March 12, 2009

when the Lord speaks a name again!!!

this morning while praying for several cancer patients in a local hospital, I asked a group of nurses if anybody needed a miracle. as I walked into the room, I got a word of knowledge for a right shoulder problem. The head nurse had that problem and so we prayed for her. I felt like one of the nurses was going to unlock some prophetic word. An Indian name came to my mind (all the nurses were Indian). They told me that the name was for another nurse who wasn't on duty at that time. However, the one who the Lord used to trigger the word agreed to 'carry a gift of healing' to this other nurse for me. I laid hands on her hands and she felt God's presence. I can't wait to hear what happens after she prays for the other nurse.

Also, the presence of the Lord was so strong on the different patients we prayed for. Of course, we will need some time to see what has happened, but they all felt His power coming into their bodies.

Basically, when Holy Spirit-filled believers lay hands on the sick, something will ALWAYS happen. How could it not?

March 10, 2009

another name is given prophetically in Lebanon

it has been a while since the Lord revealed someone's name to me. A year ago when we were in Lebanon, I had the most amazing encounter ever with names - the Lord gave me two names during one memorable breakfast (for the server and her brother). While in Lebanon this past week, we met the two young boys from Russia. As we were sharing some things with their Lebanese uncle, the Lord gave me the name of one of the boys. I can't say that this turned out to be significant in terms of sharing the Gospel with them, but it sure woke me up again to the fact that the Lord wants to speak accurate words to us - if only we will attune our ears to listen.

more Kingdom stuff than we've been able to keep up with

to be honest, it has been hard to keep up this 'miracle log record' because so much has happened to so many of us in several different countries. having hosted several ministry teams over the past month or so, we simply can't even remember all the ways He has released His power - we focus much of this blog on the healings, but we often don't write about the encounters that the Lord giving people. Also we haven't been able to keep up with the different prophetic words that have been accurate.

This is clearly a season where God is moving and in spite of the fear that the global financial crisis has been producing, there is simply no crisis in the economy of God's Kingdom. Maybe that is where we need to get our focus once again! We know that is what we should be doing - may we walk in the Grace to do it.

bangladeshi muslim men healed

while walking past a group of Bangladeshi muslim men, I got a word of knowledge for an ankle problem - no one had that problem, but someone had a knee problem. (btw - I don't mind getting words of knowledge wrong all day long when God redeems them!!!). I prayed for him two times and his knee was healed - talk about a guy who thoroughly checked out his knee - like literally a few minutes of testing it out. That guy told all his friends and I got Sanctified Surfer to join me - he prayed for a guy's back and after praying a couple of times, he was healed also.

What a testimony to all of these muslim men who saw Jesus' power to heal them! May the Lord lead them to other believers who will be able to explain to them, in their own language, more about the Kingdom that touched them.

March 08, 2009

Kingdom comes in Lebanon - miracles in the mountains

After our time in Beirut, we headed up into the mountains of Lebanon to get in a couple days of skiing and see more of God's power released.  As has been our experience each year we go there, God moves and lives are touched.  Because we were caught in a snowstorm initially, we made the most sitting in the ski lodge praying for anybody who would let.  We shared about all the miracles that the Lord had done down in Beirut, and this opened door after door to pray for different people.  One of the first people we prayed for was an Egyptian muslim man who was healed in a ski shop.  We prayed for a number of Lebanese Christians who God also touched - we got to pray for some foreigners who were there as well.  Each night we would pray for people in a restaurant that we visit every year.  One Lebanese monk who came to meet us wanted to learn how we prayed for the sick.  He had a ministry of deliverance himself, but was so hungry to learn how we prayed for healing.  He even asked us to come back and teach the monks who are under his oversight how to better pray for the sick.  I can't believe the kind of opportunties that our Father gives us!!
I left the mountains with a level of heartsickness however because there were a number of people that we prayed for that weren't healed (at least not at that time).  I am thinking of 3 deaf you people (teenage/early 20's) who we didn't see breakthrough with.  There was also a man blind in one eye who lost his sight in the 80''s during the war.  He also wasn't healed.  God's word tell us clearly that the "deaf will hear" and the "blind will receive their sight".  I know what God's will is and we refuse to let our experience (i.e. these deaf and blind not healed) water down or change the clear words of Christ.  We go back to that place of contending for the 'normal Christian life' - which is that we do the works of Jesus. Lord, I long to be normal!!!

Kingdom comes in Lebanon - Beirut

We had a great conference with many on-fire Lebanese Christians who are longing to touch their nation with more and more of God's Kingdom power. This is a report of the night we launched out into Beirut to see what God would do.

City Mall, Beirut, Lebanon - with large group of Lebanese believers wanting to see and participate in "power spilling", we headed to one of the main malls in Beirut.  We had a camera with us to record some of things the Lord would do.  What followed far exceeded anything that any of our team expected.  We broke into three group, one led by Isaac of Ninevah and another by Sanctified Surfer.  I took my group to the top floor and just kind of asked the Lord what I should do.  I sensed I should just approach a group of teenagers and ask them if they wanted to see a miracle.  Within in a couple of minutes, I have a group of 5 interested Lebanese teens who want to see something miraculous.  Another young woman with a headache and stomach problems voluneered to be the first person to be healed.  One of the teens who I had approached had extremely hot hands.  I instructed him to lay hands on the head of the girl with the headache.  She was healed.  Then one of the girls on my team prayed for her stomach which was healed.  When I looked up to see what was happening around us,our little group of about 10 people had grown to about 75 onlookers.  The mall security and asked us if we had 'authorization' from the administration.  We didn't and so we had to actually go outside the mall to continue praying for the sick.
A large group followed us, which was remarkable when you consider how cold it was outside the mall.  There were people who needed a miracle, others who were curious and still others who came to mock what we were doing.  As person after person came forward, God's healing power was moving and we saw so many people healed that we actually lost count.  Back problems, migraine headaches, stomachs, knees, shoulders, arms, etc. etc.  It was unbelievable what God was doing.  It was a public statement to a group of both Christians and muslims that Jesus is in fact the living healer whose power is available today.
By the end of the evening, we saw almost everybody that was prayed for healed.  We lost count, but if we prayed for 35 people, 30 of them testified to the pain/problem leaving.  There were a few things that didn't change, but even one man who was blind in one eye (whose blindness wasn't healed) left without his chronic shoulder pain.  Most if not all of the mockers were convinced of God's power and asking us for prayer by the time we were done.  One of them gave their life to Christ. 
Our Lebanese brothers and sisters who came along saw that they could lay hands on the sick in public and God would show up and heal people.  A number of the healings were captured on video - from start to finish.  Watching people who were healed sharing with their friends that "it really worked" was so much fun.  The two other groups, who interestingly didn't get kicked out of the mall, saw the same kind of release of God's power.  I have never witnessed in my life the kind of hunger for God's touch that we witnessed that night outside of the mall.  It never ceases to amaze us what we can get away with in the Middle East for the sake of Christ's Kingdom.