhelmed by the Fear of the Lord. She just began to weep! It was so beautiful. That was exactly what I did when we saw our first blind eye healed!