September 25, 2009

teenage girl healed - clearly she was amazed by God's touch!

a few weeks ago, I had gotten a word for an ankle problem and a man with tattoos was highlighted. It turned out his wife's ankle needed healing and he went home and prayed for her after I had prayed for a gift of healing to rest on his hands. today in Church I met the man and his wife. she had had no problems with the ankle since, but I still wanted to pray again when I learned that it was an accident that had caused the injury - I wanted to "break off the shock and trauma" from that event in case that was an avenue of affliction for the enemy. She felt her ankle become cold as we prayed.

While praying, I got a word for a jaw problem on the left side of the face. That was a word for the husband. I prayed for him and the Spirit came on him - he was going to let me know what happened as he had to test it out when eating.

After praying for him, I got another word of knowledge for a problem in the rib cage - that was for the 13 year old daughter. I had mom put her hand on the rib cage, we prayed together and the teenage daughter was completely healed! I asked if she wanted us to pray again if there was still any pain. She said that it wasn't necessary because all the pain was gone! What was most exciting was that she was clearly so shocked by God's breaking into her world. She was just amazed by His touch!

September 23, 2009

Gulf Arab muslim man's wrist healed

I walked into a restaurant today and saw a Gulf Arab muslim man with a wrist brace on his left wrist (no need for a word of knowledge in this situation). I asked him what was wrong and then just asked him to give me his hand - I just began to pray for it. After I was finished, he asked me in Arabic if I had "read over His wrist" (the Islamic way to describe what I had done, they would however "read" a quranic verse or something). I told him I had "read over" him and that it was actually something that I must do AS A CHRISTIAN when we seem someone who needs healing. I asked him to check it out - he moved it a bit and said that the pain had left the wrist! After talking for a few minutes, he took my number and I told him that if he needed any other healing to call me. He told me that his elbow needed healing too as he was about to leave. I tried to pray again, but his food was ready and he had to leave.

Just "leaking" the Kingdom - the normal Christian life!

September 22, 2009

Egyptian muslim man's knee healed

as I walked into the shop, I got a really clear word of knowledge for the man behind the counter. I asked him what was wrong with his left knee. He said he had a problem and as usual, wanted to know how I knew. I explained that God had given me that information by revelation because He wanted to heal him. I asked him to give me his hand and just began to pray in Arabic for God's Kingdom to come and for God's hand to heal his knee. I wanted to know how it was after the 1st round of prayer - he said it was like 80% better. I asked him to give me his hand again - and sure enough, after the 2nd round all the pain was gone. I told him how much I had learned about healing from the Coptic Christians of Egypt (the majority Christian group in his country). I proceeded to give him the number of a gifted Egyptian evangelist in my city. He wanted my number too.